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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: Grocery Store Musical

It's hard to imagine how you might call this song a hymn -- but it's been weaving in and out of my prayer for more than a month now and besides, it's funny. And in my view, anything that gets you to laugh on what in my area of the globe is a very chilly day, is a grace. So I share it with you, that it may bring a bit of whatever grace you need into your afternoon.

The video has me contemplating joy: where we find it; what keeps us from noticing it; what surprises it holds for us; how it can transform the ordinary, the burdensome; when is joy is too much for us to bear? It's also made me wonder about how we bring God out of our churches and into the world. Are we people of joy? Are we people who would dare stand up and sing? My parish is in the first stages of a process by which we hope and pray will transform our lives and the lives of our community. I'm hoping we can not only become the "holy daring" we've said we want to be, but that we can dare joy.

On what is the last day of the Christmas season in many of our communities, what joyful things did you sing? see? hear? Tell us in the comments so that we can share in your joy, too.


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