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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday Non-Festival

Greetings all, and apologies for the lateness of this posting.

Rather than a festival of posts, I'm inviting you share thoughts on Ash Wednesday as the Lenten season begins. Perhaps you'd want to share your Lenten practice, if you have one.

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  1. I really liked the Presbyterians Today Lent devotional guide that I got in my January/Februray issue, so I've been looking foward to using that this year, maybe even blogging daily. That's sort of the hope anyway. So, I started today reflecting on some of the questions it brings up, mostly about my thoughts/experiences with Ash Wednesday

  2. My thoughts from today are here.

    Also, here are some Lenten resources.

  3. My Lenten commitment is to pray the examen daily, along with mass or morning or evening prayer. (I welcome mass intentions, memorials etc. emailed to I also hope to do more exercise and less compulsive eating, though without specifically spelling out exactly how that will look. And to try to shift gears in my speech with my son and avoid the argument cycle we sometimes get sucked into.

  4. Oh, and I am probably preaching on the Prodigal Son on Lent IV and leading an Ignatian quiet day at some point in my parish--but the rector, after giving the general invitations, hasn't firmed up dates yet. So we will see what happens!

  5. This year, Ash Wednesday got me thinking of a story about the amazing Sojourner Truth and ashes; you can find the reflection on this page at The Painted Prayerbook. In this season, her story challenges me to ponder how and where I'm called to "speak upon the ashes."

    Blessings to everyone as we cross into Lent.

  6. I have the same devotional guide as Sherev. It is also the one we ordered for all of our adults this year.
    Service went well. I went high tech and did power point with CD music playing Celtic hymns.
    Also incorporated the use of music in my reflection time as I spoke. And managed to get to end of Amazing Grace and my words at same time.
    I am adding significant Biblical reading and giving up late night tv. Yes, I will miss some of late night Olympic stuff. But, it has more to do with watching late night Lifetime,USA, and other favs.
    From devotioanl: Offer your feelings to God, whatever they are, Knowing that God is with you in all of them.
    My thought: God is with me when I have doubts(and God holds me though Ihave doubts of my own).

  7. Jan,
    I used the quote(in service tonight) from Soujourner Truth.
    Thanks! <3

  8. I am working on an intentional focus for Lent. I'm not giving up or starting anything... I'm trying to be more measured, self-aware and giving of myself towards being fully present, wherever God leads me...

  9. I've been distracted from my own blog this week, but I'll share my church blog, which I meister -- Hope in Rhodes ...I've done several posts explaining the season of Lent and offering online resources to help readers observe Lent in ways meaningful to them.

  10. here we are. I'm enjoying Lent thus far. Confession on Tuesday (that's what the "Shrove" bit is all about), Ashing & Allegri on feels calm and spacious and right at the moment - though at the same time I'm frantically trying to assemble all I need for the PCC away day tomorrow. Maybe next year I'll go hunt for a wilderness!

  11. I spent Ash Wednesday with the Psalms, especially Psalm 51 in various interpretations.

    I've been on retreat and vacation and did some writing for Lenten reflections so that I am posting more often during Lent. My Lenten practice is going to be to sing my way through the Psalms.

    Sing with me?


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