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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Festival: Our Lenten Journeys

1-4 Grace has an interesting conversation going on at her place about hymns. Go join in.

Christine invites us to this week's poetry party on Entering the Desert Fire.

Sally shares a poem and some thoughts on church and rural ministry, UK style.

I (Mary Beth) have a new sister.

Songbird offers a meditation on Ash Wednesday, what we are, to what we shall return.

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  1. I am working with the devotional provided by the magazine Presbyterians Today this Lent. I have never been great in my adult life at sticking to a discipline of prayer and reflection, so really, for Lent, this is it for me. I didn't give up anything; I didn't make grand promises or sacrifices. I am working on this - regular time in Scripture, prayer, and reflection. Pretty basic, but pretty important. Anyway, the posts so far are here. The first few days focused on our mortality, which, last Thursday, brought about a post about my father who died almost 5 years ago. It's there in that second link or you can just scroll down through the posts so far to the one from Thursday, Feb.18.

  2. I won't be writing anything but I wanted to leave a comment to let you all know that I'm simply trying to be the child God would want me to be. Sometimes (most of the time) I fail miserably. I have become cynical and disengaged. Yesterday I saw an old photo of me and I was shocked at how I've aged and how visible life's stresses and strains have become on my face. I'm trying to incorporate prayer into my life more. I'm trying to connect with God throughout the day. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I'm tring to keep that connection with God as I go through my day.

    Sometimes I fail

    Please pray for me.

  3. I've completed my second art project in my Lenten project here . I've also included a bonus poem that envisions God as a quilter.


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