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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Meet 'n Greet

We have two new blogs to welcome today, one a newcomer to our ring and the other a familiar friend with a new blog she hopes you will read.

Let's start with Robin, previously known as Gannet Girl. Robin is now blogging at Metanoia, and shares this about herself:

Married and mom of three. PC(USA) elder and seminary student ~ one quarter to go! Spiritual Director in the Ignatian tradition. Writer, photographer, canoer, hiker, voracious reader ~ and someone who knows the beach is the best.

We're glad to have Robin in the ring by any name!

And now let's welcome revjmk, who blogs at The Someday Book.

She describes herself this way:

I am a full-time pastor in the United Church of Christ, mother of a preschooler (B.), married to an aspiring academic and curmudgeon (J.). I live by faith, intuition and intellect. I follow politics, football and the Boston Red Sox. I like to talk about progressive issues, theological concerns, church life, the impact of technology and media, pop culture and books.

Please stop by and see both our new members and leave them a comment!


  1. Welcome to the new Sisters.
    found this video on's the gospel passage

    If the link doesn't work Jesus Christ Superstar- Everything's Alright.

  2. Thanks for all the visits today! I couldn't believe it when I logged in and saw all the hits today alone--it's the same amount I had all last month. Made me feel very special. I'm honored to be a part of your ring, and look forward to continue reading all your contributions.


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