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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Festival: Balance

Deb wonders if others might be feeling restless in mid-Lent. She says, "I'm reading Leonard Sweet's book "So Beautiful" which delves into the difference between Missional/Relational/Incarnational Church and Churchianity. (That is making a very thoughtful book very simplistic... but it is wonderful stuff!)

Lucky Fresh says, "I wrote this piece the other day about my CPE experience from almost 9 years ago. Not sure what brought it up now, other than the reminder I mention at the beginning."

This piece of Songbird's brings tears to my eyes.

Mompriest is seeking balance.


  1. I'm reading maggi dawn and it's great :) A snippet here

    The power of Job’s story is not that it replaces flawed theology with good theology, but that it shows that our questions are resolved, ultimately, in being met by God. (p. 66, Giving it Up)


    Good Stuff. Very good :)


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