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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Festival: Getting Ready for a Party!

Quotidian Grace's post on Church-Based Reality TV got some great comments last week...go see and join in!

RevJMK says, "I finally managed to find the energy to think through a post about my son the preacher's kid on Palm Sunday. I'd love to be included in this week's festival, because I would welcome some feedback and conversations from other preacher moms on bringing their little ones to church. Especially from those who don't have spouses who attend church with them."

I imagine there are a lot of folk out there who can weigh in on this really poignant and tough post.

Next week is a Festival Challenge! A number of our regular readers and commenters will be off cruising on the BE3. I will not be among them....if you will not either, let's wish them Bon Voyage, and while they are away, let's have a party of our own in this space. I'll have the blender out making drinks all day, and the grill fired up making veggie burgers, steaks, grilled veg, whatever you please. I'd love to hear what you are reading and posting and to get some conversation going among those of us still on dry land. Who knows, perhaps Antonio Banderas or your favorite actor will drop in.

That means you need to nominate at least one post for next week's festival! They can be yours or another ring member's and you just need to email the link and a description of the post to

We all look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Teh Clooney came by and helped me get papers #2 and #3 proofed and submitted today. Now just one big honking paper - 20 pages - due on the 26th. A paper, I might add, that I have been reading for all semester and have about 4 books and 20 articles left to finish.

    I think I can... I think I can... Have fun all y'all BE3 folks! <3

  2. A big Bon Voyage to all the BE 3.0ers!! Have a toast or a swim or a diet coke and think of us all here on land. Enjoy!


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