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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Festival: Whatever Wednesday

Here we are at Wednesday the 21st! Some of our members are sailing the sea, but the rest of us are here celebrating whatever is going on in our daily worlds. This week, that includes Administrative Professionals Day (TODAY - don't forget your dedicated helpers!) and Earth Day (tomorrow).

Remember that on Monday, April 26 the RevGalBookPals discussion will be on Hospitality, The Sacred Art by Nanette Sawyer. I still have to finish up! Look forward to seeing you all for that next week.

On Tuesday I was wearing red (well, sort of dark red) in honor of Fair Pay Day 2010.

Ellbee says,
"Hi! I posted this wondering aloud about some of the realities coming down the road. I’m still at least 2-2.5 years away from ordination, but am moving into the practicum section of my program this fall. I’m wondering how other second-career moms have helped kids become preacher’s kids… husbands become preacher’s hubbies... that sort of thing. I’ve posted a few questions to prime the conversation, but I’m afraid I don’t even know enough to know the best things to ask. I’m inviting comments, guest bloggers and/or links to someone’s thoughts elsewhere. If non-ordained folks have ideas based on other career shifts or watching a friend, relative, or other loved one walk this, I’d love to hear from them as well."

Leah Sophia shares about Earth Day 2010: her work for this year and for earth days past.

Widening Circles has great news. She says:
"It occurs to me that I never really "announced" that I had received the official go-ahead in the ordination process. I've been blogging about all of this a lot, but two posts that seem particularly relevant are this one, which is about my first appearance in church wearing an alb, and this one , which was written the day after I got the news. Because of my funny hybrid status, having spent three years as a part-time MA student at the same seminary where I expect to be a full-time MDiv in the fall, I will be doing CPE this summer. I'm very excited, and it has meant a lot to me to have the RevGals as a sort of support group while I walked my very roundabout way through this." All our blessings go with you!

The Future Rev. Cody says, "I'm looking for some feedback on a prayer I wrote for Earth Day. The Sisters at the College of St. Benedict have a Procession of the Fish--where the fish from their fish pond are returned to the pond after the winter months. I am offering the prayer/blessing and wanted feedback."

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  1. Yikes! Thanks for the heads up about Administrative Professionals Day! I knew it was coming up, but completely forgot. MaryBeth... you saved the day!

  2. besides the group of stamp designs MaryBeth linked to, I blogged about home and habitat for Earth day: where can red-winged blackbirds live?


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