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Saturday, May 15, 2010

11th Hour Preacher Party: Pray for Us Edition

Good morning, pals and gals. This weekend is the 7th (count 'em) 7th Sunday of Easter, and I just can't get over the fact that Jesus is praying for us. Somehow this brings me great comfort, for a variety of reasons. How about you?

Of course there are also a variety of directions you can take with preaching this weekend. You can find out about some of them here. You can turn the world upside down with Paul and Silas, you can stand there looking up with the apostles (Ascension), you can stand around the throne of the Lamb.... I want to here what EVERYONE is pondering this weekend.

As for me, I'm putting on the blueberry pancakes, the fair trade coffee, the good earth tea (it has lots of cinnamon). I'm interested in children's message ideas, sermon inspiration, and general support. (in two weeks the senior pastor is retiring, and I will be "holding down the fort," "holding chaos at bay", or something like that.)

Maybe that's why it's so good to know that Jesus is praying for us.

How about you?


  1. Diane, thank you for starting the party. I'm just heading to bed, but am planning to preach on Acts and am pondering some of what was on the Sermon Brainwave podcast. I am especially interested in the contrast between Paul and Silas--apparently imprisoned but seemingly free in spirit--and the jailer--technically free, but caught between the clash of Christ and culture.

    That will have to wait until tomorrow, I fear. Must sleep now and go do errands tomorrow, but I'll be back...

  2. Good morning revgals. Once again I'm looking forward to the joy of a family Saturday. We're taking a trip across the water. It's extra special because our son is now 16 and doesn't often want to spend time with us if you know what I mean, so making the most of it. That's why the sermon is done, more or less. Decided to go with the Ascension since we don't do that during the week - and because I had something already written.Looking forward to a breakfast roll on the ferry. will pop back this evening hopefully to offer some encouragement and to glean ideas for children's time. Blessings on your Saturday.

  3. HI folks
    I'm going with the idea of 'one' - John 17 reading. Have been thinking of the interesting and slightly odd joining together of 2 very different political parties in the big election we've just had. Got me thinking that at the moment in church there's some folk who think 'unity' or being 'one' is about being clones - the sense that we must all think and be exactly alike, or we're not real Christians. [what I refer to often as 'Stepford Christian Syndrome'!!!]
    So I'm going down the unity in diversity theme: we are gloriously and wondrously different, differently gifted, etc.... and yet even though we're different, in one sense we mirror the relationship that is the Godhead...
    For us, it's not about being exactly the same that makes us one - that just ain't gonna happen. What unites... or who unites... is Jesus - however we express the way we walk in faith, we walk in faith with him, alongside others.
    One, then, is being one in him in all our glorious difference.

    Currently in the midst of preparing an 'exhibition' for our General Assembly with my professor, on 450yrs of Prot reform in Scotland, so back to the 16th century for this gal!
    Sausages, eggs, and toast, with steaming pot of tea - help yourselves and happy writing! :)

  4. Welcome, Liz, Nik and Semfem. I'll be interested in what you do with Paul and Silas, Semfem. I'm thinking of moving some lesson around and doing that one on the fourth of July, since our church always does Ascension on Easter 7.

    Nik, I am interested in your musings about the political "oneness" going on...

    and Liz, have a good family day. Congrats on being done. That's one of my future goals. (being done before Saturday, that is.)

    Have some coffee. I know I'm going to.

  5. just wanted you all to know that I brewed a fresh pot!

  6. I have a rough draft of the Acts passage. I hope a day playing with my girl will inspire some more doneness. I have peanut butter filled pretzels to share. I've deemed them breakfast worthy.

  7. I almost stayed up until this was posted last night just to post that I was pretty much done! Not intending that to be a brag at all, just an unheard of celebration! Granted this week I'm re-preaching an old one, but I had to shave almost half of it off. Shaving got done last night, although I've got a tiny bit more I could look at this evening.

    However, with this one done and Pentecost planned (not preaching that service, but we're doing a drama), I'm going to a MOVIE tonight!

    We've got blueberry pancakes to share. I'm heading out to a practice of the worship team since I've sort of saddled them with the Pentecost plans (a drama). I figured the least I could do was show up at their Saturday practice to introduce it and thank them and give them my vision for the service. I hope to be there for the actual service, but since I just don't know we're planning as if I'm not.

    From there to the BIG mall with the fam.

  8. Oh yeah - - about this week. I'm going with Ascension, too, since that's the old sermon I could find. It also fits BEAUTIFULLY with the context of the congregation. When I first wrote it, it was my last Sunday with my first call and there was a lot of anxiety about my leaving and the finances of the church. It was a big "keep going in the face of difficult transitions" sermon. This Sunday we're having a shortened worship service to accommodate at pretty shocking informational session about the finances of the church. Per-fect!

  9. Good morning! Homemade waffles with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream to share here, courtesy of our ex-sister-in-law's new partner and awesome stepdad to our niece and nephew. So lovely that they live near the medieval conference I present at this afternoon so I didn't have to drive alone and sleep in a dorm.

    The paper was almost done when we got in the car yesterday, fully drafted with great content but too long (14 pages) an hour into the drive, and to 11 1/2 when we pulled up three hours later. Thank God/dess for my sweetie who drove the whole way, and for laptops and inverters!

    I need to leave in 30-40 minutes and am going to see if I can cut one more page and practice it again. Excited but brain dead from end of term and temporary/part time teaching apps for fall. Prayers really appreciated.

    Dressed sharp in summery black jacket over purple clergy blouse and comfy dress pants, thogh the effect is diminished a bit by my black and gray tennies--it's a big and hilly campus. Forgot to bring a collar, but created excellent substitute with the thin cardboard of a large Lindt dark chocolate bar, white inside turned out of course! Made an extra just in case, and think I will leave it permanently in the "holy wallet"
    that always stays in my purse with the consecrated elements, anointing oil, and a tiny handmade confessional/healing stole.

  10. Good morning fellow preachers,

    I'm going to preach on the John text, although I have no idea what direction I will go in. The bible verse that is the cornerstone of my denomination is "that they all may be one" from the gospel reading. I'm thinking maybe a little bit of a history lesson. We'll see.

  11. Good morning, all. I am preaching John 17 and my heart is not really in my work today, but I'm trying to get there. My husband has been gone since Monday and doesn't get back until next Tuesday. I was hit with a nasty chest cold as soon as he was gone but thought I had rebounded after just a couple of days. Discovered yesterday that that was just a lull before a second wave of it settling deeper into my chest.

    So I have very little voice, very little energy, and very little desire to be working on a sermon (plus a prayer, plus a Sunday School lesson), esp. while single parenting. I had an old sermon on this text that I thought I might be able to draw from, but after rereading it I have decided it's not worth very much. So it looks like it's going to be a long day.

    Okay, that's the end of my whining. Pass the coffee please!

  12. Glad to see the party started! I couldn't pass up Ascension - plus it is a baptism Sunday and the week before our big 300th Anniversary bash.

    I am feeling our connection to generations of saints and the Christ who is the head of us all...and the Holy Spirit who binds us together.

    Never sure where I'll land, but hope to get some focused time into a draft this morning. There are many other things calling for my attention :)

    Just blended up a strawberry-banana smoothie - enough to share! I'll take some tea...and who can resist peanut butter pretzels!

  13. blueberry pancakes sound divine! it was a cookie & coffee so far...

    you can do it diane!

    well... it's that time for me. after establislhing jesus is praying for us to be one... which i link to one faith, one lord, one baptism... i'm using a max lucado story (totally NOT lectionary related) but i don't focuses on how everyone is needed, each bring different gifts etc. which ties back into the ONEness

    i have not the mojo to eek a sermon out. i tried. really i did... sometimes you gotta tweak the resources available and give yoself a break! so i am.

  14. Mission accomplished with another half page cut and I am out of here! Blessings on your day, everyone.

  15. welcome everyone! I just got back from breakfast Bible study and now I'm off to a worship planning meeting. (trying to write some prayers in the brief mean-time.)

    earthchick, praying that you are feeling better.

    She Rev -- is that THE MALL? we were there last night.

    will be back in a bit!

  16. Family service for me tomorrow, and I'm combining a bit of the last few week's readings from Revelation to take a look at some of they symbols: Alpha & Omega, water, the Lamb. They are represented in various ways around our church, so we'll do a bit of a scavenger hunt to look for them. Because of various events going on, it is likely to be a small group, under 20, and this will work perfectly.

    First, however, is today's big event: two women will be consecrated as suffragan (assistant) bishops in our diocese! Tons of celebration and rejoicing :-)

  17. I'm working on John 17 too. I am in my own "farewell discourses" these days so I want to talk about unity that does not demand conformity. I think that is what Jesus was talking about anyway.

    I can share banana nut muffins and milk---sorry, no coffee at the moment. I drink decaf anyway.

    Meanwhile I have to get back to packing books. The movers come to give an estimate on Mon. We finally have a house to move to. The Hogsmead's Vicar is going to have somebody to rev with!

  18. Morning all! I'll definitely take some blueberry pancakes - I love when fresh fruit season hits!

    I'm going with John and Revelation and doing a little grammar lesson to tie them together. Something about all the prepositions in the John text that link us with Jesus and Jesus with God. And though the passage can be a mind twister, it all comes down to the summary in Revelation - God is the first and the last.

    Now I just need to write that sermon ...

    And find a children's sermon ...

  19. Hi all, I'm trying not to get too distracted by the 'party' is always compelling. Sounds like some good sermonating going on!

    I hope you feel better Earthchick. I still have some congestion effecting my voice. I sure hope the vows and ring ceremony for the already married couple this afternoon goes well.

    Meanwhile, before I print everything out, i'm recycling a sermon. It seems I had a couple decent ones 3 years ago and I plan to use them before they get any more dated. Besides I was at a friends graduation yesterday. her 2nd ministry degree and a big deal! what fun!

    I'm very glad to have something to re-write and need to get back to it before I get distracted again. Fairtrade coffee anyone? I just made a few more cups. It's nice outside today. Too bad I'm in...

    No more complaining from me either, life is good! and so are the revgals.

  20. I am supplying and preaching this Sun. It's John 17 for me. I'm struck with the fact that Jesus isn't commanding unity, he is praying to his Father for our unity, making it God's work, not our own effort bringing guilt with failure to achieve that. I'm also thinking of weaving imagery. There is unity, but not uniformity. I just got in the mail a case of fair trade caffeinated coffee. I have hot decaf in the brewer.

  21. I'm back...after a morning of cleaning up at St. Smaller...hoping to get a rough outline of the sermon done, then go outside to do some planting and cleaning up.

    I really want to focus on being caught between a rock and a hard place when folks struggle to make decisions based on following Jesus. Having a hard time coming up with examples that aren't simply "you should go to church more."

    Also considering making the first batch of ice tea this year--it's a beautiful day here!

  22. I saw a video this week that is talking to John 17 for me. It is here.
    Sinek's discussion of the why driving things rather than the what or how ought to be a "duh" for Christians but it isn't. So I hope to talk about how the high priestly prayer in John - which usually causes my eyes to roll back in my head from all the pronouns - is calling us to root every part of our lives in the why - Unity in God.

  23. The short version of a long story is: I'm not preaching tomorrow!

    Of course, there are other writing assignments to which I should give attention. So, I might be back while "taking a break" from that. We'll see.

    semfem, it might be a quiet night with She Rev done and me not preaching.

  24. ps I love the collar creativity. I confess the only collar thoughts I have while eating Lindt is whether the ones I have will fit if I keep eating!

    And virtual joy and celebration with the Diocese of Los Angeles on today's consecrations!!!

  25. welcome, everyone! I'm back from hymn-choosing for the summer, and fully caffeinated, too.

    starting to feel the weight of the summer stuff coming at me.

  26. Vicar, I suppose that's a good reason for me to get as far as I possibly can's always harder to write at night when I feel I'm the only one working away.

    I do have a pretty decent outline now, so I'm going to have some lunch (meat loaf sandwiches, all around) and then do some work outside planting. Hopefully all I'll need to do is refine the outline, flesh it out in parts, and be done relatively early tonight!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Yippee, I'm done with the rough draft. Please stop by and read it here and let me know if it make sense to you all. I thought it would be a good denominational identity sermon.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I have a guest preacher tomorrow--hurrah! We had our vestry retreat last night and this morning and it was really glad to see the vestry becoming energized and excited about the future. Now, since I don't have to write a sermon I'm thinking of going to get a pedicure to celebrate this lovely day--and because this week should be sandal weather!

  31. I am on Acts still.Working with the idea of "doing no harm."
    As mentioned in Xian Century.
    However, at a bit of a crossroads in that there was no harm done to the jailer. But, accordign to Gail O'day in Womens Bible Commentary, the slavegirl was left alone, not helped. So was harm done to her?
    Paul's only purpose was to shut her up. She was no longer use to her owners, so was she re-sold, let to her own devices?

    This is what is botering me today.
    I have peanut butter filled pretzles too. Also, have some great pimento cheese for thsoe who are ready for lunch/snack.

  32. Greetings all. It's much too long since I have joined the party. I thought I'd stop in to see if I can find inspiration here for Paul and Silas "preaching against Empire" I have the title, the final sentence, a quote from friend's blog and lots of blank paper. *sigh*

    While it is true that I usually get up at 4 am on Sunday to complete my sermons I also usually have a lot more by this time in the week. Must be over-focused on getting ready for my Sabbath Leave to begin in a few weeks. :)

  33. G_G -- I will be over later. just finished up a first draft of mine, and need to get ready for a baptism at 5:00 service too.

    I like everything about mine but the end.

  34. Of course it was THE MALL, Diane. :) Ugh. I am not a fan on Saturdays there.

    We just got back from said mall trip, but have missed the chance for kids to nap. Thank goodness my mother-in-law is here, and she'd rather play with the kids than have them nap anyway. I may not take a nap, but I definitely need a break in the middle of the day.

    So anyway, they're all outside toughing it out without naps in the gorgeous weather. I'm going to look at the last few paragraphs that I left unchecked last night, but I think I'm about 30 minutes from even hitting print. My husband and I are even planning for a movie tonight. I can't believe it on a Saturday!

  35. rev maria - - I know exactly what you mean. I also wake up at 4:00 a.m. to do my actual writing, but that doesn't mean work (either on paper or in my head or both) hasn't been done. I know exactly what it feels like to be way farther behind than I like even if no one else can tell the different. Peace to you!

  36. just about ready to preach the early edition. prayers please.

    see you again soon....

  37. Prayers offered, Diane!

    I have finished everything. The sermon is tweaked. The Prayers of the People are written. It's not my week for children's time. I'm going to a MOVIE tonight! For now, though, I think I'll go do a little weeding.

  38. Uh, nothing much here yet.
    Anyone? Anyone?

  39. I'm still chugging along. I've got a lot of words written but I don't know how I feel about them. I might be near the end, and I might not.

    I'm about to take a break to take the boys to go get some takeout. I feel bad that I've been shut in my study all day while they've been hanging out in the living room alone (but with each other). But they are very sweet about it. A bit ago, I told them I missed them. They thought that was funny since I was here in the house with them. Then one of them told me it was okay, I could hang out with them tomorrow after all my work was done. I'm glad they are old enough to understand a little about my work now.

    Okay, a little more sermonizing, then dinner, then prayer writing and Sunday School prep.

    Prayers for you, Diane. Hope it's going well.

    She Rev, enjoy the movie! What are you seeing?

  40. Earthchick,
    Your kids are more understanding than my cats!

  41. Ha ha ha! Yeah, if my cats feel neglected they make sure to make their feelings known!

  42. I'm a little late to the party, but it's been a good day. Last night I gathered thoughts together,today I worked in the yard. Now its time to review and revise. I will be the guest preacher in a smaller membership church in the morning. My focus will be on the last chapter of the book of Revelation. "Let all who are thirsty, come. Let everyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift..." and the final words of the entire cannon of scripture: "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen." I will be exploring how a smaller membership congregation might raise its visibility in a community by taking up one ministry and doing it well, using the metaphor of offering inviting the thirsty to come and offering the blessing of God's grace to all.

  43. JFrog, that sounds wonderful. I hope it goes well!

    I have just written a tentative ending and am now taking a dinner break. I'll come back later to see if my words are worth preaching. Here's hoping!

  44. Hi, y'all!
    I'm not preaching tomorrow morning, but I am speaking at a friend's installation tomorrow afternoon. My text is Matthew 7:7-12 and the focus is on Openness as a gift for ministry. Several people are speaking on slightly different points, and my friend has asked us to keep it to 3-5 minutes, so since that sounded short, and I had an idea, I didn't write anything earlier in the week. So here I am! With nothing written!!! Ack!!!!!

  45. Songbird -- we're here for you.

    Everyone -- it went better than expected. I don't think I need to tweak too much.

    I'm a little worried about the children's time tho. It's supposed to be a recognition of 6th graders at the end of their Sunday School time, and they are supposed to each recite a verse.

    But, I'm thinking, what if nobody shows up?

  46. Hi Sunday morning here, and the second Sunday sick with the flu, and no voice. Saw a GP on Friday - I figured after being unwell for 6 days I should be starting to improve; and she nearly laughed when I told her I was a minister and asked how was Sunday looking. So here I am, half way through worship, missing the congregation, the energy of worship, and a baptism.
    I am blessed with a congregation who care about me, and with gifted people who can lead worship, and a retired minister friend who will baptise, but I am so frustrated by not even being able to ring people.
    Enough whinging from me, hope your worship and preaching plans all come together.

  47. feeling a little stuck at the moment:

    too tired to focus,
    not tired enough to sleep.

    Trying to pluck off everything else for tomorrow in the meantime.

    Hope things are rolling along for all you gals and pals!

  48. PRL -- praying for you, for the return of health.

    I hear you on being tired.

    I really enjoyed doing the baptism at 5 (a twelve year old girl), but I'm so tired now. And I'm on for everything in the morning, three services.

    This is the foretaste of what it is going to be in June when suddenly it's just me.

    This is a pretty large congregation (about 1,000), and there's a pretty fair amount of pastoral care.

  49. Lunch, errands, planting things in the garden, and dinner later, I'm back to finish up. Glad to see so many are either finished, finishing, or have a well-developed plan to do so.

  50. Thanks for the support! I have a draft. The trouble is how brief it is supposed to be! I'm the first of three speakers, and I want to set a good example.

  51. I am struggling to write on John 17 and prayer and unity. All my brain is saying is blah, blah, blah. Perhaps I spent too much time weeding in the sun today.

    Praying for some Holy Spirit inspiration! Celebrating with many of you who are ready to go and eager to join you!

  52. okay, so how's this for a sermon? (I'm off lectionary, preaching on John 6, the feeding of the 5,000 with a little boy's lunch...)

    "This weekend several high school students and leaders went without food for thirty hours, and we helped at a variety of local mission projects as well. We're trying to end hunger by sharing our resources, just like the little boy who shared his lunch that all might be fed. Won't you help too? amen."


    How about, "I got home at 730pm after over 24 hours of fasting and mission work with our youth group. Then I had to make something for the potluck, do laundry, and write this sermon...guess which one got done? I know how important food is, so I brought something to share, just like the boy in the story. He didn't talk much I'm going to follow his example and stop talking now."


    sigh. I guess my first-world-problem self will have to write something then.

    I brought home challah! Enough for everyone...enjoy a little carb snack!

  53. you can do it teri!

    though i love the reject one paragraph sermons. they are often how my sermons start - i can generally say everything i want to really say in about a minute. then i have to think of illustrations and ways to explain it.

    rhubarb bread is in the oven and almost done for anyone looking for a snack ...

  54. hi, checking back in. anyone with a back up children's message for me?

    I don't want to do anything.

    I'm here for moral support for people who are still writing, too.

  55. Oh, Children's sermon! Well,dang it. I guess we could act out being in jail.

  56. Bleah. Too much procrastination. Not enough writing. It all seemed so simple nine hours ago...

  57. 552 words. Gonna be a long night

  58. hey. do you think I can just say "oops. no children's message today. I forgot?"

    just checking.

  59. Just back from Robin Hood. I really liked it!!! A little geared up from the action still, but hopefully I'll be able to chill in bed for a bit before falling asleep. I sleep so poorly when I go to bed with a sermon written, but I'm hoping a number of factors will work together to change the for me tonight!

    Oh geez! 1,000 of them and just you, Diane? I totally didn't realize that. Will there be an interim sometime soon?

    I vote for sermon #2, Teri!

    Not that I anticipate anyone who is still up to read it, but since I never get to post the night before here's my sermon. I went with Acts for Ascension (from 3 years ago, but about 800-900 words lighter than the first time around).

    Heading to bed to chill, knit, watch TV, and then hopefully sleep.

  60. prayers for those still laboring...

    don't be too hard on yourselves. a story from the heart can be as powerful as the polished, well researched sermon...often, I think, it is more so

  61. Diane,
    I wonder that same thing myself(a lot)!
    But, since I have folks who tell me that is their favorite part, I guess I'd better not

  62. It's almost 11:30pm, my time. Waiting on a teenager to make it home from a party. Saying prayers for each one who is sick, for those who are tired, and for those who are sick and tired. In the closing words of my passage and my sermon, "May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all." (I might add, "all y'all"). Amen.

  63. yeah, it's a lot of people's favorite part. I'm counting on the 6th graders and their Bible verses!

    yeah, she rev, we need to get together. except I don't know if I'll have time. oh, do you want to come to a breakfast in minneapolis on June 1? It would help me out.

    Ok, I'm blathering.

    1,000 people. I don't know when they will get an interim. they plan to eventually....

  64. oh, and I'm going to get up really really early (I think) to make sure I have everything worked out for tomorrow.

  65. okay, I stuff for the potluck is in the oven (thank you Jesus for tastefully simple!). I made beer bread...should I get a dip or something to go with it, or just take it as is? (I drive past a store on my way to church due to my required coffee detour...)

    Now, for real, I'm going to write something. I swear. And it's not going to be on my FB page or twitter or here or my blog(s).


  66. Teri, fresh bread with butter sounds delightful and simple, but that's just me. If you have time to pick up a dip, it might be a nice touch.

    I have one and a half pages and it's going somewhere totally different from where my outline! I'm off the map into uncharted waters!

  67. Oh. I make Beer-Cheese biscuits and they are good plain, but you could get some humus to go along with it too.
    Okay, so I watched SVU and did little more on sermon, then got caught up in the last part of the 48 hrs mystery. Now the weather is on. I have to get my other tomato plants out before it rains tomorrow afternoon.
    Still plugging away on the sermon

  68. 886 words...still trucking along...

  69. I'm totally reaching, but I think that the end of my sermon (should there ever be a beginning so there can be an end) will include that story about heaven and hell looking the same, with people with long spoons, except that in hell everyone's trying to feed themselves and in heaven they're feeding each other.

    that's right, I'm heading for the slightly cheesy and slightly overused illustration. It happens.

  70. I'm at 1069....

  71. Teri, I always beat myself up for this, but I bet they will forgive you if you have used it before. And if you haven't, well, they'll think it's the bee's knees. Because it really does illustrate the point quite well.

    957 words and I've written myself into a corner...ugh.

  72. 1352 words and I'm trying to bring it on ending from before seems LAME now...sigh!

  73. 1041 and I'm done, including the slightly cheesy story. I'm not the one who told it before--it was the former HoS, so it was probably long enough ago that they won't remember the specifics. I don't even remember WHY he told the story, but I remember the story. It was probably for this same scripture--LOL.

    I'm not posting this one, due to not really being proud of it--but maybe I'll post it tomorrow afternoon, who knows. I feel like I kind of tossed it together and it might not make any sense and it may actually involve too much filler...but in the midst of the weekend I'm having, it will have to do. As KZJ taught (and reminds!) me--I'm not going to sacrifice myself on the altar of a perfect sermon.

    At least, not this week.

    Everything's out of the oven, the sermon is done enough to count, and I forgot to do laundry tonight. So...obviously it's time to go to bed and hope the house elf will take care of that in the next 6 hours, right?

    Dobby? are you out there?

  74. 10:40 PM and I'm just back from a long day. The consecration of the two bishops was fabulous, with joy and laughter and diversity and music and celebration and about 30 bishops...and, honestly, the longest Episcopal service I have ever been to, which is saying quite a lot. We got home just in time to pick up our younger son and head off to a retirement party for a teacher at the school where I'm chaplain and the boys have been students. Tomorrow is church and then school open house and then the 5th graders vs. parents dodgeball game. I think that by 4:00 PM, I'm going to be comatose!

  75. 1411 words and I am calling it done and a "sermon."
    Time to hit the hay. Why can't I get these things done before 2AM???

  76. Went to bed with no idea for children's time but woke up with inspiration. The island we visited yesterday is one you can see from this side of the water - except when it's misty - and that's quite often - so, though we can't see it we know it's still there. That will tie in with Ascension AND give a nod to Pentecost for next week. Hurray. even have some pics of Arran in the mist to show. Thankyou HS.
    Time for me to hit the shower and go do it.

  77. Fell asleep in the recliner. Trying now to wake up enough to finish up the ending. UGH! At least I have the thing mostly done. It's the weeks when I do this and there are 0 words on the page that I get really nervous.

  78. blessings to all you preachers out there.

    still putting on the finishing touches and praying the HS knows what she's doing (and she usually does!) as I am not so sure about this one.

    will break and snooze and we shall see!

  79. 1408 words and I'm finished. It's a tad long for my liking, but it's finished and right now, that's enough.

    Time to pull together a quick council report and then maybe I can grab a few more minutes of sleep...

    (I sound a bit like She Rev, don't I? :) )

  80. Well, no extra sleep for me. Printing everything now, and then hopping into the shower to prepare for the long day. This is going to be an interesting council meeting. Then I have a dinner engagement a few hours away. Hoping I can nap during the car ride in the afternoon!

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.

  81. hi everyone. I'm up and writing notes on my bulletin.

    I'm just praying that 6th graders show up to get recognized.

    going through the sermon.

    trying to remember everything.


    may the Holy Spirit be with you!


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