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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Meet 'n Greet--Technical Difficulties Edition

It's been a couple of months since we had a new member come to us via Ringsurf, and a number of email inquiries to which I responded have not translated into new applicants there, so I perceive we may have a problem. I confess to being mystified.

If you are trying to join the ring and have not been successful at using Ringsurf, please let me know in the comments below.

Many thanks,
RevGalBlogPals Webring Administrator


  1. Oh my, I just want to eat that little panda up! What a cute picture

  2. About 6 weeks or so ago I sent and e-mail inquiring about joining, but haven't heard back. I didn't know I was suppose to use ringsurf or even what it is. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Blessings!

  3. Songbird, I just put in a ringsurf request for my new blog to join...mainly to see if that's working, but I'd be happy to have the new (no-names-attached) blog in the ring too.

    Did y'all know that they now require the site description to be 1000 characters? what on earth do you say about your blog (that hasn't already been published on your blog--one of the restrictions!) for 1000 characters?

    And, since I'm trying not to link my new and old (still active but all positive and not about much) blogs together, I guess I'll have to stop using my regular google account (which uses my real name, that starts with T and ends with e r i) and use my other blog's ID instead whenever I talk about it or link to it...

  4. I've tried to join, but it tells me I'm already a member. (Perhaps the problem is that I tried to join before, when I was too new to blogging?) I've also tried to make a donation through PayPal, only to be told, "This recipient is currently unable to receive money." I'm anxious to become a member and would dearly love HELP! And like Discerning life, I sent an e-mail requesting help some time ago, but never received a response.

  5. Discerning Life, I know I wrote back to you with specifics, and Beth, you seem familiar, too!
    I think we may be at a point where we need to bypass Ringsurf (especially given the 1000 word description requirement) and just do membership through our Blogroll. I understand their reasoning--it's about combating spam--but it's not very convenient!

  6. Songbird - thanks for responding it must have went into spam or something. Anyway, if you could let me know what I need to do again that would be great - my blog address has actually changed since I e-mailed awhile ago.

  7. songbird, where did you find the panda picture? absolutely marvelous!

  8. I am fairly new to RevGalBlogPals, however I had "joined" a couple years ago while doing a part-time pastorate (my full-time work is as a hospice chaplain), taking some time off when that position ended. So when I returned, my blog identity was still here and I was able to post. With this discussion I am discovering that there is another "level" of involvement. On the blog page I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled until finally coming across the gadgets for Google Followers and for PayPal. Perhaps, Songbird, you could point me to where I can learn more about Ringsurf and what it means to apply.

  9. Hi!
    I sent in a paper application some time back, not comprehending the ringsurf part. When I didn't hear back, I sent an email, to which I received a reply. I joined ringsurf, and now it says RevGalBlogPals on the bottom of my blog, but it isn't listed along the side of yours, so I don't know if I've managed to join or not!

  10. i tried, but i just didn't have 1000 words to describe my blog, so i quit trying.


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