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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sound of One Hand Clapping: The 11th Hour Preacher's Party

Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice? (Proverbs 8:1). Perhaps as we ponder the readings, and what to say to our congregations on Trinity Sunday we are hoping that wisdom will indeed strike us and understanding will prevail? Perhaps we have chosen other readings and another focus for this Sunday, a great way to avoid the mystery of the Trinity - of three in one and one in three - which may be the Christian equivalent to the Buddhist Koan, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Barbara Brown Taylor attempted this in a reflection offered in this bookHome By Another Way called "Three Hands Clapping".

So, today, as you prepare your offering for tomorrow are you thinking along the lines of One Hand Clapping or Three Hands Clapping? Or are you going in an entirely different direction?

What ever direction you are going in, one, three, or otherwise, we are here to journey with you. Share your ideas, your frustrations, your hopes, and we'll be here with you. Maybe there are ideas to share around? At the very least we have coffee, tea, and lots of excellent treats! Here, let me give you a hand as you pull up a chair.


  1. Thanks, mompriest. It's almost lunchtime here. I've done laundry, cleaned house and cooked for later on. I suppose I really must get to the sermon - or at least open up a file before I stop for lunch:) I'm avoiding Trinity - the hymns will, hopefully nod in that direction - and I'm going with Psalm 8. I want to compare God's majesty and overarching glory with our often petty diminishment of the gospel, the way we get wrapped up/tangled up in our small corner - just slightly concerned that I'm preaching a hobby horse though. I want to point folks to the bigger picture and our role in it. We'll see how it goes and I'll check in here to share and find inspiration as always.

  2. lovely, Mompriest. thanks for setting the table. I'm leaving y'all some fresh coffee and crullers as I head out the door. blessings on the writing; you're all in my prayers today.

    pondering three hands clapping...

  3. Good morning, all. Many blessings of the Holy Trinity--Lover, Beloved, and Love--to all who are preparing to preach this mystery or another one!

    Lots of writing this week as I had two conference workshop proposals due yesterday, and coming up on Tuesday as I dig back into my summer translation project.

    So today and this long weekend are a joyous time to rest and shift gears. I will take my son out for our weekly breakfast imminently (and he just asked his little sister to join us--what a sweetheart). I see a new directee at church later, then get a haircut hoping that this time I find the right person in this new city.

    My farewell post to public blogging is at my place , with the email address to request an invitation when the blog goes password protected for those who are interested. Happy writing!

  4. Good morning, friends. I am in a stressful place today - still struggling with bronchitis and sinusitis, even after finishing up a round of kick-butt antibiotics, and also throwing a Star Wars birthday party for my two almost-six-year-olds this afternoon. I had hoped to have a fully written sermon by now, but I've been too ill to have that kind of brain power and energy this week.

    I'm going with the Trinity but I helped myself to a lection from a different year (2 Cor. 13:11-13) and will also be helping myself to an old sermon, at least to get me started.

    I am in huge need of extra helpings of God's grace to get me through this day! Praying God's grace for the rest of you, too.

  5. Good morning, everyone! Well I am finally up and ready for the day. I am actually preaching tomorrow - a rare occasion for me these days. I do love preching on the Trinity, the mystery. Not sure my draft, as it stands now is what I want to say....sigh..

    Earthchick, I do hope you feel better, get through all the things you have to do today, and have (or find) the inspiration for the sermon.

    Liz, I think you have a good direction and a relevant point to make.

    Mary Beth, thanks for the crullers (yummy) and have a good weekend, safe travels.

    Sophia, enjoy a well deserved respite this weekend.

    Now, for a strong cup of coffee and back to the conclusion of this sermon....

  6. I got at the writing earlier than usual for me. I'm expecting a congregant to come drop off a flash drive of pictures I need and didn't want to show up at the door in my pjs (not that my sweats are much better).

    I'm with Liz and using Ps. 8. Our worship team wanted to focus on the CREATOR aspect of the trinity. We are going for experiential worship tomorrow. (We've only done this one other time.) I have a traditional opening and a prayer & song closing. A short reflection mentions the concept of worship as a verb and invites them to engage the "Creation Appreciation Stations". I hope this holiday Sunday is a good day for this. Almost all creative attempts are welcome at this congregation.

    Prayers for earthchick to get well and get thru today and tomorrow.
    How are things with you mompriest?

  7. Thanks for asking, Nancy. I have a phone interview Tuesday night. (That's exciting) Life, post St. Homeostasis, continues to be challenging. At least I am in a place now where I can get supply work and have seven Sundays of work thus far this summer.

  8. Prayers for you, Earthchick!

    All that is standing between me and vacation is this sermon! Romans 5. I was uber-excited on Tuesday when I did my research but now I feel like all I've got is academic theology and not a lot else to give my people to feed them through the week. Oh well, the deck is cleared and this is all I have to work on until an open house tonight...

    Time for a cup of tea and a good, prayerful sit in my thinking chair. I have plenty of tea for others but you must be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting inspiwation.

  9. Great news about the interview MP and work for the summer. Sounds like a good way to enjoy the months ahead.

  10. Welcome, Meg! I hope the thinking chair holds with in it the inspiration you seek....

  11. Ok...I know it's early, but I have a draft.... here I feel a bit rusty and think this is still a bit bulky and cumbersome...but it's where I am so far. Comments, anyone? edits?

  12. going with trinity here, focusing on the relationship aspect; not much else yet -- I'm doing my first funeral at one. Can't settle in on the sermon until I get over that hurdle.

  13. Okay, I'm back and pleased with the outline I've been given: Start with the "glory in sufferings" bit and talk about how THAT doesn't seem right on the surface.
    Then zoom out to see the bigger picture that it is all about God's grace.
    Skimming through The Shack again, I found this quotation:
    "(Papa) The real underlying flaw in your life, Mackenzie, is that you don't think that I am good. If you knew I was good and that everything -- the means, the ends, and all the processes of individual lives -- is all covered by my goodness, then while you might not always understand what I am doing, you would trust me. . .(Sarayu) Mackenzie, you cannot produce trust. . .trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved. Because you do not know that I love you, you cannot trust me."
    I think that may illustrate the heart of Romans 5 for me.


    PS Alethea N Agape, your presence will be ministry to this family. May your words come straight from the heart of God -- with truth and love ;-)

  14. Althea, indeed, one hurdle at a time. May the funeral be a sacred celebration of life and may the words you need flow from you.

    Meg - sounds like you have an excellent outline!

  15. Ok. I've edited the ending, and it's gonna have to be good enough. I have to take my dogs out to enjoy this beautiful day and get in a little exercise myself. I'll be back later to check on the party! Keeping it rockin' ok!

  16. This weekend we're reading all four texts and having a sermon for me! yay! At one service we also have 2 baptisms, so that should be fun. I love holiday weekend hymnsings.

  17. Now we're cooking. . .or, rather, it seems I am cooking. WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!? ;-)

  18. I'm here! Working away at my trinity sunday sermon - which is getting a little academic, but i only get academic once or twice a year.

    hoping to finish soon.

  19. oh good to see you, Dancing with God. Yeah, mine started off academic too. I'm managing to flesh it out with some examples SOME. But I figure that Trinity Sunday is our opportunity to trot out the 3 point sermons, right. Like a homage? 3 points, 1 sermon??? ;-)

  20. I usually don't mind being a little academic, but this week--not sure it would work for me b/c I find the Trinity very hard to discuss in formal theological terms. That was confirmed for me when I dragged out some old seminary notes and a couple of books to read up on "the doctrine of the Trinity." Argh. So I am very grateful to Mompriest's ref to BBT's sermon--love what she did with it, and it makes me think I was trying to hard. So I am contemplating something similar to what BBT did. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

    As I said Tuesday, we have a lot going on tomorrow since it is in a sense our "patronal" feast day. We are recognizing our choir and our acolytes and a few people who have "retired" from long-standing ministries, and awarding a scholarship to a graduating HS senior. And we're also in direct competition with the Memorial Day Parade, which just annoys me; couldn't a parade just as easily start at 1pm as at 11? Anywho, I can probably keep it short this week. But after errands and what not this morning I need to get writing!

    Back later!

  21. I'm here, checking in with very little motivation and plenty to do before tomorrow morning. Thanks to those who have mentioned the BBT sermon, I'll go track that down.

    Computer hard drive getting a little hot now...think I'll shut it down for a while to give it a break, read the sermon, think a bit, have some lunch, and then dig in.

    Memorial Day weekend is always a little BLEH for's a huge thing here, but structured in such a way that I always feel somewhat like an outsider. Which affects the motivation, etc.

    Anyway, back in a few.

  22. I've finally dragged myself back, opened a file, pasted the text of the Psalm in. I guess that constitutes making a start. Can you tell I'm struggling this week? I feel sure that the ideas are all there bubbling away in my head. I just need to sit down and let it all out. so why can't I? Help.

  23. Believe it or not, I'm jealous of all of you preaching on the Trinity. Is anyone else doing something with Memorial Day? We're doing a big ceremony (after church) with flags and reading of names of all those in our church's history who've died in war. I'm preaching on John 15: "No greater love than this, than to lay down one's life for one's friends."

    It's tough to negotiate God's call for peace (and my passionate pacifist feelings about our two current wars) and a day honoring those who've served.

  24. Memorial Day...I handed the congregational prayer off to someone I trust will be moderate. And I'm not planning on doing anything else about it. Dunno if I'll get in trouble with that approach but "here I stand for I can do no other."

    Sermon is done. Time for a quick nap before going to church for a graduation open house followed by edits and lining up the ducks...

  25. I've included a petition for "all who have died in service to our country to preserve our freedom" in the Prayers of the People. And we'll sing America the Beautiful at some point. But we aren't waving any flags or anything else.

    I hope that b/c so much else is happening tomorrow I won't get any grief about it, but I can't be sure...but I really thing Trinity trumps Memorial Day.

  26. And I still have no sermon. Seriously lacking inspiration...

  27. HI Everyone! I'm Back! and ready to host us into the dinner hour and through the night. or at least until I go to sleep...

    Welcome all those who have joined us since I left. I'm not in charge tomorrow, just preaching, so I have no idea how much Memorial Day stuff will be in the service or if we'll really just emphasize the Trinity...

    The dog park was hot but also lots of shade and really delightful to have sleepy dogs now. I also went to the gym and spent time on the elliptical and a very short swim to cool off.

    Now I have iced tea and dark chocolate with your selves.

  28. Well, I have a page of loosely connected notes about Trinity-like stuff. And I've just been invited over to a colleague's house for steak on the grill. I really do want to go, but is it all right when I'm unshowered, unbra-ed, and wearing really unflattering but comfortable clothing? (aka sermon-writing clothing).

    Off to go see what I can do to my appearance and aroma to see if I can become presentable for steak. Wish I knew if anybody else was going to be there.

    I'll be back later to continue work on the sermon!

  29. Hmmm....I was counting on you all for my inspiration. This has been a week of hospitals, funeral home and funeral, meetings out of town and finally an ordination this morning, also out of town.
    So I have pretty much zip at this point. Although I have been thinking all week long and want to talk about the Nicene Creed and how it is both foundational for us but also a document that sets us free to experience God without limits. I might toss a nod to Athanasius, Moltmann and history in general but I'm planning to start by saying that I think Trinity Sunday is probably the day when God laughs the most as we try, once again, to explain one in three.
    And now time to see if I have any old sermons and then make a gin and tonic to go with some cheese and crackers. Y'all come!

  30. Well, I'm back from the Star Wars party and worse for the wear. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement, y'all - I need them!

    I feel like I'm really just sitting down to start working, and here it is already 6:00. It's going to be a late night....

  31. Hi folks,

    This is a very late start for me. The weather was so lovely today that I couldn't resist spending the day planting my garden. I was only going to be out there for an hour or two and ended up spending five.

    As wonderous as that was now I can barely move my arms. Ooops there I go again boasting in my suffering. ba dah dum!

    I'll be focusing on the Romans text with a smattering of the John text.

    Meg, what page of "The Shack" did you get your paragraph from. I was going to refer to the book in my sermon and loved how that paragraph sums up the epistle reading.

  32. Hah! Margaret - just reading your post gave me MY intro and will guest star as "a colleague of mine" who thinks this day is the day God laughs the most! Sweet.

    My sermon is focused on Lady Wisdom as a way our ancestors in the faith tried to do what makes God laugh - understand the mystery that is the divine. Wisdom Incarnate leads to God Incarante - how we can and do indeed know God fully... yet still with a heck of a lot of mystery fuzzing up the image.

    And anytime I can work Kathleen O'Connor into a sermon, I'm a happy preacher. From her book The Wisdom Literature on the Wisdom Woman, “She represents another way to look at God, another metaphor to speak of the beauty, power and attraction that God holds out to human beings.” Love it!

  33. God_Guurrlll: boast, baby, boast! I'm all sore (arms, stomach, legs, everything!) from belly dancing class yesterday. And you better believe I'm boasting in that!

  34. Many good ideas at this party. I sermonated on Thursday before I left for a couple of days of R& is the sermon...hoping for a bit of teaching and a bit of practicality.

  35. Blessings on you all today! It is my least favorite preaching Sunday, not because I'm not into the Trinity, but somehow I always put all sorts of pressure on myself. Do I just preach the texts? Do I try to do doctrine, but in an interesting engaging manner? Does anyone other than me care that it's "Trinity Sunday"? It totally stresses me out.

    So, I'm not too upset to be missing this Sunday, but I'm thinking about you all who are on! I'll cuddle a 9 day old in your honor!

  36. semfem - yum....go for it, I wouldn't be able to turn down grilled steak...

    margaret - hope there is inspiration to spare around here! I like the idea of talking about the Nicene Creed...and yes, God laughing..

    Earthchick, star wars, a kids party, and memorial day weeking - that's a trinity, right? hope your sermon comes before your energy is gone...

    Godgrl - the weather is awesome!

    Amy and purple, welcome. I'll be over in a minute to read what you've offered...

  37. Margaret you've got the best idea for sermon inspiration in that glass I think.
    Anyway, I've been working on power points all afternoon and it takes as long (or longer) than a sermon. Doubly frustrating b/c I've gotten used to my mac and was trying to use Microsoft products and windows. . . I think I've got everything converted now.

    Among the other crazy stations we're doing, we will have water and foil to make boats. But I never got out to any place that sold the pre-cut foil squares, so...yes, I'm cutting foil next. I did make a couple calls for help with this. I guess if I run out of time, I can just put a roll of foil on the table? All for Creation Appreciation Stations.

    We scrapped the diets and ordered pizza so I am about to feast. I have John Rutter's For the Beauty of the Earth in my head now. I've got my favorite version embedded on my blog if you want to visit.
    My best to all, I hope to come back for some of Mompriest's chocolate.

  38. Hubby is preaching tomorrow, but wanted to drop by to wish you all Creator-Redeemer-Sustainer blessings on your ponderings and preparations!

  39. God_Gurrl,
    I'm at church right now. Book is at home. But I will make sure to send a message with the page # when I get home.

    Just trying to edit and print over here!

  40. Borrowing from BBT, I have a draft posted here Feedback appreciated.

    Once I got started I could've gone in a bazillion different directions but there's no turning back now...hopefully I'll remember some of it when Trinity rolls around next year.

    Sesame noodles for dinner if anyone's hungry.

  41. Whew! It's been a long day - and night. Almost 1am here, so calling it a day. I have something posted but not excited about it. I'll be back in a few hours to try and sort. Hope the sermon fairy gets to where she's needed.

  42. God-Gurrl, page 126 in my copy. It comes at the end of the chapter entitled "A Breakfast of Champions."

    I am done. Sermon is printed and sitting in my study at church. Off to relax but sending up a prayer for all y'alls first!

  43. Okay, sorry, me again. I was just reading RevDrMom's sermon (I like it. Your congregation will be blessed.) And thinking about Margaret's comment about God laughing and about how we all resort to mystery when we try to explain the Trinity and I was reminded of a favorite quotation by Frederick Buechner:

    "Theology is the study of God and God's ways. For all we know, dung beetles may study humanity and our ways and call it humanology. If so, we would probably be more touched and amused than irritated. One hopes that God feels likewise."


  44. Hey Meg, thanks for adding that quote!

    I might be a bit distracted with the rest of this part-ee - the blackhawks are playing in the stanley cup - hoping for our first win since 1961...

  45. I'm back from the grilled steak plus sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini, deviled eggs, and trifle for dessert...YUM! I begged off to come back and finish the sermon, so here goes.

    I really have two sermons, it that follows a lot of BBT's reasoning, and one that follows a lot of David Lose's "Resurrecting the Trinity" talk about relationship and how the Trinity gives us hope for healed relationship. I just need to figure out if these are two totally different sermons, or if they really can go together.

    Glad for those who are done...everyone else, let's get out that midnight oil!

  46. Hi all.

    I am using liturgy and hymns to hit Trinity and am using last week's awesome Pentecost service to jump into this week's using the theme of 'On the Brink'. As in we are on the brink of Ordinary Time - does that mean the spirit is not with us, that God is not just as sovereign and majestic?

    The main text is from Romans and will talk about how being a community of faith means holding onto hope for those who are in the midst of suffering/endurance. My ending illustration will be the father who helped his son make it to the finish line in the Olympic 400 meter time trials.
    It's good to 'see' you all - 2 weeks in a row for me!

    And now - shower. :)

  47. Hey Sem-fem - glad you enjoyed the dinner (jealous....) and kathrynzj,welcome! blessings on the sermon writing. Mine's done whether I like it or not - cuz it's time for hockey!

  48. Struggling with this one a bit. Not sure where I intend to go and wishing we had "something else going on" in service tomorrow.
    Anyhow, will come up with a bit of something more and call it a night.
    Hope y'all are all well and enjoying a nice evening.
    Oh, time for a snack.
    Anyhone want to split an apricot scone.?

  49. Would it be heretical to secretly title my sermon "Three's Company"?

  50. SheRev! Welcome back and congratulations! I've been thinking of you and that baby - due the day after Pentecost, no?

  51. At 9 pm I am finally getting to the sermon! I think I am going to start everyone reading the Athanasian Creed and when everyone falls out of their chairs laughing, THEN we will get at what the Trinity means!

  52. Oh yes, She-Rev - cuddle that newborn - much more delightful than pondering how to talk about the trinity....unless perhaps the a babe is named trinity :-)

    anyway...Muthah...welcome - I wonder though if they'll fall laughing or fall asleep? (just saying, depending on the congregation...)

    oh, and, it's an awesome game one of the Stanley Cup...awesome!

  53. semfem, I would openly name my sermon that. Love it!

  54. I love that title, too! But then I once called a sermon "Eyes Wide Shut."

    I'm not preaching tomorrow, and after being away on an exciting interview trip, this time I'm glad. Make a note, because I almost never say that!

  55. Dibs on one of those apricot scones! I'm not preaching this week, but stopped in to hang out for a bit as I'm so in love with the Trinity: one of our many bumbling, yet endearing, ways we humans try to wrap our minds around God's...uh... God's myriadacity! (if it ain't a word, it should be.) For me, trinitarian language allows me to express God's passion for relatedness: God loves us so much, and wants to be so close to us, that God embodies Godself and reveals Godself in every imaginable form and aspect.

    It's fun, too, to think of Ol' St. Patrick, chatting up the little shamrock...the Celts had that threeness-in-oneness idea waaay before he ever showed up, but they indulged him anyway. Really, anyone who lives close to Creation probably understands God's infinite expressive variety almost implicitly. God shows up in a shamrock's three-in-oneness, in a river's busy shallows and mystic depths, in a bonfire's comforting embers and wildly-leaping flames. So, maybe part of the challenge is to help urban/suburban folks understand that God shows up, embodies and re-embodies Godself, in far many more ways than our limited minds ever expected...

    Okay, gonna hush up now and go munch on my scone in the corner!

  56. Hey SB and MC - welcome...and thanks for some shameful shamrock trinity-ness. Glad, SB that you've had a good weekend...I'm hoping for the same on tuesday....

  57. Okay, but now all I can think of is, "Come and knock on my door..."

  58. I'm back after conducting a wedding, cleaning the house and cooking a bacon and mustard green casserole for dinner. There's plenty left to share, along with birthday cake for dessert.

    I think "Three's Company" is an awesome sermon title.

    I think my Memorial Day sermon is finally coming together. I'm going to talk about "giving one's life for one's friends" with the example of a Civil War letter, and then talk about what we might be willing to give our lives for. How many of us would give our lives for Jesus? If we hesitate, perhaps we need to work on our friendship with Christ. I can throw in a good line about "after all, he gave his life for us." Still need to smooth through some transitions, but it's coming together.

  59. SB, glad it went well. You're right, I have never heard you say that about preaching so it must have been exciting.

  60. I have an ear-worm...thanks, semfem...

    and forthesomeday - welcome - good ideas!

  61. Thanks, y'all! It's a pretty exciting time, although nothing is definite, by any means. This committee will visit here in a few weeks to hear me preach, and I fully expect to be here freaking out--er, I mean, hosting the Preacher Party--the day before! I have some other interviews coming up, too. Life is good, though chaotic. Sort of like the Trinity, what ho?

  62. SB, I'm so excited for you!

    As for me, I'm still here plugging along....

  63., I know it's some standards (and by that I mean the all nighters)...but I'm tired and calling it a night. I put out a plate of cookies (Oreos) and some tea, help your selves. and, last one up, get the lights, please...Happy preaching!

  64. Sermon done, prayers printed, time for bed.

    Good night all and may the Holy Spirit be with us all tonight as we write and tommorrow as we preach.

  65. Good Luck,SB. Very exciting news indeed. I am doing the interview thing myself.
    I have been told of a possible "need" for an interim pastor in a troubled situation for a church. That is all I know thus far. Not sure I want to be in troubled situ., but they need to hear the Gospel too.
    The committee here has kicked it into high gear This means, I will need a job soon, however if this one does not work out,
    no telling when it will be. I am packing up what I do not need in spare rooms now.
    This evening, closing in on the end of the sermon and hitting the hay. Had a lovely trip to the mountains yesterday to buy goodies from the Farmer's Mrkt there. :) I love buying local produce and homemade goodies! it brigns me joy.

  66. Oh, in regards to Trinity. SOme years agao, I had thought of adopting a cat with 3 legs and naming it Trinity. I was concerned how Mel would do with a "friend' and did not. This was a good thing, as I added 3 more. Mel does fine with his Bubba and Sisters, but I have my hands full with 4!

  67. All right, revgals, I have a draft done and I'm packing it in. Phew!!

    About three hours ago, I had basically decided I was going to preach an old sermon nearly wholesale. But the more I worked it, the more I wasn't feeling it, and I jettisoned most of it, and came up with a bunch of stuff I hadn't planned on using, and now I kind of like what I've done.

    Mostly I'm just glad to be done! What an exhausting week and day. Time for a shower and bed.

    Blessings on all who still labor!

  68. 845 words...if I could just bring it on home I'd be set! Let's go Trinity let's go!

    Glad to see many are finishing up...

  69. wow, lots going on for all of us today. blessings all, esp earthchick.

    if you are still looking for a childrens time, go on over to the Tue Lec leanings and check out Sue's idea. Genius!

    I am not planning anything about the trinity. on candidated on trinity sunday and tore my BRAINS out trying to get it RIGHT, and I'm doing that again for a while. INstead, I'm talking a little about lady wisdom, but keeping the sermon short because I"m having a longer-than-usual prayer time.

    I'm reading the names of soldiers from our state who have died in Iraq/Afgan and its a long list. And also may read this poem I saw on facebook this week:

    We're here to honor those who went to war
    Who did not wish to die, but did die, grievously,
    In eighteen sixty-one and in two-thousand four
    Though they were peaceable as you or me.
    Young and innocent, they knew nothing of horror ---
    Singers and athletes, and all in all well-bred.
    Their sergeants, mercifully, made them into warriors,
    And at the end, they were moving straight ahead.
    As we look at these headstones, row on row on row,
    Let us see them as they were, laughing and joking,
    On that bright irreverent morning long ago.
    And once more, let our hearts be broken.
    God have mercy on them for their heroic gift.
    May we live the good lives they would have lived.

    ~ Garrison Keillor ~

    (A Prairie Home Companion, May 29, 2004)

  70. That's beautiful, Juniper. Reminds me a bit of "In Flanders Fields" with the line length and meter and general feel.

    Still trying to find an appropriate ending for this sermon, but it's a slippery little thing.

  71. At first lock-in as YM. Just dropping in to say hello but not preaching tomorrow... None of the teens at the lock-in will know thje earworm I'll be humming fir the rest of the night now.

  72. 1409, calling it a sermon and thanks to Juniper I have a nice poem to add in before our prayer time.
    Hope all goes well for the rest of the late night crew. I will think of you as I say my prayers and turn in.
    See you in the AM!

  73. Hehe, ElastiGirl...I have to confess, I don't know any more of the theme song than the opening line! I am too young to really remember it being on TV in anything other than syndication. But that isn't stopping me from humming the opening line over and over again...

    I finally ditched a big middle section and am getting to the meat of where I wanted to go in this sermon. Hopefully it will end itself soon.

  74. It worked! 1236 words and I'm finally finished!

    I think everyone else writing sermons is finally finished, but if not, keep at it and here's hoping the Spirit blows your way.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.

  75. glad the poem helped, 1-4.

    I've been doing that kind of goofing around that passes for work, and now I'm off to bed myself. Blessings all, on the morning's work.


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