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Saturday, June 26, 2010

11th Hour Preacher Party: So Long, Farewell Edition

It's a Sunday for goodbyes, in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament: Elisha leaves home to follow Elijah and in the other option bids him farewell; Jesus both encourages and discourages people from following him; and the letter to the Galatians encourages us to let go all sorts of "works of the flesh."

We may want to limit our carousing...

But seriously, folks, there's a lot here if you are following the lectionary, most of it heavy for a summer Sunday morning. Where are you headed for preaching?

I'll keep the Fair Trade coffee brewing. Join us in the comments and share your thoughts about the texts, your plans for the day and any challenges you might be facing between now and Sunday morning. And as always, brilliant suggestions for a children's word are most welcome!


  1. I am officially up at a ridiculous hour, having been unable to go to sleep. I have a funeral at 11, and a Very Important Sermon to write, with two search committees to be represented in the congregation. Too many thoughts are running through my head, none of them particularly clearly. Hopefully by morning I will have received a little sleep and a big dose of clarity.

  2. I'm going to stay up tonight into Saturday morning and work on my sermon. I usually wait until Saturday evening on the few rare times I preach, but not this time. I'd rather get a good night's sleep on Saturday night.

    I am not on lectionary. I am preaching on the fine baptist principle of soul freedom. I like talking about history, but I a wondering how much detail a congregation will let me get into.

  3. I would *love* to hear a sermon about soul freedom, history included. :-)

  4. I'd appreciate prayers this weekend. a yucky meeting during the week, and yes I behaved badly. been trying to clean up the mess and get ready for Sunday and the thought of facing people is causing some angst - I have already apologised. just a meeting that pushes all the wrong buttons, and has done for a while, and each meeting goes badly and the spiral continues. My doctor tells me my blood pressure is very high, which isn't usually the case, so I need to relax. At least I meet with my supervisor this week. Hopefully some clarity about what is going on for me, and even better how I can not stuff up next time. As I said, I'd appreciate your prayers.

  5. Prayers for Anon and SB for sure.
    I am intriged Alin!
    I am saying "goodbye" to Elijah. Been with him all month long.
    We are also saying goodbye to the stove with teh dead mouse in it! We won't talk about that during the seromn!
    Not totally sure where I am going, but it is a pretty cushy sermon.
    I have exactly one month left as interim and am looking (and needing) for something pretty fast. Got two contacts this week and had a recommendation that I reconsider another.
    I;ll have some Fair Trade. Anybody want some berries or cantloupe?

  6. Hi, it is Saturday evening here, and the sermon isn't flowing as easily as I had hoped. Talking about what we have received and what we pass onto the next generation. Pinched the ideas from Tuesdays Rev Gals. doing much the same with the children. I am one of those people who looks like my mother and her mother, so some photos to show. Asking the children what they have received from family - name/ looks etc. I also have a family middle name.
    Looks like a really short sermon, I am tired and it just isn't going anywhere. but then who knows what God can use. Thinking of asking people what they would write in a faith and values will rather than one based on assets. Following the sermon with the Nicene creed, something rarely do.
    SB hope your sermon goes well. prayers for anon.

  7. Good morning gals and pals
    I am sitting on my front porch on an unbelievably beautiful midwest morning, trying to finish the last thing I need to do before two weeks' vacation - this sermon! I am preaching on Elijah and Elisha and freedom and slavery, and I am half way done.
    It has been an incredible month for this part-time associate - helping a very dear person die with dignity and peace, and her funeral and two others (my third, fourth and fifth funerals ever). I have worked 24 of the last 26 days, and I am in need of many kinds of rest. Thankfully we head to my hometown Tuesday!
    I have strawberries and yogurt to share and later will have our CSA goodies.
    Blessings to all - SB, I hope you got some sleep and will be praying for you. Anon, prayers for you as well, and 1-4 - I wish you could search up here and end up in some nearby parish. You have so many gifts to offer!

  8. Hi all. I've been having trouble sleeping off and on, too. so, prayers for Songbird and Anon.

    I'm supposed to have a day off today. I have supply preacher coming tomorrow, so we're going to have fun the whole day today!

    Right now I'm working like crazy, as I'm the solo pastor for a pretty big congregation. But, I know that when the interim pastor comes there are possible staff configurations in the works. Can't say more, but there is a really good possibility that this would affect me.

  9. is 876 words enough - not all that happy with it, but can't think of starting over again at this time of night, and no other ideas. at least the Nicene Creed is 200 words long, that makes up for a bit. and I guess no one complains about church being short.
    good night Rev Gals

  10. tomorrow there will be a congregational meeting to dissolve the pastoral relationship with my congregation. After being here for five years and feeling like I have been banging my head against a wall....I have found a new congregation. So this week the texts are perfect for me.

    I will be using the gospel passage from the lectionary and focusing on good-bye and Jesus explaining that discipleship has some expectations.

  11. Wow, such early birds! Prayers for all of you as it also seems to be a weekend with struggles of one kind or another.
    I am not preaching. We had a very emotional funeral on Wednesday. In my former parish, funerals were frequent enough that I didn't get too "involved" emotionally. But this is a smaller community and the two I have done in the last three years have really felt like losses, this one in particular. Everyone lived through Jim's illness as he was faithful in church attendance right up to the last Sunday he was alive.
    After coming home from a diocesan meeting Thursday, I crashed. Today I will do a graveside service for a parishioner's mother and then crash some more.
    I like the "saying goodbye" theme and will be curious to see where all of you go with tomorrow's texts. I'll be back later with the season's first tomatoes - if you haven't tasted Jerusalem heritage tomatoes, you have really missed a treat! - to read all your sermons.

  12. This is my farewell sermon from my parish of 4 years. Here are some of the thoughts running through my sad soul today:

    -I'm not passing the mantle on to another priest at this time, but back to the community. The ministry is their's
    and that they may have a double portion of the fruit of the Spirit that I have experienced with them

    -It is time to set our faces to the next step on the road, with the cross before us

    -We are leaving something behind. Let's leave behind any hurt that may have come between us

    -Be bound together by the fruits of the Spirit

  13. Sounds like we have a lot of transition among us. 1-4, my job is also over at the end of July, and although I'm actively searching, I won't have another job to go to then. That may be part of the reason I couldn't sleep!
    Eventually I did for a few hours. Thanks for the prayers.
    Anon, you have mine. Martha and theflagsofdawn, welcome Twitter friends, and know we are with you through tomorrow's partings.

  14. Lots of transition happening here. Prayers for all who are moving from one thing to the next and having to say good bye in the process. Also prayers for you Anon. Been there...done that, but know that it will be okay.

    Now I will go to garden alone while the dew is still on the roses....see ya when I get back.

  15. Wow, lots of emotions around this sermon this week--prayers for all of you!

    I'm going with the commitment theme--I lately have been not feeling the commitment from some of my church leaders and am frankly annoyed. Yes, people are going through some difficult times, but we all are--everyone is having it tough right now, and not everyone is dropping their commitments and skipping out on promises. I have a meeting later today that was set up specifically so a certain person could be there--but that person emailed me 2 days ago that they could not be there as a family celebration had been planned for that time which they had just found out about. I understand the importance of family, but gee whiz--what about commitment to the church and compromise--coming to part of the meeting, or part of the celebration? I've often rearranged my family's schedule to be available for the church and to keep my commitment--and I don't think the fact that I'm paid should make any difference to the commitment bit.
    I have sesame bagels and cream cheese to offer.
    Anyway, that's just one example.

  16. Pancakes with frozen blueberries, thawed out of course, goes real well with the Fair Trade coffee. The passage of Jesus setting his face toward Jerusalem got me thinking about the events that cause us to rethink our priorities. Jesus knew that his time was short. There was not need for lots of extra "hoo-ha". Ritual activities like burying the dead were not so important, in light of what was to come. When we come right down to it, what is our first priority? How does that affect our decisions about everything else? After coming up with this direction, I also found that I will be needing heart by-pass surgery. Going in Monday for a triple CABG. Re-thinking my own priorities. God is good, all the time.

  17. I'm doing two adult baptisms: one is actually a church child, now 15, who came to us from a denomination that doesn't baptize infants. The other is a 30+ woman coming into the church. Also adding 3 other new members. So the theme of new birth, living in the spirit, and expectations of new life are on the docket here. With a healthy undercurrent of don't "bite and devour one another"

  18. My children's sermon idea came from somewhere I don't remember that I did several years ago.
    It involves a ping pong ball and a plastic beverage cup and 2 volunteers.
    One child holds the cup and another child a couple feet away tries to throw the ping pong in the cup. (Hopefully, after a couple tries they make it,)
    Then the child throwing the ping pong ball turns around and throws the ball over their shoulder trying to hit the cup.
    (Obviously almost impossible)
    It's much easier to get the ball in the cup when facing it. But when we take our eyes off of it we miss it by alot.
    Jesus is telling us to keep our eyes and our focus on him so that we can be faithful disciples, loving him and others, serving, and being helpful. In all we do in our lives, we need to keep our eyes, our hearts focused on Jesus.
    That's pretty much it in a nutshell if that helps anyone.

  19. Greetings, friends... who knew that 9:25AM would be late to the party today? I'm usually among the PM crew... I've got Florida OJ to share and some back-up coffee (just in case).

    This one has been a struggle for me. As a guest preacher, these are some heavy texts. This congregation is in the "Hello, new pastor" part of the transition, rather than the goodbye, but there are some costs to welcoming change.

    SO I'm headed into the Luke text with an eye to finding our way to discipleship as a Body and not just as individuals. What do we need to leave behind and not look back at? How do we do that together? How does the Spirit equip us to take what we should and drop what we shouldn't?

  20. It is an early party. I wrote mine last night but it needs big edit. I've not focused on it this a.m. so I will shower, go to my lunch appt. and return to edit. I think i'm ok thru middle but crash into the ending a bit too quickly.
    Any other children's story ideas with a mantle? My worship leader is ordained in catholic church and is bringing his stole/mantle from ordination. Ideas anyone?

  21. Transition here too, both exciting and nervous-making, so praying for all in those situations and welcoming your prayers. Actually finished my sermon yesterday as I have several appointments today including the first substantive 19th Annotation (Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life) one with a directee in a bit. Also it is an important one, as it includes my coming out of the "sacristy closet" and disclosing my Independent Catholic ordination to my Episcopal parish. (Assuming that the interim rector approves that plan for informing the community after I disclose it to him in our meeting later today--otherwise I will drop that info out of the last paragraph). Tried to make it a real sermon about the readings and the community, not me, but also including enough info about my ministry for clarity and to start those conversations with those who are interested. Comments welcome.

  22. I will not preach tomorrow but will be wearing a cassock, a surplice, and a stole, ALL of which are hand-me-downs from priests with long and honourable and cherished service to the people of God...I could do such a chldren's talk!!!
    Prayers for all of us in transition and for all in difficulties this week...courage! hope! much love!

  23. It feels like I've been on a journey too - last week preached at home congregation, this week filling in at a small Hungarian church, and next week back at my 'regular' supply gig (there for the next month or so until they decide if they are leaving the denomination).

    I'm saddened that in 2 of the three congregaitons, there is no need for a children's sermon. This week's church and next week's are tiny congregations, the 150 year old reminants of once large thriving congregations. Are their journeys at an end, or are they making a new beginning?

    And I am still on my personal journey, waiting on my first call. There are prospects - I may have an interview in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I worry about paying the bills, getting my son moved before he starts high school and the shadow of upcoming student loans. Not to mention, hating that I am living in the uncertainity of between times!

    So, I approach the sermon writing task more than a bit melancholy this week. The image of Jesus 'setting his face toward Jerusalem' strikes me. He has hard words about discipleship. Are they too hard to take to a congregation that one does not know?

    I'll check back for inspiration once I get ready to write this afternoon.

  24. My sermon is nearly finished. I "could" preach it right now if I had to. But I'll be working on it on and off during the day anyway. I have a concert to attend tonight so I need this one to be completely finished before leaving for the concert. Other than the sermon, I'm planning to do mundane household things in a slow leisurely manner.

  25. Tomorrow, folks will be rushing home from church to watch England play Germany in the world cup. I promised myself that i would never include sport in a sermon but.....I think I may have to break my rule. I am going with the Galatian reading and talking about vuvezelas-those horn thingys that the South Africans blow for joy through out a match. I am going to talk about what brings us to life- love joy peace etc. I am also going to talk about how we as outsiders notice the noise of the vuvuzelas but the South Africans are accustomed to it so don't notice it. What are the things of the flesh that we don't notice anymore because we have become too accustomed to them.

  26. I've brought you a protein shake to give you some energy as you finish up sermons! Prayers for all who are going through transitions!

    I'm going to look at Elijah/Elisha and talk about continuity even through changes. I've been at this parish as Priest in Charge for seven weeks now (but who's counting?) and am staring to implement some small, much needed changes. I'm also much taken with the wonderful stories (and some sad ones) of folks who have been a part of this parish for many years, in some cases for generations. The tenacity of faithfulness seems to be a double-portion of the spirit for this place, and the sense that we do things in and for and with our parish that are not necessarily for us, or even for our children, but for the generations yet to come. Hoping this will move some folks from a return-on-investment mentality to one of God's abundant grace through the long haul.

    Guess it's time for me to actually write the thing down!

    Blessings, y'all!

  27. Prayers for all of you in transition or otherwise stressed out. Having been in both those places this time last year, I know what a difficult space it is to inhabit.

    I'm preaching on Luke--hard sayings! What I hear Jesus saying is if you want to take the next step, to truly be with me, you have to keep your priorities straight, and that might mean laying aside something that otherwise might be a perfectly good thing to pursue.

    I am in a congregation that very much needs to take that next step--in terms of stewardship in particular, but in commitment in general. The previous rector was here for 18 years, and I think that the last five of those years if not more, everyone just coasted along. And we just can't keep doing that. So I want to preach a call to commitment, to stepping up to the plate, but that makes me a bit nervous--how hard can I push?

    Haven't started writing yet, so who knows where this will ultimately go!

  28. Oh my! Prayers for all--SO MANY transitions. I wish I could give wise advice, but I'm fresh out. Just wondering how long my own "transition" is going to last. However, I do have some delicious almond flavored cake with peaches and whipped cream. Call it coffee cake and have some! The recipe is here if you decide you like it. ;-).

  29. JFrog, praying for your upcoming surgery, and for the sermon you'll write prior.

  30. The service is over and I am packing up to go home and work on my sermon, which thus far is pretty much no more than an outline. Thanks for the encouraging words!
    I hope to pick up some strawberries to share on the return journey.

  31. This is my first time preaching since my divorce became final two weeks ago, and my first time in years to the congregation who brought me up and nurtured me. I'm going with the Gospel text, and the idea that Jesus isn't just talking smack to his followers but wants us to understand that sometimes we have to let go of people, ideas, and things that we have cherished in order to grow. I'm leaving my own story out of it, but hopefully it won't get too bathetic anyway. Prayers for all in transition.

    The Simpleton

  32. Ah, I found the voice again. I'm reflecting upon the hard sayings in Luke and Galatians, and finding them rather refreshing. I don't usually speak about the negative, but this weekend it may be a good time to catch people up with their 'baggage'.

    At 'In a new Key' "Traveling Light"

    For the children's message I'm going to bring in a small suitcase and large clothes, pillows, etc, and suggest we pack all these things into that little suitcase. I have to find a child's size suitcase or backpack now.

  33. Prayers and good thoughts for Songbird and Anon. Also for everyone who is preaching a closing sermon tomorrow - there are quite a few of you!

    I spent the morning at the waterfront taking part in the Blessing of the Fleet. It was awesome. The Navy Chaplain was out on the vessel with big cedar branches, blessing each ship with a big splash of water as they sailed past. (think asperges, only bigger) It was great to take part.

    Now - sermon. I'm working with Elijah/Elisha. I like the ideas of both continuity through transition and commitment, but I still have to figure out how to pull it all together.

  34. My fridge is practically empty. I could offer a half a bottle of ketchup, but I think I will offer my friend's fresh baked banana loaf instead.

    Thank you for all the prayers for transition.

  35. I'm here. That's about it right now. Reading, thinking, searching vainly for a way to begin talking about the difficulty of the journey. And trying not to panic at the length of the to-do list before my flight tomorrow afternoon.

    I, too, am struck by the number of transitions in our circle...prayers for all of you...

  36. I stopped by to offer words of encouragement and prayers. The Simpleton, prayers ascending...

    Apparently this is not the week to make a claim that the lectionary's schedule doesn't hit us where we are. Even when it is good, transition is hard - hang in all.

    I'm cheering for you!

  37. The Simpleton, my heart is with you.

    I'm ready to write now, after lunch and a rest. I did luck into some strawberries, so help yourselves!

  38. Prisca I LOVE your Sermon Title.

    The Simpleton, prayers with you...

    and it's hot hot hot and humid here. been out looking at old books this morning.

    Now, I have some frozen lemonade popsicles to share.


  39. First Sunday as the new interim pastor. They usually don't use the lectionary… so here's my first topical sermon. This sermon is important... to say the least... but who knows if it's what God wants me to say. The text has been in my head for a while... so I went with it.

    Now I have to figure out a children's sermon that goes with a slinky. yeah....

  40. Ruh-roh. I drifted off.
    Now I have that post-late-afternoon-nap-coma feeling. Halp!
    Diet Coke, wake me up!

  41. I just need a close!

  42. I am about 2/3rd in, not sure how to wrap it up, and in desperate need of a shower. I've been at it between cleaning the house, shepherding laundry and encouraging the 14yo to actually CLEAN his room.

    An unexpected blessing in the midst of that craziness... the Boy opted to lunch with me and chat over peanut butter sandwiches and a shared reading of Dave Barry essays. I'll take a late sermon finish in exchange for that ANY DAY.

  43. Lovely meeting with interim rector, phew. Many thanks for prayers. He is super supportive of my ministry, said he'd known all year I was called to priesthood and was just surprised to find it had already happened...even ready to back me in the process if I feel called to try and switch over. (Thinks it would be easy, which I don't, very likely, and don't know if I would try even--but it's certainly validating to have the offer).

    He did suggest, wisely I think, not telling the congregation till we can meet with the bishop, who would probably be less than pleased to hear through the grapevine. So I am revising the last paragraph of the sermon and taking it off the public blog. Also praying like mad we can get that appt at the diocese before interim rector finishes up and leaves the country for the duration of August....that's when we move into our new house and I'd love to open and publicize the chapel right away.

  44. Okay, it's done. It morphed into a meditation on legacy and how Elijah had no way of knowing whether Elisha would get the double portion or not, or how Elisha's ministry would go, but he trusted in God. A reasonable way to approach it for a congregation that needs to trust and move forward!

    The Simpleton, prayers going up for you. Such a hard time...God be with you.

    Time to cook some supper! I made homemade tomatillo salsa to go with grilled pork tenderloin, and we'll enjoy a whole bunch of lovely veggies from the Farmer's Market and from parishioners' gardens.

  45. Endings are my weakest - can I just say we live happily ever after? Oh - wait - I did that last week. Well - not happily ever after, but in the love of the Father and the peace of the Son and the joy of the Spirit.

    I guess I have to come up with a new conclusion this week.

    But for now, I have a hungry 14 year old boy growlling for supper. He's always hungry, but, I do need to stop and feed him someitmes. Quesdilla and fresh salsa for dinner - anyone care to join us.

  46. Done! And hallelujah, before dinner! Focused on Jesus' call to set our priorities if we are to be disciples and what that might mean for us as Christians in the 21st century: are we willing to take the road less traveled with Jesus?

  47. The bit I most identify with in the story of Elijah handing over to Elisha is the way Elisha constantly shushes the prophets who come out to greet him. "Let's not talk about it". That seems to be a recurrent thing in places where I have served. So I want to reflect a bit on that tomorrow. It's good to belong to this supportive, affirming community at revgals where nothing is off limits. Blessings.

  48. Just about to leave for Sunday service. Someone asked for a children's talk with a mantle - here is Moira Laidlaw's - might give you an idea.

  49. It's the dinner hour at my house and we're eating sushi from Whole Foods. I'm banking on wasabi for the clear head I need to turn an outline into a manuscript.
    How goes it out there?

  50. I just finished! Well, not completely, but it has a beginning, middle, and end! It can definitely stand to be polished tonight, but this is big for me since usually I don't even start until it's dark out. WHEW!

    Now on to dinner...not the healthiest thing ever, but it will feature cheese-filled hot dogs if anyone cares for one.

    Will be back in a bit!

  51. complete draft done here, working on prayers, etc. I've been over to the sanctuary to block out the logistics of an adult baptism (the font is in an awkward place, but any one of the three marble pieces weighs more than I could consider moving! It's also almost too tall for me to comfortably reach into, so I'll have to make sure there's plenty of water so I don't have to try to reach in to the bottom. Who designed this thing? I think I could do a full immersion on a baby in it :) )

    I even have a children's sermon ready! Now, those prayers need writing and I need to memorize the parts of the baptism where it just won't do to have a book in hand.

  52. Songbird -- I think I just got a big whiff of your wasabi!


    I'm reading the Underneath, and would like to share with you this quotation (also posted on facebook)

    "Purring is not so different from praying....a cat's purr is one of the purest of all prayers, for in it lies a whole mixture of gratitude and longing, the twin ingredients of every prayer."

  53. I had to dump my original outline, but I've got something now. Phew! (I spared you the total despair and waited until I got past it.) Anyone want fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream?

  54. I just heard from the Vicar of Hogsmeade, all finished with her sermon, lucky duck, and on her way to a concert!
    How's everybody doing?

  55. Time to review and write an ending. I don't have to be there til 10:30 - a real luxury! So there's time in the morning for one last review and prayer writing.

    Just enjoyed my treat for the evening - fresh fruit salad (heavy on the berries!) and vanilla yogurt. I love early summer and the fruity abundance!

  56. Songbird, it seems my shower had the same effect as your wasabi. Changed the last third of the sermon (MUCH for the better) and just need a close). Thought I was going to tie in the OT reading but that doesn't seem to be where the Spirit wants to take this. Just need to get a "the end"

    Got a good children's event for that one, though. Need to get a couple of prayers sorted and that's that.

  57. My sermon is posted here. Feedback welcome!

  58. Okay, I've got a draft. Now I can help my daughter pack for camp!

  59. Rough draft done. Come and read all about it. Teh George Clooney didn't deliver my sermon but he is in my sermon. Please stop by and comment here

  60. Sermon done - prayers written, and best of all, hubby is home from work this evening!

    Now to enjoy some family time.

  61. Hi friends. Looks like lots going on here. Thinking of those of you preaching in the midst of, or in anticipation of, transition.

    I'm not up tomorrow. Just need to write a pastoral prayer plus write a prayer for a memorial service that's tomorrow afternoon. My husband is preaching both the Sunday service and the memorial service. I'm glad it's not me, but I feel bad for him (also miss having my nighttime downtime with him).

    OTOH, it's been nice to have a non-preaching Saturday at home. It's the first time in weeks that I haven't either been traveling or else solo parenting plus writing a sermon!

  62. Blessings on all transition-makers and Spirit-Wind-weatherers. Here is a big bowl of freshly-picked peas (so sweet and crunchy!) to shell and munch with abandon!

    Another transition here: this will be my last official Sunday of my ministerial internship. I'm not preaching, (gave my "witness" last week & shared the story of my call with the congregation), but I will be doing the children's message and the pastoral prayer.

    Children's message will be fun: my partner, who happens to be a bagpiper, will be present to play some special music. She'll talk to the kids about how most pipers don't learn from books--their teachers hand down tunes THEY learned from THEIR teachers, and so on back through many generations of teachers. A good piper tries to keep the music going and keep passing on their teacher's gifts, and we can do that too...

  63. Y'all, it's 10 p.m. on the East Coast, and this bird is headed for her nest. Thanks for sharing your sermons and your other ideas! Remember that the Holy Spirit's got your back. And if you've got a dog, walk it proud.
    Good night!

  64. this weekend our PNC is interviewing a candidate and hearing him preach in a neutral pulpit (so not here). I think he's going to end up being the one, as long as $$ issues don't get in the way.
    We have a guest preacher this weekend as I'm headed to the Young Clergy Women conference in Atlanta in the morning...I'll just be at the early service to walk the guest through the choreography and to hear our band cover the Indigo Girls! :-)
    I'm coming home Saturday and have to preach on the 4th of July, so you can bet I'll be back at next week's party. For now, have some Farmer's Market blueberries! Holding you all in the light as you go through transitions, difficulties, celebrations, and the usual weekly stuff too...

  65. I would also welcome your thoughts and prayers - I am another one "in transition". Tomorrow is not only my last service in this church, but my final service as active clergy - I am retiring. I couldn't bring myself to do a full sermon, but am doing a kind of reflection on ministry and retirement using scripture and favorite hymns. Music has always been what has fed me spiritually. This has been a very emotional time. I'm usually very composed, especially when leading worship, but these days I break into tears at the drop of a hat! This church has been such a blessing, and I will miss them soooo much!

  66. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, which have buoyed me through the day. Got something resembling a sermon now, and so just to find a message for the time with children and then to bed. Watch, O Lord, with all those awake this night.

    The Simpleton

  67. Good night preachers. So tired..need to get some sleep.

    Peace and love,

    BTW, Teh George Clooney is avaliable in my blog for sermon inspiration.

  68. Tomorrow is my last worship service here.

    I have put off writing the prayer that will close the sermon all day. But, such as it is, it is written. You acan find it here

  69. Thanks for the well wishes and meaningful support.
    @Diance. I had posted a comment about my cat sleeping and purring on my left side as i type.
    Will borrow that for my post on Spacehook.
    Finishing up and watcing the repeat of Army Wives. I am loving the show.\Blessings to all.
    Teri, have fun. I wish I were young enough to attend. That sounds like fun.

    See y'all in the AM

  70. Good night (morning?) all! Blessings on each of you, whether you are sleeping, finishing, starting or panicking!

    May your worship services be authentic and Spirit-filled.

  71. I'm off to bed. Night all!

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this coming morning.

  72. Hmmm, thought I posted earlier, but must have been being stoopid from my smart phone.

    anyway, hi there! anybody up still? 10:45 here.

    I am just back from officiating a wedding in a city 3 hours away, and now must finish my sermon tonight. Last week was on the short list of worst. sermons. ever. preached. by. me. (you KNOW it's bad when you hear yourself say "and another thing..." and you're 18 minutes in, and that's not the first time you've said it) So, I'm trying to redeem myself this week, which adds some extra pressure.

    And I'm wishing I wouldnt have chosen such a heavy topic (hypocrisy!) for such a sunny day.

    And I'm kind of sniffly from something flying around , but trying not to complain because it's finally summer here.

    And it's the full moon. How's that working on you?

  73. I just got home from one of the best concerts ever! That was the most fun I've had on a Sat night in forever. Now, I am so thankful that the sermon is not only written but printed as are the prayers so all I need to do to go to bed is put sheets on it.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  74. ok, 11:30 now and nodding off. Got an ok outline that I'll be able to finish in the am.

    I think everyone else is asleep (and Vic on your clean sheets even!) so I'm tiptoeing out and turning off the lights. Goodnight everybody and sweet dreams!

    See you in the morni..zzzzzzz.....

  75. thanks for all your prayers. God Guurll I am glad I am not the only one who has behaved badly at a meeting - somehow makes me feel a little less foolish.
    after a crappy week, and one of the weakest sermons I have written, I survived, which was the aim for the day, and the congregation were fine, and person I offended the most spoke to me - only a sentence or two, but we managed to be civil to each other.


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