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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Video: Gather us In

We sang this today...I love it!

(Sorry for this late post! I'm on vacation and all time is skewed for me.)


  1. One of my favorites too! What a great hymn to capture the missio dei! It fires up my imagination - and makes me want to dream dreams and see visions!

  2. Why do we sing music composed by someone who keeps changing ecclesiastical communities and has yet to become Catholic? If he was correct theologically and agreed with the True Faith, he would be knocking down the door of the nearest One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

  3. Elm-- music transcends institutional boundaries, something the Holy Spirit has also been known to do on occasion! ;-)

    I love this song and am thrilled that it has been included in the music for our UCC Conference's Annual Meeting this coming weekend.

    Thanks, Mary Beth!


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