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Monday, June 21, 2010

What's the Buzz?

Back when the RevGals ring and non-profit were established, we agreed that profits from our CafePress Store would be donated to Heifer International.

We just received a check from CafePress for our "dividend" on RGBP items you have bought there, and used the funds to make a gift of honeybees.

Your board wanted to let you know that your purchases of items such as the quintessential RevGals T-shirt help those less fortunate to build a sustainable living.


  1. Indeed it is very good!

    However I need to share that as i read the post title in my BLoglist my mind automaticaly stared to fill int "tell me what's happenin'" a la Jesus Christ Superstar.

    Yes I am a geek.

  2. I love Heifer, so glad they are rcipients of the blog purchases....

  3. Gord, me too. :) Sing it! I am.

  4. I went to Nicaragua on a Fair Trade trip in January and learned that bee keeping is one way for women, who traditionally don't control/own land, to become more economically active. They can lease the land for their hives easily, because bees are good for other agricultural products as well. And their bee keeping/honey sales make a significant contribution to the family economy. Yeah, bees!

  5. We buzzed past honeybee and are on our way to rabbits in our VBS collection plate :) And it's only Tuesday!

  6. Pastor Cindy - that's GREAT news! Thanks so much for sharing it.


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