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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Music Video: We Shall See the King

Once upon a time, long long ago, my husband and I relocated from California to North Carolina.
About that same time I left the church in which I had been raised and we began to attend a little Assemblies of God church down the street.

In those days, Pentecostals had a rather rich tradition of "campmeeting" style songs. This was new to me, but after some adjustment I found I liked the songs. Sadly, we don't hear them much anymore, but this morning we sang "We Shall See the King." I was going to post something more sedate on the blog, but this was my daughter's favorite church song growing up, so I just had to share it in her honor.

I wish I could have found a nice congregational version, but this one does at least give you the "southern" flavor.

What did you sing this morning? Share, if you like, in the comments.


  1. excellent playing!
    and the message is there ;)
    thanks for the reminder!

    i posted a fave as well -
    different flavour, but i think you'll like it -
    a celtic tune from Enya's elder sister Maire -
    have a listen and let me know ok? thx ! ..

  2. That was fun! I would have settled for that. We visited a local Episcopal church and they ended with (of ALL things!) "Onward Christian Soldiers." I shuddered.

  3. today at the 830 (alternative service) we sang a song that includes the lines "You in us, let your kingdom rise up, living out all that you teach us about...God of love, come and fill our lives up, spilling out teach us how to win with love..."

    My sermon today was about yeast.

    OH YEAH, awesome. holy spirit/getting luck/saturday afternoon sermon FTW. :-)

  4. FHCT, thank you for pointing me over to your place for that AMAZING song! Deb, when I hear the OCS song it takes me back to marching in to VBS as a kid in summertime. I just try to think of fighting evil....grin. Teri, I know that song. Beautiful. And gotta LOVE those Holy Spirit seridipitous moments! :-)


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