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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Festival: Book Review

Jody, who blogs at Quotidian Grace, was recently invited by Little, Brown publishers to review their new book A World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller. The book's release date is today.

In addition to her advance copy, Jody also received a copy to be given away to one of her readers.

Her review is posted below (from her own blog) and if you would like to win the book, follow her instructions and comment at her site (not here, that won't count for the drawing!)

If you'd like to comment here, perhaps telling us what YOU are reading this summer, you may use this formulation: <a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a>

1 comment:

  1. Guess we're too busy to read. I mention 2 books at my place.

    I've also started The Abundant Community by John McKnight (Asset Based Community Development). We had him at a lunch a couple weeks ago.


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