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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Festival: What's Really Important?

Sally shares a post this week titled "No Apologies":

I have a Manse inspection tomorrow (Circuit Administrator and Circuit Steward), and although I know that this is partly to make sure that all is well, and that the roof is not caving in on us, and that the windows aren't falling out, it brings with it all sorts of pressures. I look around the house, it is filled with the assorted bits and pieces from three twenty year olds who have just graduated from University, we have in effect stuffed three households worth of stuff into one house...and it is messy...

Add to that the assorted washing from various holidays, and the fact that it is impossible to dry because it keeps raining, and that an eco-minded decision a couple of years ago means that we do not have (and do not want) a tumble drier...

Add to that the large number of shoes (Jon's shoes are a size 13!) and coats that are cluttering the hallway, the fact that there are cups and mugs in strange places, the Wii and PS3 games and remotes and handsets strewn around, the phone chargers, lap-tops and notebooks that make us look a bit like an electronics jumble sale...

And then of course it being summer there is the sailing gear, wet suits and boots, life jackets and bags of towels...

Moving on to the garden (whose produce is filling the kitchen waiting for me to find a couple of hours to dedicate to freezing etc.), where the hedge needs trimming and the grass needs cutting but it keeps raining...the side passageway where our old fridge sits waiting forlornly for a Free-cycler to claim it...

And I am tempted to begin to offer apologies...

But then I look at things another way, could this be a picture of life in all its fullness, of life that celebrates, of life that glories in the fruitfulness of the earth, and does not have time to be constantly tidying stuff away, life that celebrates through reading and playing, through interacting and having fun...

Our home is not dirty, or damaged, it is simply filled with people and filled with life...and we cannot control the weather!

As for my study, I know where everything is- and the piles of books, papers etc, I maintain that they are the sign of a creative mind at work....

So bring on the Manse inspection. I make no apologies for living!

Edited to add; just perfect, the cat has brought in a "present"!


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  1. and the good news is they are going to install new loft insullation so we should be warm this winter!

  2. That is very good news, Sally! And I'm all about home as living space rather than showplace, which then turns home into a perpetual cleaning and renovation project. Some people like that, though!

    Along the lines of "what's really important," I happened to blog yesterday about a decision I made to eliminate something from my life for a time. For me, right now, "No News is Good News".

  3. ROFL that the cat added to the household "presence" with a "present"!

    I've had everything happen to this when the oversight committee for the manse dropped by... unfortunately it was diarrhea season for the baby... so at least their "inspection" was brief. LOL...

  4. Sally,
    Go girl!

    I hated it when people (usually married women who did not work outside the home) would come to the rector and cast fishy eyes upon either what I had or how I kept it. They never recommended a new stove or frige when it was needed.

    I love kitty's comment. They just seem to know. Often the dog has barfed at their presence.

  5. Read in an ancient ministry manual: Q. Can someone be a clergy wife if she is illiterate?
    A. Doesn't matter if a clergy wife can read or not as long as she's a good housekeeper.

    In this world we make our choices and pay the price. Maybe we get it right, maybe not - only God knows.

  6. WOW. I am SOOO there... well, I have a lot less people in my house - just my husband and I - and I am a terrible housekeeper. My biggest struggle is the fact that I'm used to living in tiny apartments and shared living spaces with a ton of people where I had a tiny space all to myself (and lots of help on cleaning days) to a four bedroom parsonage, two story house, with a huge yard. The lawn needs mowed, the weeds are terrible, the hedges - lets not talk about them. Not to mention the fact that there is no time to dust as often as things probably should be dusted.

    And you know what. If the church wants to pay me to mow the lawn... then I'll take time out of my day to do it... but I have far too many things to do. If the church is really concerned about the outside of their property, then I've found that it's best to suggest they come over and take care of it. And most of the time, that works!

  7. LOL at the cat adding his/her two cents about inspection day...

  8. Hurrah, Sally! They saw the living loving family inside and realised you needed to be kept warm.


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