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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five: We Who Sing Pray Twice

Music is a part of the human experience, and part of religious traditions the world over. It is evocative and stirring, and many forms of worship are incomplete without it.

Our title comes from a quote popularly attributed to St. Augustine: "He who sings prays twice." A little Googling, however, indicates that Augustine didn't say exactly that. In fact, what he said just doesn't fit well onto a t-shirt. So we'll stick with what we have.

"Singing reduces stress and increases healthy breathing and emotional expression. Singing taps into a deep, age-old power available to all of us. When we find our voice, we find ourselves. Today, sing like you mean it." And let's talk about the role music plays in your life and worship.

1) Do you like to sing/listen to others sing? In worship, or on your own (or not at all?)
2) Did you grow up with music in worship, or come to it later in life? Tell us about it, and how that has changed in your experience.
3) Some people find worship incomplete without music; others would just as soon not have it. Where do you fall?
4) Do you prefer traditional music in worship, or contemporary? That can mean many different things!
5) What's your go-to music ... when you need solace or want to express joy? A video/recording will garner bonus points!

If you play, tell us in the comments and add a link so we can come to sing along! Use this formulation: <a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a>
For a complete how-to, click here.

SING badge and quote on singing from The Green Children Foundation blog


  1. I’m working up a joyful noise at my place, here.

  2. I played! But I'm late and without the ten minutes it takes me to figure out the link thing.

  3. This was a fun one. Memories of music past and some good stuff to listen to are here.

  4. my Fave Five Mary Beth !
    bonus included at both blogs...

  5. God gave me this voice, so I am going to punish Him and sing louder.

    I played over here at my place.

  6. I haven't played in several months, and this one has made me SING and think more about how/why. Thank you!!!

  7. I meant to play last week but ran out of time. But I did play this week

    Sing! Sing a song! Make it simple to last you whole life long...

  8. I haven't played in a while, but I did today!!

    Thanks MB!

  9. I was here very early, sitting at a computer in hosptial waiting room while bro in law was getting an amputation of three toes. :-( Ah, time to play the FF! Twas not to be; settings would not allow me to cut and paste! Here I am once more. THANK YOU Mary Beth for this fun and cheering play. Glad I can chime in, even late!

    I'm singing right over here, and I'll come check out as many of your songs as I can as well!


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hey everyone, my mom, who's a new ring member,played here. But I haven't finished her "how to put a link in the comments" instructions yet. So check it out.

  12. I rejoiced in the efficiency of praying twice by singing only once. Great topic--thanks, MB!

  13. I love music, and my responses are here. Great questions!


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