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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five: Connecting

I am currently reading Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam, where he explores the changes in community in the USA in the 20th Century. He explains how communities, people, and especially children function better when they live where there is high social capital. Basically, it means that "relationships matter."

We all know this because Christianity (and other religions) emphasize the Golden Rule:
All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,
do ye so to them; for this is the law and the prophets.

Matthew 7:1

So here are some questions to ponder for this Friday Five about connecting with:

1. Self: Who was your hero/heroine when you were about ten years old?

2. Family: Who are you most like? Who is most like you?

3. Friends: How do you stay in touch?

4. Neighborhood, community: What are ways you like to be involved?

5. Job/church: Do you see a need that will help in developing connections?

Bonus: A link or anything else about connecting.

As always, let us know in comments if you play. Post a direct link to your blog entry in your comment with the formula I can never print out--click here for the info about it.

And remember today is BLOG ACTION DAY!


  1. I reflected about connection here including a little Jimmy Buffett for your morning reflection.

  2. I played with a cool link at the end...

  3. Here is my post. Thanks for all of yours, esp. MomPriest's added scripture selections!

  4. Connection is SOOOOOO important to me! Thank you Jan :).

  5. Here is my late edition of the Friday Five. I so enjoy thinking through these things!
    Thanks to Jan and everyone who thinks up new ways for us to muse each Friday!!

  6. Finally! I seemed to have lost a day

    you can find my connections at


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