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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Meet 'n Greet

Recently we've heard from several people who don't blog, but would like to be part of RevGalBlogPals. To join the ring, you do need to have a blog. But anyone can participate in our community simply by leaving a comment. We welcome you to join our conversations!

We have three new members to introduce to the webring today.

First, you may already have connected with FaithHopeCherryTea, who has been a regular participant here in comments for a while. Her blog is also called Faith Hope CherryTea, and she describes her blog purpose as:

pursuing the nature of God, goodness and grace, pioneering creative worship, inspiriting faith, hope and practical charity, living future present, in awe and wonder ...

Next meet Vicki Hesse, who blogs at Showing Up to the Moment. Vicki is an "aspirant" in the process discerning a call to the priesthood in the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina, and she writes:

I'm currently a Loaned Executive at United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County. This temporary job provides insight to the unique needs of this amazing community. I'm walking in faith towards what is next!

Finally, say hello to Sharon Littrell, who blogs at Tuesday Thoughts and serves a UCC/DOC congregation in Pennsylvania.

Sharon describes her blog this way:

I try to plan exercise in my day, but don't always follow my plan. Being in the ministry is my third career - first teaching at university, second nonprofit implementation, now new church planter. I am a very creative thinker - never understanding there is a box to be out of.

Stop by and visit our new ring members!!!


  1. Thanks for the Welcome and intro:)
    i have fwdd a photo if that helps you connect visually :)
    and Warm WELCOME to FHC for each of you Rev Gal Pals that have not yet dropped by !
    i look forward to continuing our conversations and beginning new ones !
    Peace & Grace,

  2. Sharon, your face is as lovely as your blog! Nice to "see" you.

    Welcome to all the new gals!


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