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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Prayer for World Communion Sunday

God we come to you during this special day of worship when we share communion our brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world. And yet we realize we are not in communion with those in Christ in the world. Lord may this moment of shared communion bring us closer to each other and closer to you.

Lord we pray for those around the world suffering in so many different ways, whether it is violence, war, terrorism, huger, displacement, or homelessness. We ask for these things to end and be replaced by your great mercy new everyday.

Lord we are reminded that this is breast cancer awareness month. We are reminded that it mainly affects women but it does affect men too. And so we pray for those who have breast cancer, and those who have lost loved ones to it.

We are also reminded that this domestic violence month. There are so many effected by domestic violence not just at the hand of abuse, but also those who have been killed. We prayer for families that have been ripped apart by domestic violence, and we pray for those who have died due to it.

Lord it is also Clergy appreciation month, may we take time to appreciate our clergy that we have now and those before. It is sad that the stress of the job of clergy is having such an effect on them; that they are unhealthy, depressed and discouraged so much so that they often quit. Lord we take time to pray for them, encourage them, support them and appreciate them.

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