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Monday, November 08, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: Berth Available on BE Cruise!

We have a person who has asked to join the BE Cruise but cannot do so without a roommate. If you have been wishing you'd signed up, or circumstances have changed so that you could indeed attend, then please contact me (Mary Beth) immediately at marybethbutler AT gmail DOT com.

Total CURRENT cost: $670 ($570 for the room plus $100 in check to RevGalBlogPals.) Plus, of course, your airfare to Tampa and personal expenses.

Process: As soon as I hear from you, O Prospective Traveller, I will e-mail you a registration form. You will return it to me by mail with a check for $100, and you will also contact our travel agent by phone to make a $200 deposit on the room. This must happen no later than Wednesday, December 8. Your balance of $370 will be due to the travel agent by December 15.
Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Anchors aweigh,
Mary Beth

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