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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Festival: Advent Activities

Have you seen the Advent daily activity calendar that Earthchick made for her boys? It is amazing!

Go visit here.

I'm unable, due to the mysteries of an unfamiliar computer setup, to reproduce any text or photos here, but I promise it is worth your while to click and see what the EC family is up to!


  1. Earthchick, you are my hero. I'm going to do something like this next year . . . and possibly during Lent too. It seems my kids miss out on traditional fun because I'm always working on "church stuff." Nice way to bring it all together.

  2. Oh, Mary Beth, thank you! I somehow missed this, even though I sort of skimmed it yesterday (I blame holiday brain). Thanks for your sweet words!

  3. Rev. K.T., I love your idea of doing it for Lent. In some ways, that might be more manageable, because the demands of that season are so different from the demands of this season. I might have to give that some thought!


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