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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wednesday Festival: The Ways We Get Through the Season

We all have our coping techniques for a busy season. Over at Quotidian Grace, we find her Fifth Annual Sappy Christmas Song Contest. RevGals Nik and Singing Owl are participating, how about you?

Lots of us are participating in #reverb10, a series of prompts that runs for the whole month of December. You can find posts at Preacher Mom's and Rev. Dr. Mom's and Jules' and Mary Beth's and at my place. And if I've missed someone, please let us know in the comments, and I will add a link.

Edited to add: Please go visit Purple! I don't know how I missed her. And say hello to Kerri, she's doing #reverb10, too. Not to mention Bad Alice!!!

And jo(e) shares the story of neighbor children who have touched her life and reminds us of ways we can help others at this season when we remember a young woman desperately seeking a place to give birth in her post, Everywhere.

How are you coping with the busy season?


  1. Thanks for highlighting the sappy Christmas song contest, Songbird.

    I'm hoping for another verse about
    teh ferrets.....

  2. I am coping by eating any and all food that is brought into the office. Me thinks I need another coping mechanism.

  3. I think the Christmas ferrets must make a reappearance too QG... :o)

    I am coping by having superglued my body to a central heating radiator for this Winter and also organising an IV of hot tea to last me through. I am not moving anywhere in the blizzards we have been having.

  4. Thanks Songbird, I too am doing #reverb10.

  5. meeting with my spiritual director, a massage, Fa La Latte's and Reverb!

  6. I'm working out like a maniac.

    Also, eating like one.

    Hope they balance each other out.

  7. A purple cool! Thx.

  8. just adding the connecting post to my blog as well, Songbird, and many thx for the link :)


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