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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Music Video:Hymn to Hope

This piece is not a "hymn" in the church sense--but a haunting and beautiful melody from "Secret Garden." I love the subtle sense of--is it expectancy?

This morning I had a strange experience. I was moderating the service, and as I began the morning's opening prayer, I felt strongly to pray for those among us who, at this dawning of a new year, at least as we count such things, had lost hope. So I did and thought no more about it until at the conclusion of the service, through a rather unusual chain of events, found myself praying with a woman who I have never met, a visitor to the service who told me, weeping, "I did not want to come here today...because it seems pointless. I've lost all hope." As we finished a short time of prayer together, she hugged me, wiped her eyes and confided, "Maybe God does see me after all."

Don't you love it when the Holy Spirit does those surprising things? So I was humming "Song of Hope" to myself and decided to share it, even though there are no words to sing and we didn't share it in church.

What music is in your heart today? Did you sing it in church? Or did it come from another source?


  1. Absolutely Lovely Singing Owl ~ THANK YOU ! lyrics unnecessary..
    you may enjoy this sunday song
    for today ~
    Blessings on your New Year journey!

  2. This is a beautiful piece SingingOwl. Life, so often is like a Secret Garden surrounded by dense foliage and thorny thickets, but there is an entrance to a Secret Garden; a place where hope is renewed and beauty is cultivated from dry places. It is a lovely thing when we meet the Holy Spirit there. Love to you, my friend!


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