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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wednesday Festival: New Year

Welcome to the first Wednesday Festival of 2011!

Presented below, a post from our Songbird about her resolutions for the year. It includes a link to her recent article for her local newspaper, a bonus.

What are you resolving for the year...or are you? Share in the comments if you wish. Instructions for linking at the bottom...


I wrote a column for the Portland Press Herald that was in the paper today, and I'll admit it's basically the same thing I wrote for the church newsletter's January edition, too.

It deals with New Years, and resolutions. In it, I'm taking on one thing. But since writing it, I've chosen a few other things as resolutions for 2011, so I might as well record them here.

1) Pray first. Read about it here.

2) Knit from the stash. I have a ridiculous amount of yarn, even after giving some away, and I'm committed to stash-knitting in 2011. Not that I would turn down gifts of yarn. That's different. In fact, I got some for Christmas, and I'm very appreciative!!! (It's the kind pictured here, in a different colorway, and I am excited to knit with it.) But given the pace of my knitting these days, buying more yarn is just silly.

3) Read more fiction, especially classics. I feel better when I do. I've got a good selection of books on hand and on my Kindle. I read a paltry 34 books in 2010. That won't be hard to beat in 2011.

4) Eat more fruit. I don't belong to Weight Watchers anymore (one of many little economies required by the change in circumstances), but I hear fruit is "free" now. I realize there are other complexities to the new system, but I also know that when I eat a good amount of fruit, I eat less of other things. Thus, eat more fruit.

5) Be brave. Rheumatoid Arthritis has been kicking my -- ahem -- recently. I'm on new medication, Humira, which requires bravery, because it requires injecting myself. I did it once with the nurse and have now done it once all by myself. It can take as long as three months to see if the new med helps. I am committed to remaining brave about the whole thing and dialing down worry if it occurs. Worry can't help me.

6) Cultivate patience. I need it while waiting to see about whether Humira works. I also need it because I'm in a frustrating vicious circle where exercise is concerned. Apparently walking an older dog was perfect exercise for me. Without it, I got worse. Now I'm worse enough that I can't exercise. (Unless you can help me think of a form of exercise that doesn't involve my right ankle.) So I need to get better, so that I can stay better not only via meds but via exercise. Which is mildly frustrating, which is why I am resolved to cultivate patience.

7) Give thanks. I wrote a number of times in December about how great my kids and friends and church members have been in the midst of all the upheaval of the past several months. I am thankful for them. And I'm going to keep letting them, and God, know about it.

8) Write more, tweet less. I don't mean to say I'm giving up Twitter, but I want to be writing long thoughts, not just 140 character bursts. I'm still using 750 Words, and at least for January, I'm going to try to write every day.

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  1. I usually choose a word, not make resolutions. This year's word is "clarify" and so far I'm wishing I would have chosen something less kickin such as peace or sleepthroughthenight.

    Be care what you choose, it might choose you, is all I'm saying.

  2. is that yarn made out of tofu?
    just wondering.

    I chose three words, ala Juniper.
    Discern. Renew. Wonder. So far all I have done is wonder...

    Love the Pray. First. Amen!

  3. Juniper, my word is "tender." I am going to be tender with myself (without being mooshy) and tender with others, WITHOUT letting my boundaries get mooshy.

    Maybe my word is "not mooshy"!

  4. MB - that's a good one. Maybe I should have chosen it? So far, all I seem to be doing is making other people mad.

  5. My intentions for this year are in the form of prayer:
    May this be a year of prayerful reflection and introspection.
    May this be a year of good health, nutrition, exercise and medical care.
    May this be a year of modest improvement in organizing and filing.
    May this be a year of creative, imaginative and passionate writing that connects with others.
    May this be a year of rest, peace and well-being.
    May this be a year of renewal of mind, body, soul and relationship.
    May it be so. כן יהי רצן. May it be God's will.

    And some Rumi-nations on resolutions:

  6. Thanks for linking to me, MB! So far, pray first presents a helpful challenge. Do I even notice when I'm not doing it? That's the question. I'm happy to say it's going well with the fruit. Too early to report on anything else. :-)
    revkjarla, the yarn is made out of crab shells, among other things.


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