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Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Meet n' Greet

Good morning gals and pals! Welcoming new members to the ring today, and thrilled to see so many. I hope you'll take a moment if you can to visit our new folks and make them welcome to the group.

Joanna blogs at Spacious Faith. She says, "I live in Lawrence, Kansas. I am a wife, a mother, a Mennonite pastor. I have two cats, one dog, and a cockatiel named Flannery. (Connor passed away in a tragic and mysterious back deck incident.) I enjoy writing, reading, and playing in my craft room.

I seek a spacious faith that surrounds all that I do and all that I am–with plenty of room to explore and grow."

Jemma, AKA Exilic Chaplain, is an ecumenical chaplain at the University of Waikato (New Zealand), but she is currently living in Beijing, "with my partner in life and ministry. We are the Co-Pastors of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd, an international, interdenominational congregation. I’m still working out what this blog is for in our Beijing life. Mostly it seems to be about documenting our Beijing life, with a theological twist and occasional musing about Life and what it means and how it’s to be lived."

Melissa is posting at Contemplative Viewfinder and introduces herself: "Welcome to Faith Musings. I’m Melissa Bane Sevier, a pastor, freelance writer, amateur photographer. I use this space to reflect on recent sermons or other topics of interest. Join me with your own reflections and comments."

Welcome to Leslie, a Presbyterian minister within the PC(USA), who blogs at Leslie's Theology. "I have served since 1994 in the First Presbyterian Church of Osawatomie. In Spring of 2010, I have completed my DMin from Saint Paul School of Theology. My thesis was entitled: Agitation as Pulse: A Circulatory Spirituality for Pastoral Leaders Involved in Congregational Change."

Rev Alli is an Episcopal priest who shares sermons, poetry, and other thoughts at her blog, Rev Alli's Blog.

Fruitful Words shares thoughts about ministry at her blog of the same name. She says, "My biggest struggles are grief, procrastination, and clutter. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, praying, and thinking about ways to overcome these hurdles. The catefories chronic pain, gratitude, lists,. and divorce are samples of what's leaking from my brain to my heart. Maybe you'll find them useful too."

Elsa A. Peters is a UCC Pastor in Maine who shares her thoughts at (im)possible things with God. "I am the Rev. Elsa A. Peters -- the one who believes in impossible things and writes about them here. I immersed myself in theology, art and biblical studies at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. I bring all of these passions to explore my faith as the Associate Pastor of the First Congregational Church United Church of Christ in South Portland, Maine.

Of all of the impossible things on my plate, I seek to be a minister, an artist, a friend, a daughter, a hiker, a reader, a chef, a host, avid coffee drinker (no, seriously) and a few other things to relish in this life. In these (im)possible words, you're invited to discover why I blog, some justice issues that are important to me, the ways that I try to pray, my fierce love for The Young Clergy Women Project and my covenant to the United Church of Christ.

Emma blogs at LLM Calling, her path toward becoming a Licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England. She tells us she is "Emma, wife to Mike and mum to Rachel (born August 2005). I was a civil engineer, specialising in value and risk management and facilitation . Now I am a full time mum, part time volunteer, part time career advisor and full time follower of God's calling for me as a Licensed Lay Minister.

Reverend Potato Head joins us from her blog, Still Going to Graceland. "I’m a child of God… and a pastor of a small, rural, Presbyterian congregation in North Carolina. There aren’t many female pastors around here, and definitely none in the “under 30″ category, so I’m learning what it is to live in that role. I don’t always get it right, but here I am anyway. Sometimes, I just need to get away…

In between Sundays, I’m a quilter and photographer and writer and daydreamer. I train for triathlons that I never quite get around to doing. I’ve started more knitting projects than I could finish in a lifetime. I’m a wife to my childhood best friend, who loves me even if I’m not the shining star of domesticity he’d hoped I be. I’m a ‘mom’ to four “furry” children that make me laugh on a regular basis."

Marci Glass is another new ring member, sharing her thoughts from Southminster Presbyterian church in Boise, Idaho. Her blog is called SouthMinister's Musings. "I was born and raised in Spokane, WA, but ventured to the foreign lands of Texas to attend Trinity University.

"I married well. We’ve been married for 18 years. We have two boys and spend much of our money on soccer cleats, soccer jerseys, and whatever other soccer paraphernalia they can find. I will soon be the shortest person in my family."

Finally, if you haven't updated your blogrolls and feed readers, be sure to note that Songbird has a new blog home, too. She is celebrating her installation (yesterday!) as pastor of North Yarmouth Congregational Church in North Yarmouth, Maine.

Welcome, everyone! We look forward to reading your thoughts, seeing your comments on features, and getting to know you as we walk the path of ministry together.


  1. it's great to meet you all, thanks for welcoming me into your group

  2. I am so happy to be part of this group too. I look forward to learning and growing with this great group of people.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to doing this strange/joyous/amazing thing called ministry with all of you...

  4. Thanks for the introduction. Being in Beijing makes it feel even more important to be connected to a community of women (and their friends)in ministry.

  5. What a wonderful group this RevGals is. More and more as I read about my fellow bloggers, I'm just encouraged and challenged to BE the person I'm created to be.

    With great thankfulness to God for all of you...


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