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Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Meet n' Greet

Happy Monday! 

I'm happy to introduce several new ring members today, as well as pointing you to a current member's new blog. If you applied recently and don't see yourself, don't worry! There will be another Meet and Greet next Monday. New members, if you don't have our button yet, please add it to your blog! And not-so-new members, I hope you'll go leave a greeting with our new friends.

First, go visit elbyviau (formerly of Clever Titles Need Not Apply) at her new blog, The Viau from Here. RevGalBlogPals inspired her to start blogging in the first place! You can also find her on Twitter: @lauraviau.

Next, say hello to Nancy Wallace, who blogs at Seeker. She writes about herself:
I don't think Christians have to have closed minds. There is always so much more treasure to seek out and find, sometimes in unlikely places. As I get older I want to keep on seeking and I'm committed to keep on turning towards Christ, the "Light of the world".

JMe Lowden blogs at The Lowdens' Lines with her husband, Bob. They are an ELCA clergy couple who spent some time in Africa, and say about their blog:
We hope that these brief lines and stories will, in some small way, be blessings for your days and will provide an update of the ways life is blessing us. 

Dawn Trautman blogs at Urban Nomad. She writes:
As an Urban Nomad I live and work without a permanent home. As a professional actress, I move all over the country to perform in various musicals. As a certified life coach with degrees in Lutheran theology and organizational psychology, I see life lessons in all of myadventures. My sense of stability comes from strong connections to people and deep commitments to goals. 

I first found Sister Sarah's Excellent Adventure just after last year's earthquake in Haiti. I'm delighted she has asked to join the ring! She writes:
I began this blog as I prepared to leave for a seminary field education placement in a parish in Haiti, creating it as a way of sharing my experiences and reflections over the summer with people at home. I am still blogging because there is more to share about Haiti. While I may not be there now, at least I can share my Sisters' experiences and my own reflections. And I can look forward to the day I move back, which I hope will be in the autumn of next year (2011).

Chris Ayers blogs at Liberal Baptist Rev, is the pastor of Wedgewood Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC, and declares his blog space open to all "persons of any color, culture, age, ability, economic status, sexual or affectional orientation; skeptics and those who pursue common or unorthodox religious paths."

And finally for today, we welcome The Seedbed:
The Seedbed is a group blog of religiously-interested wisecracking women, begun in 2010 by Sarah Morice Brubaker, a faculty member at Phillips Theological Seminary. (About three seconds of reading will likely prompt you to realize that neither PTS, nor any other institution with which any of the bloggers are affiliated, has any responsibility for the site or its contents.)

We're happy to welcome all of you!!! Look for more introductions next Monday.


  1. Howdy new folks! glad to see you.

  2. Thanks very much! We at the Seedbed are glad and honored to be part of the fun here!


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