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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday's Prayer

Oh Lord hear our prayers
Prayers for hope for those who feel hopeless
Prayers for healing for those who need healing
Prayers for jobs for those who are jobless
Prayers for community for those who feel lonely
Prayers for peace for those whose lives are filled with conflict.
Prayers for understanding for those seeking to be understood.
Prayers for comfort those who grieve.
Prayers for food for those who hunger.
Prayers for shelter for those who are homeless.
Prayers for clean water for those whose waters are contaminated
Prayers for rain for those who live in drought.
Prayers for a time of drying for those who are facing too much rain.
Prayers for freedom for those who live under dictatorships.
Prayers for wisdom for our leaders.
Prayers for Spiritual growth and health for our churches.
Prayers for your Kingdom to reign here on earth.

Forgive me for posting this late, my mind was still cruising.

cross posted at a place for prayer and rev abi's long and winding road


  1. thank you, revabi, this is LOVELY, a template for prayer and a resource. (I'm still cruisin', too)

    the word verification is "hosess" -- I guess that is the feminine of a "hoser" perhaps ("hosers" are in great supply in this part of the world)

  2. As it is Thursday before I am reading your prayer, I don't think you need to apologize at all. I am going to borrow this for my Thursday evening e-prayers with my congregation. Naturally, I will give credit.


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