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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wednesday Festival: RevGals Featured on God Complex Radio

RevGal and RGBP Board President Martha Spong (Songbird) was interviewed by RevGal Carol Howard Merritt for the most recent edition of God Complex Radio. The interview was released yesterday.

Click here to go to the GCR site and hear the entire interview.

From the GCR site:
In the fourth episode of our 4th season, we invited Martha Spong to join Carol Howard Merritt and Landon Whitsitt to discuss RevGalBlogPals and social media. Martha just got back from the RevGals Cruise and filled us in on what the RevGals have been up to in the last couple of years.

What exactly is RevGals? Well, listen in to find out more, but a brief explanation is that it is a group blog of … you guessed it… female pastors. They only have a few rules for membership. RevGals is for women clergy, women church professionals, and women religious, or those discerning a call to Christian ministry – who are committed to building a supportive online community for women clergy, women church professionals, and women in religious life – and who are active bloggers for the previous three months.

Listen into this episode and find out more about Martha’s experiences with RevGals and other lessons she has learned from ministry and social media.

Thanks to God Complex Radio and Carol for helping to spread the word about RevGalBlogPals!


  1. If I lose any significant poundage this spring, it will be from doing the RGBP Happy Dance so many times...

  2. It was such a privilege to be asked!

  3. enjoying it now- great to hear your voices Martha and Carol!


  4. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this!

  5. It was great! Well done. So glad Carol picked this up.

  6. very fun to hear two such dear voices!! great discussion - led me to wonder how many of us are out of the Southern Baptist tradition? Not in a snarky way, but I find it interesting... obviously we were prepared well and not squashed from finding a way - was it the always female sunday school teachers who planted the timy seeds for us to find another path to being clergy?

  7. Elastigirl, that's a great question. I remember so many women who embodied the love of Jesus, making me feel absolutely certain I had a home and a family at church, a place where I belonged. No matter where I went later, I continued to want to live my life at and through church. Their love and dynamism had to be part of it.


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