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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Evening After Party

By special request, it's the Easter Evening After Party! We know you have Easter stories. Come and share them here!!!

Here's mine...this morning thirty-six of us met in the mist to await the sun coming over the treetops. Half a dozen little children accompanied us, and when a Deacon read the lesson from Acts, the littlest asked her grandfather, "They talkin' 'bout Peter?"

"Yes," he nodded.

"Peter Rabbit?"

Add your stories in the comments, and thank you so much for spending the week making this a joint effort for so many!


  1. At the children's sermon today I asked the kids, "What's today?" and they all said "Easter!" then I asked, "And what's Easter all about." and the three year old yelled out in his loudest voice, "Candy!" Never a dull moment at my church.

    Happy Easter everybody! Alleluia.

  2. Woohoo - was missing my pals who have been such a good support all week. My story:
    I decided to chalk some alleluias on the church path - before I knew it lots of others - some very senior members - had wrested the chalks from me and were grafitti-ing the paths and walls with Alleluias.
    Isn't it amazing that we arrive exhausted yet leave with huge smiles. Resurrection indeed!

  3. Isn't it great to have children's voices heard? Thanks for the after-party, Songbird!

    I used the balloon idea for the Children's Conversation that someone suggested on yesterday's thread. Thanks to the one who shared such a great idea!

    The recap: Blew up about six balloons and each had written something that was expected of the Messiah that he didn't fulfill: "Fight with might" "Born in a palace" were two of them. As I showed them each, talked briefly about the (wrong) expectation and then popped the balloon ("that didn't happen"). The best one, saved for last, was "Stayed dead."

    Oh, then I passed out little Easter bite-sized Snickers, because what people thought Jesus was about makes us laugh a little. OK ... it's a little bit of a stretch, but the adults thought it was funny!

    The kids got into it (we had about 30 kids!) and the sermon ended up being a lot about expectations too.

    Verification word -- "cocanonc" -- sounds like a nice after-Easter beverage with a little umbrella.

  4. God Guurrlll -- I asked the very same question and got the very same response! I told them they were about to get lucky on that (see previous post).

    Liz -- How very wonderful! Resurrection does happen, doesn't it?

  5. I am TOTALLY going to chalk alleluias on the sidewalk next year!!

  6. Nothing particularly poignant, but our two very different services both went very well and were blessings in two very different ways. The children did a great job "illustrating" the Holy Week and resurrection stories with our new drums. I can't wait to get started trying some drum circle stuff with them.

    Breakfast was wonderful. My husband led the (all male) kitchen crew in making pancakes, sausage, and fruit. Yummy.

    Took my baby to the office for a little crowd break (I think we got an introvert in this one) and ended up reading a truly touching and appreciative email that a congregation member sent just because at like 6:30 this morning. Then during the second service prayer sharing time, someone recognized my husband for the ways he ministers to the congregation. This morning it was by cooking breakfast, playing in the handbell choir, and rounding out the morning by stepping in the nursery at the last minute. It was really awesome that it was noticed and that he was lifted up that way. Too bad he was in the nursery and didn't hear it first hand!!

    Anyway, all went well. I got a run in this afternoon and we're off soon to our adopted family's house for dinner. We bring the glazed and grilled ham; they roast the lamb. Wonderful eats! Fantastic company! Glorious resurrected Lord!

  7. Our sunrise service was held on a farm, and as I was speaking the words of greeting, a rooster crowed! Later a fox roamed by along the tree line, spied by several in the congregation. Easter in the country!

  8. Such great stories! I want to join the sidewalk chalk brigade next year! Just picturing that scene makes me smile.

    It was a beautiful, full day starting with sunrise by the river and continued at the church. No particular story stands out, just a happy crowd of people. Loved it!

  9. Well, I not only survived but thrived in my first Easter as solo pastor including what I lovingly refer to as the trifecta: Friday Night Service, Saturday Morning Egg Hunt & festival to which we invited the community, and Sunday morning which in itself was a trifecta, Sunrise, Breakfast, Main Service.

    It was all so awesome! Lots of positive feedback on Good Friday dramatic readings accompanied by projected power point of passion art through the ages. Egg Hunt etc, was great in so many ways. People from the church old and new working together, new faces from the community, and just plain fun!

    As if that wasn't enough, 47 people at Sunrise Service at 6:30 a.m.! There were only 53 people at Sunday worship in the church on my first Sunday last July. This was so awesome to see such a turn out.

    50 folks showed up at nearby restaurant for breakfast fellowship. This is what I get for underestimating God and others. Our original reservation was for 20.

    Finally, a celebration service with lots of singing, and lots of new faces...

    All in all a great first Easter. I am blessed! Thanks for letting me go on and on....

  10. *stumbling in after holy nap*

    Last night's Vigil was fantastic - lots of energy and great music - like an Easter version of Lessons and Carols.

    Sunrise service and then two others - Muthah+ and I hung out in my office in between - we looked up the prayer mentioned yesterday in Prayers for a Priveleged People and talked fondly of those of y'all we know in common.

    I have a cold bottle of Pinot to share as I get Nostalgia Night warmed over at our house: tacos, chicken spagetti (from PW's recipe) or chili. I did a lot of cooking on Wednesday when I was productively procrastinating.

  11. I am SO going to do the chalk alleluias next year!! Thanks for the idea Liz!

  12. MB just texted that we have tornado warnings - could be why I have a slight headache - pressure changes. This will add a fun element to the evening.

  13. Elastigirl, I wish I had done that!
    Luckily we had some leftovers from last night to re-format.
    I'm now on vacation and counting down to Wednesday morning when I fly off for a girlfriend getaway that includes major league baseball *and* a royal wedding pajama party!

  14. A simultaneously heartbreaking and awesome interlude due to a RG connection:

    First I went to the Carmelites' for an early mass being celebrated by former and always wonderful spir. dir., and then on to my home church. I arrived a bit early and was sitting quietly in a pew, thinking about turning my phone off, when it rang. The number was completely unfamiliar, but I decided to answer it anyway.

    It was the daughter of a friend of a RG friend, whose 27yo son was found dead a month ago. I had offered my number in case she ever needed to talk. I thought about mentioning that the Easter service was about to start, but then I thought about how much despair and courage it takes to reach out to a stranger in such circumstances - BTDT - and so I went out to the church office so that we could talk for awhile.

    I had thought to be joining in singing Jesus Christ is Risen Today at that particular time, and instead I was engaged in that powerful phone call. Perhaps the same thing, in a different form.

  15. Wow, Robin, that is a holy and powerful moment. How wonderful that you were able to be there for her when she reached out.

    I am loving reading all of your stories. I am totally doing the chalking of alleluias next time! I don't have anything in particular to share. We had a full and wonderful service with high attendance even for Easter (for us). Our extraordinary and beloved organist, who joined the staff just a few months before my husband and I did, and whom I count as a friend, is going to be leaving this summer to take a professorate in the music department at Florida State. He finished the service this morning playing my favorite piece of his, Widor's Toccata, and it was quite a sad shock when I realized it would be the last time I would hear him play it.

    I got through my big Easter dinner and have gotten a bit of a rest since company left. I am actually looking at a much more grueling week ahead than the one just past - how can that be. Nevertheless, I celebrate. Christ is risen! Alleluia!!

  16. Chalk alleluias for sure!

    The baby guaranteed to yell if anyone else held her was a dear - our deacon is so calm! - and two men I haven't seen in a church since 2003 were in the last row. Good crowd, great egg hunt, wonderful breakfast that had enough left over for coffee hour, too. Lots of hands helping to set up, clean up and lift up.
    Yeah, this was a good day!

  17. A perfectly gorgeous day here. Not being in the choir this year, it was my first Easter in at least 20 years to not have churchly responsibilities. I loved being in the pew and thought appreciatively of all at my church (and all of you at your churches) who made it happen. Heard a great sermon, too. Yay, Easter!

    ps: and will be back in the choir next year

  18. MB - I am so glad I got to send my family your way - it was easier for them to be there this morning.

    Oh yeah - 3 babies baptized this morning - added more to the later service. I also witnessed two toddlers in different famlies have complete melt down tantrums in the pkg lot and thanked God for loving, patient parents - and amazingly for my older ones who do not do that anymore - at least in the same way.

  19. Well, I am loving this sharing our stories and events for the day. I love the chalking only we don't do that sort of thing.

    In the children's sermon one of the kids told us that Easter eggs are for fun, Easter is about Jesus rising from the dead. I brought one of my kid's Easter basket as a starter. I gave them all Hearsey Kisses and told the moms I would do the laundry if it got all their new clothes dirty.

    We had more this year then last in our 11:00 contemporary service. It was really good with a good skit. We also baptised a parent and a child and took in a new member.

    Robin, what a God moment.

  20. We had a hummingbird fly into church to visit the Easter lilies!

  21. Love the hummingbird appearance!

  22. I had two very different, but both very special, services to lead today. The first was my "regular" service at the church that included a special choir presentation. The second was a brief service in the chapel at the hospital where I'm the chaplain on call tonight! Tomorrow will definitely be my day of rest!

    And I'm also going to use the chalk idea next year!

  23. The Alleluia chalking wins the day! Next year... We fumbled the kick-off and it took the 1st quarter to recover, but after THAT,... we were ok. 'cept I realized, due to several things, we were likely to finish extremely early. so S.T.R.E.T.C.H. who'd a thought I'd need to do that on EASTER! but it came out well in the end.
    Best part may have been the dramatic dialogue (substitute for SS in between breakfast & worship) between Mary and Thomas about what she saw or thought she saw.. great stuff!
    glad to hear of so many great days. after all, the lord is risen!

  24. I woke up this morning, still in a fog, and thought, "Ah, it's Easter!" and then (obviously still in a fog), "Easter fell on a Sunday this year..." Giggled to myself for quite a while after realizing the ridiculousness of that one :-)

    Wonderful baptism with a sweet baby at the Vigil, and two fine services this morning. Late lunch with my family and SIL; kind of her to cook, since it's her b'day today. And the extra bonus: she had an extra Mac powercord which has resurrected my dead laptop; that's all it needed.

  25. hey everyone - no unusual story except my too-compllicated-to-explain childrens story was a fail, but in a way that let us move on to other things, so in the end not a fail after all.

    LOVE chalking alleluias! adding that next year!

    Songbird - you have my favorite story of all! Thanks! Peter Rabbit -heh heh...

  26. All is not as blissful as I supposed and went on and on about. I have since learned there was an incident in the congregation during my sermon, the details of which I cannot share in any kind of public forum. It has dampened my joy and broken my heart. Prayers appreciated.

  27. oh, MLR - THAT is not the kind of bubble bursting that we hope for on Easter. Prayers for the situation, whatever it may be...

  28. Oh, mid-life, how disappointing for you to discover this. Prayers for you as you handle the situation and its ripples.


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