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Saturday, May 21, 2011

11th Hour Preacher Party: Many Mansions Edition

Good morning gals and pals!  It's going to be the 5th Sunday of Easter this weekend (if in fact the world does not end this evening):  do you know where your sermon is?

This weekend we've got as many choices as Jesus has mansions for us:  we can wander down the way, the truth and the life, where the many mansions are prepared, or we can be gathered up as living stones, or the royal priesthood, or we can confess with Stephen.   Or any one of a number of other things.  A great discussion about the texts is located here.

(Aside:  I'll always remember the year we were discussing the story of Stephen in confirmation.  One of the students came late, and as we tried to explain the story to her, her eyes got wide and she said:  "You mean Stephen was STONED?")

All right, back to our regularly scheduled preacher (and possibly end of the world) party.  We're starting with breakfast.  I'm making blueberry pancakes, have some fair trade coffee (toffee caramel) and orange juice.  Hope you can join us, sharing your inspiration, your struggles, your children's message(!).  We're here for you -- today anyway.


  1. Saturday afternoon here, but I’m always ready for pancakes.
    I was at training last Saturday, and at a different course on Thursday and Friday, so that will influence my preaching this week, if only because it has taken so much of the week, I haven’t thought about much else :)
    Preaching on the John Passage: thinking about final messages, what is important to us, where and how do we know God. Jesus final message [a few chapters long] is something like Remember you have been with me, and because you know me, you know God!
    Learnt a new word yesterday Ubuntu – I am because we are. That will figure somewhere as well.
    Time for a walk, then look at, start, the sermon.

  2. (Passing my cup for some of that delicious coffee . . .)

    Good morning (here), Pearl, and thanks for hosting us today, Diane.

    I have one youth being confirmed tomorrow, so I'm working that in somehow. I have a sustainable sermon that will help me focus. I'm having a gigantic case of spring fever and would rather go outside and dig in the dirt today.

    This kitty is being a needy lap cat today, so she's "helping" me here by the keyboard!

  3. Very quiet party this week; 8.30 pm and finally sitting down to write. hopefully what has been going around in my head will make sense as I write.

  4. Hi Sharon, glad someone else is here.

  5. I'm here! It's just after 6:30 on the East Coast, checking the rapture news...

  6. hi! everyone's up early! Hi Pearl, Sharon, and Songbird. I'll be keeping that coffee perking.

    I like being done with my sermon by now, but I'm not. I was at the Festival of Homiletics this week, and I'm still plugging along.

    Holding down the fort this weekend as the interim Sr. is away.

  7. Good morning (est) to you all. I am mixing John and 1 Peter and have realized that when I preach on John I tend to preach like he writes... with a tad bit of ramble. The Boy has a couple of activities today so in the midst of them I will attempt to tighten this thing up and by that I mean write it. :)

    So thankful for this community.

  8. thankful for you, too, Kathrynzj. welcome!

    I haven't really started writing yet this morning. still waking up (6:42 central daylight time).

    I need to write a prayer for the installation of our call committee too.

    and oh yeah, I need a children's message.

  9. I so love my earlier in the week scribblings. Anyone want to decipher this one for me?

    "What we so often read as 'directive' (granola and yogurt) is actually 'comfort' (pancakes and sausage)"

    mmmmm, pancakes and sausage....

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. That was just me. Blogger double-posted. And if it does it again I'm just going to leave it in honor of getting to 100.

    Back to work...

  12. Kathryn -- hmmm, fascinating. and that reminds me, anyone want more pancakes?

    I know I need some coffee. The fog is clearing and I know how much I need to get done today.

  13. hey! I'm also interested in if any of you are going to reference the May 21 "end of the world" in your sermons tomorrow.

  14. Sorry Diane, I am not on children's talk this week.
    Songbird, the rapture made the News here tonight, basically it is 21st May, almost over and no rapture. But maybe it is US time rather than Aust’n time. Will I get to preach before it happens???

    all done

  15. Morning preachers!

    I should've written this sermon yesterday, but I didn't, so now I need to write quickly b/c I'm taking the train into the city to have dinner with friends and hear my son sing in a concert...and then taking the train home again, so it will be a late night.

    I was going to open with reference to being left behind, but I haven't heard any buzz in my congregation about the supposed rapture at we'll see. But I am preaching John and something about the many rooms being prepared for us.

    Kashi cereal and fresh berries anyone?

    Btw, the SUN is shining...almost forgot what that looked like. Never fear though, more showers forecast for this afternoon and tomorrow.

  16. I guess it depends if the world ends!
    But pearl, I heard it was supposed to be 6 p.m. local time, so seems like we're good.
    I am indeed planning to ruminate on this topic; why do people find the end of the world desirable? Is that thought preferable to the tension of trying to live and do ministry in this world as we find it? Are we hoping for the same thing 1st century people craved, a God/Messiah who sweeps in and cleans it all up at once?
    Sweeties, that is not what we got. Not then, not now.
    So how do we live?
    Something like that, all with the title suggested by the lovely and talented kathrynzj earlier in the week, "Left Behind," which is really how the disciples must have felt.

  17. SB, I love it when you call us Sweeties. Great sermon title too by the way. ;)

  18. Good morning all! I'm off lectionary this week and have it pretty well written in my head -- praying that sermon translates itself onto paper well.

    I will not be using "the end of the world" in my preaching this week but a very wise friend reminded me that, the day after the supposed Rapture, it could be pastorally wise to mention it in our morning prayers. Just think how many people have emptied their bank accounts, left their spouses or children and rested their entire faith in God on this event. Tomorrow, let us be careful to pray for their hearts and lives...

  19. I'm just picturing you all riding in my car. Anyone who rides in my car is a member of the Sweeties category. ;-)

  20. I haven't heard much about the possible rapture in my congregation. I did a sermon once a few years ago called "left behind" -- (not that anyone would remember) text about the son Jesus raised from the dead so her mother would not be "left behind."

    My sermon is really going in a different direction, but it's too tempting not to deal with. The 'end of the world' stuff has been in and out of my brain since I was about in the 8th grade and my dad read "the late great planet earth".

    Sorry about the digression, but all this is to say, I'm looking forward to what you preach, Songbird.

    I got this "stones" thing thing going. living stones.

  21. hello, 7 am mountain DS time, I'm not preaching tomorrow but have been assembling bits and pieces for a House Blessing this evening. Note to self: BOOKMARK useful sites -- did you know that "house blessing" gets you 22 million hits?
    Next up, oatmeal -- and some orange/banana muffins. Warmed-over coffee. meh.

  22. I dabbled in my own version of the Scripture passage here.

  23. 22 million hits! whoa.

    lots of good breakfast offerings.

    thanks Crimson Rambler.

  24. I'm preaching last week's texts (we had Youth Sunday) and have a "mindmap" of how I want to do it. (which is actually difficult to turn into a manuscript, but I'm learning & May preach from the iPad)

    I have a wedding this afternoon and need to edit my meditation and print it.
    Here's a link for all you rapture followers, Rapture Fail

    If you had a sermon that really worked last week on John 10, send me a link and permission to borrow and it may get reused as part of mine... thanks

  25. Good morning all, Stopping by before another day of purge and pack to see who is up and about. I will be celebrating and preaching for the last time with my congregation tomorrow before we move. Very bittersweet and strange.I don't have any kind regular preaching schedule lined up yet, so we are all dealing with a little anxiety I think. I posted my thoughts on the farewell discourses here.

  26. Nancy -- still want to know what you think of your ipad.

    I didn't write out my sermon on John 10 last week, although I think it worked.

    somehow, that reminded me that the dog is outside and needs to be brought in, dried off and fed!

    be back a little later.

  27. Kzj, love your version!

    At a retreat for seminarians we were once asked what religion we would be if we weren't ___________ (fill in the blank, for me it is Episcopalian.) My answer was (and still is) conservative Jew. I use that story (and the reasons for my answer) to get into why I believe this passage isn't meant to box anyone OUT--after all there are MANY dwelling places.

    I know this is heretical in some circles, but for me God's party is a big one, and everyone is invited no matter how they get there.

    And I have a draft, written in under an hour, which I will edit after if (finally) go and have my cereal.

  28. well darn, my comments disappeared...
    SB, I love your idea for the sermon.
    Diane, I love my iPad2 and am still coming up with new ways to use it. It is sparking ideas for future ministry too. (Now can I take the cost off my taxes?)

  29. I'm preaching John and the mansions...well, actually, the whole "show us the father" "how can you say that, open your eyes dork!" exchange between Phillip and Jesus. My sermon title is "Jesus Glasses" and the basic idea is something about how if we have our Jesus Glasses on, we see the world differently--it looks more like the kingdom of God with many mansions--or something. I'm pretty sure I can work the whole not-the-end-of-the-world thing in. because maybe it's not that the world will end, but our vision will change. or something.

    but first: the middle school youth group year-end picnic must be planned and executed. I'll be back tonight....

  30. Wow! This party is hopping already! Hope there are some blueberry pancakes left. I slept a bit late this morning and still haven't had breakfast.

    I'm preaching Acts and haven't written anything yet, but hope to rectify that ASAP! We have extra hubbub going on in our service in the morning so I need to be on the brief side. We'll see if I can manage that.

    Huh. There is a well-dressed family (parents and a daughter, all dressed as if for church) walking down our street right now handing out some sort of literature. Wonder if they'll disregard my "No Soliciting" sign. Probably.

    The hubs is out of town on retreat this week, so I've been pulling extra duty at home and at work. I've gotten so very behind on emails, among other things, and I am feeling stressed out about that.

    Pass the coffee!

  31. Turns out there was a second set of people going down my side of the street knocking on doors. They wanted to share some comfort from the Bible. They were very polite and respected my answer when I told them I was a minister, in the middle of working on my sermon, and that I was happy with my own faith. They said they just liked to encourage Bible reading; I said I was in the middle of that right now!

  32. Nancy, you are welcome to use anything in my sermon from last week. I had trouble emailing it, so here it is!

  33. yes, earthchick, there are still a few more pancakes. for a limited time only.

    I have a sermon now. don't have a reference to the apocalypse in there, but we'll see what happens when I preach it tonight. might get in there.

    now I have some visiting to do.

    see you later!

  34. I got up, took the dogs out, began to make coffee but got distracted before actually making it.

    I sat down at the computer with a different caffeinated drink and started reading email, fb, etc. I saw someone's comment about coffee and realized I didn't finish making my own coffee. Then I decided that coffee would be counter-productive to the nap I really need. So I am posting this so I can get the email going. Then I am going back to bed. I'll catch up to the rapture or whatever in a little while.

  35. Back from t-ball and attempting to re-engage with the text. The Boy returns home @3. Sure would be nice to be finished.

    I'm continuing to think along the lines of how Jesus was building them up and equipping them for when they are left behind in a just a few days from this time together.

    I think I'll look to this farewell discourse for all the things he includes - love one another is in there for sure - that one's ALWAYS helpful.

    What doesn't he say? Well, he never says judge one another. He also does't say 'try to figure out when I'm coming back.'


  36. Thank you Sharon, off to read it now.

  37. Sharon, I too am including those verses from ACTS...great minds think alike?

    I'm also referencing 'yesterday's false prophecy/rapture'. I trust that should I be the one wrong about this, it won't really matter by tomorrow...

  38. I have been off lectionary for three weeks. This week looking at worship using illustrations from a Marcia McFee seminar I attended.

    however...sermon mojo...where-for-art-thou????

  39. WEll I was going to meditate while doing yard work today. However it poured rain last night and rained lightly this morning. Electric mower + wet grass=bad idea, saturated soil +planting the garden=big mess. And so I am stuck indoors.

    Still trying to find the way we deal with Jesus as the way/truth/life and Jesus making the unfortunate "no one comes to the father but through me" statment in a pluralistic world. ALthough one site I read this week duggested that we need to read the "me" in the second sentence as referring back to the way/truth/life. And so the path to God is by following the Way, seeking Truth, embracing Life.

  40. I started writing...and then I fell asleep...and then I woke up! Shocked! At having been asleep!
    Then I felt a sense of panic, you know, as if the world were coming to an end.
    But then I remembered I made notes on Thursday and emailed them to myself, and I felt better.
    It's been an emotional fifteen minutes. ;-)
    I think I'll drink some coffee.

  41. I am back from visiting.

    I am coveting Nancy's Ipad2.

    I think I am done with my sermon (after a fashion), but still need to write service of installation for our call committee. seems kind of weird to be doing that.

    also need to get my children's message figured out. looking for stones.

    gonna make a signup list for people willing to help set up chairs for our outdoor worship next sunday.

    My dear husband is getting an oil change for my car for me.

    And I'm bummed because I wasn't able to find a copy of The Tenor Wore .... I want to read something light and funny when we go out of town tomorrow.

    Guess it's "Bossypants", then.

    How are you doing? mid-afternoon.

  42. oh yes, I was just going to ask if anyone needed coffee... lunch... or anything.

    I had a sandwich, but it seems like a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup day to me.

    It's been raining ALL DAY.

  43. Good afternoon- busy days in preacher land. Over here we are happy the sun is trying to peek out! I will be at a nearby church tomorrow for a baptism - they do not yet have installed leadership. I was a regular part of their life a few years back - I know some well but still that odd( for me) act of preaching with folks who I don't know well. I expect I will have a bit of rapture vs what Jesus really said. Using John and 1 Peter to encourage congregation ( and very young mom who needs all the support they can give for the long haul ) to feed this new little one with spiritual food that nourishes and sustains instead of psudeo - spiritual cheap junk food.

    When I get done here - house cleaning as we are hosting the farewell ( sob!) party Friday for dear friend RevDrKate and her BH... Unlike Thomas, I will know exactly where to find her after they go!

    back at it! glad to know you all are out there.

  44. I have a draft, such that it is. And the printed wedding service. Off to get dressed and go. At least weddings are short...but I do like to make them special.

    Later, when I'm home to edit, create a full children's story, and finish worship. sigh..

  45. The question of how we like and. Use our iPads comes up from time to time ao let me just say again how much I love mine. I am on then train Going in to the city and I just finished editing my sermon, saved it as a PDF and set it up in iBooks so that it is ready for tomorrow. Love love love it.

    Happy preaching everyone.

  46. RevDrMom -- thanks for the ipad testimonial. more fuel for the fire.

    Rev Nancy -- hope your wedding is special :).

    hope to see you back here later!

    it stopped raining, for awhile. so I went rock picking. for possible children's message. we'll see.

  47. Women, I have written so many words and still have no idea what my point is or where my ending will land. Argh!

    Diane, I've been listening to Bossypants on Audible and I love it!! Hope you do too. I think women preachers have a lot in common with women comics. I have found her insights to be not only funny but really resonant.

  48. This sermon is a grinder. Just sayin'... I have completed more work on it and have hope that it will be preachable when the time comes, but now it is time to head off to a Cub Scout Bike Rodeo - 2 hours+ I will never get back. :p

  49. ok, I just finished putting together an order for installation of the call committee for our new senior pastor. The interim senior didn't leave me anything, so I googled and adapted something from another ELCA church online.

    May I say, it feels really weird to do this, you know, as the other pastor. I don't know why but it feels weird.

  50. Diane, I'm sorry it makes you feel weird. Are you uncomfortable about having the search happen?
    I've written a lot of words today, but I'm not convinced they add up to a sermon.

  51. Oh, Lordy, y'all. This sermon goes blahblahblah and will not shut up! It is in search of both an ending and a point. I would settle just for an ending.

  52. Songbird, in a rush, but I will say, no, I don't feel uncomfortable aobut having the search happen.

  53. Morning RevGals
    did some tightening and focussing - I hope - of the sermon this morning.

    version 2 is here

  54. Pancakes for dinner might work well around here!

    I'm doing the family service, at which we are also recognizing graduates, and using the 1 Peter bit about the cornerstone. I'll take everyone (40 people or so at this one) outside to see our cornerstone, talk about that and then how other stones are also important. Tape papers with the names of the graduates to other stones, reminding them that they remain part of the church. End by inviting everyone to do the same on yet more papers. At a minimum, it should look intriguing to those arriving for our next service!

  55. Late getting to the party today - I'm at our General Assembly. so that also means I'm not preaching tomorrow. However I am using this week's texts next week - so, hopefully you'll leave me your usual brilliant ideas. Lots of chat today in the capital of Scotland that if the Rapture happened it would save us from having to make some of the difficult decisions that are before this Assembly. I reckon that's why it didn't happen - we need to affirm the depth and breadth of God's love and of Christ's church. We'll see. Hope you're mining plenty of rocks for your preaching. Blessings x

  56. welcome, Liz. better late than never is what I always say.

    back from the early edition. some minor revisions on the fly, so I'll be doing some fixing.

    also got a kind of strange message on my answering machien that I have to decipher.

    full morning tomorrow.

    see you all in a little while!

  57. YIKES! What a day! It was sunny here, the first time in a loooooooong while. I worked on my sermon this morning then did a few hours of work in the garden followed by a quick trip to the store. I'm going to try preaching from my iPad 2 tomorrow...and if you are intersted in what I have to say about Out of Chaos you can read it on my blog....and as always comments most appreciated.

    I'll be round to read yours as soon as I have the Sunday prayer written and scheduled to post.

  58. Back at it. I too would trade my soul for either a point or an ending. Of course, not having either worked for the Gospel of John!

  59. Kathrynzj -- if we were on facebook, I would "like" your last comment!

    There are tornado warnings near here.

    I'm re-writing parts of my sermon, and may post it. we'll see.

    and, eating canned pears.

    want some?

  60. kathrynjz....let it go...and then chuckle when someone tells you tomorrow that they appreciate your sermon. it could happen...

  61. Diana, I hope you all are safe. I hate tornado warnings, but I hate tornados even more.

  62. kjz- is that because it's the one left behind? the real one went on to be with Jesus?

  63. kzj -- no MINE, MINE is the worst sermon ever.

    I'll arm wrestle you for it.

  64. no more tornado warnings at. the. moment.

    anyone need anything?

  65. Okay, I decided my first draft was, in the tradition of first drafts, um, crappy (PG version) and did a re-write. I think it makes some kind of gentle sense now. That's good, right?

  66. Terri, I'm all for that thinking... if it were done.
    There is something about the Gospel of John. He rambles, therefore so must I.

  67. Songbird -- you and Anne Lamott, eh?

    I am off to salvage my own.

    I hear that severe thunderstorms are coming our way now.

    my poor dog.

  68. I'm a little rambling here myself: Left Behind.

  69. Bleh. I'm done, I guess, but not all that happy with it. I'm going to let it sit and percolate a bit, put the boys to bed, prep for prayers and Church School, and then see if it still stinks!

  70. Done and back home; Kzj and Diane, must be the week for it. Some of the congregation looked quite puzzled at times, not good. Maybe I should have stuck with version one, though I suspect it was worse. I have next weekend off, so maybe that will give me the break I need to get back into this.

  71. I finally have something written with a beginning, a middle and an end, but it's not anything I can call finished. I, on the other hand, am quite finished for the night. Setting the alarm for an early tweaking and hope it works! Peaceful evening to all of you.

  72. don't know if I can remember how to do a link, but here's my sermon

  73. Well, I came late, but still appreciate all of you. Think of me tomorrow as I preach for the first time from my new iPad...

  74. Terry -- I am soooo jealous.

    I know this is not good for me, spiritually.

  75. anyone need pizza?

    late night refreshments?

  76. I am thrilled to report that my sermon is done!

    I won't be going to bed early since I have a child at a banquet that is scheduled to end at 11:30 pm.

    I will be entertaining myself with Netflix.

  77. Justin Timberlake is on SNL tonight. Might he be delivering sermons?


    Vicar, sorry I missed your comments either.

    I have named my sermon Lazarus.
    Pray accordingly.

  78. kzj- it has to be in the tomb for four days before it can stink bad enough to be called Lazarus. Besides we're in the season that calls for Acts of the Apostles, call it Dorcas.

  79. I haven't visited here in a long time. I guess I forgot about all the wonderful snacks.

    My title in the bulletin is "Like Father, Like Son", because at the time I chose the title, knowing the Father through the Son was what struck me most. Then last weekend, DH and I toured a 72 room mansion under renovation, and that combined with a commentary I read early in the week using rooms and house in a relationship sense have got me going in yet another direction. Wouldn't be the first time; probably won't be the last.

    Sounds like it's storming outside. Better get the animals in.

  80. But Vicar, I need it to resurrect.
    Still clawing...

  81. Would mint chip Klondike bars help anyone? Or lasagna? I have both...glad to share.

    Word verf is oxyserva; I wonder if that's like a servant leader, which sounds like an oxymoron?

  82. Peter brings her back to life. Really, I wouldn't give you substitute that stayed dead!

  83. okay, I've taken a post-youth-group nap (oops), watched both 6pm and 6pm Pacific Time come and go, ordered a pizza (mushroom and black olive--help yourself), and listened to all the music for tomorrow.

    I suppose that means it's time to actually write something.

  84. The pizza and the mint chip Klondike bars sound amazing. Send. them. over.

    Vicar, right - duh on me. Still....

    I have concluded that it is the ending that is suppressing me which is all the more frustrating because that is usually my go-to.

    So.... I shall focus hard until the SNL cold open and then to bed with the hope that the early morning adrenaline (ahem) the early morning Spirit will redeem this thing.

    Thank you all for putting up with sermon writing whine-fest 2011.

  85. well, everyone. I have come to the conclusion that since I have readers but no comments, everyone is too embarrassed to tell me how they feel.

    it's a busy day tomorrow, reception of new members, installing call committee, the other pastor is off, so I'm trying to keep track of a lot of stuff.

    and I tried to find blocks, you know, building blocks, for my children's sermon, and you know what? they don't exist any more. (translation: Target doesn't have them.)

  86. Wow, a hopping party with all of us "left behinders" that didn't come out well. I'm sure your sermon will tho SB!
    Terri, I hope to preach from my iPad tomorrow for 1st time too! that is if it too isn't a "Dorcas" sermon.

    Thanks for reminding me that since John rambles, it's ok for our John-sermons to ramble. #rationalizingisgood

    The wedding was great, got a HUGE laugh for my flying stand-by reference. There were way more airline folks there than just the bride. Also she is the granddaughter of one of the first and premier women ordained in the Ch. Brethren. I heard lots of stories and feel honored to have been part of it all. (Plus a great party and super meal.)

    Glad I was left behind for this night.

  87. Ice cream! That's what I need

    Kzj I'm trying to give you some cheese to go with it

  88. Rev Nancy -- glad it was a successful wedding!

    I am trying to fathom the experience of preaching off an ipad.

    someone share what it's like.

    well, guys. I'm going to bed, ready or not.

    gotta trust the HS from here on in.

    and get up early.

  89. are we going to get to 100?

  90. Well darn, I wasn't tqaken up ;)

    That means I have to preach tomorrow....

    Going to push the fact that while we maymake htese statemnts of faith(as John did I don't find the I AM statmenets to go back to Jesus) we can only make them for US. We can not, morally, force them on any others.

    Next week I will talk more about interfacing with others as we encounter Paul in Athens

  91. Hmmm... the snl skit are better than my sermon. Not a good sign. Wonder what the Gospel of John would say about JT?

    Also, I believe that last sentence proves I need to go to bed. Thanks again all for your patience and blessings upon us all as we preach the Good News.

    No worries, the Holy Spirit has got our back and if you've got a dog - walk it proud.

  92. Oh and I actually did get the garden planted today. Had 2 inches of mud caked on hte bottom of my shoes by the time I was done but it was done before tonight's rain.

    Now to hope it grows....

  93. I am so so tired. I want to go to sleep. However, I have only one paragraph written, and it doesn't seem to flow into any other paragraphs. sleep for me yet. sigh.
    I don't know why this is not flowing, since I've known for over a week the general gist of the sermon. This is a very weird thing.

    and now I will stop playing online and start staring at the screen until something happens....

  94. Teri, I think you just summed up what we have all been dealing with in regards to this text.

    It's in the brain, but on paper?
    Not so much.

  95. Who's here in the late night crew? It's 10:18 p.m. Mountain, and I am just starting.........ugh...... Started my day with two hour drive, 3 hour graveside service and lunch, 2 hour drive home, 2 hour birthday party at Chucky Cheese type place with my boys, 1.5 hours wrangling wilds boys, NOW to sermon and bulletins! Anyone still out there? Oh, and send some of that rain to sunny, DRY New Mexico!

  96. Rev TSB, I'm here, but just finished what I hope is my final. If I have time, I'll edit again in the am. AFter the wedding, wine, and coffee, by system doesn't know whether to sleep or wake up.

    Best wishes as you continue to crank it out.

  97. RevTSB, I'm doing a quick late night check in! I'm exhausted just reading about your day :-o

    Bedtime for me now. Prayers for all who are worrying about words that seem all wrong; God has given them to you because someone out there needs to hear them tomorrow; you may never know who it is, but the Spirit has you and that person (or more than one!) in Her hands.

  98. I have enough words for a sermon. They are mediocre words and do not convey what I was hoping this sermon would convey, but they will have to do, at least for now. perhaps there can be some morning editing...but for now, I must sleep. night all!

  99. Bulletins - check....
    Children's Message - check.....
    Sermon in brain - check ......
    Clothes to wear - uuhhhh..........

    Off to bed finally. Will hopefully finesse sermon on drive to churches in the morning.

    Nighty night, everyone.

  100. Good morning to anyone who wanders back in. I made coffee -- help yourself -- and that little boost, plus some natural last-minute adrenaline, got me to sermon completion. Taste and See is what it will be. (pic of my grandson included at no extra charge!)

    Prayers for all of you and many thanks!

  101. good morning.

    glad to see you got to 100 without me!

    I'm up with coffee for anyone who needs it. Also, encouragement.

    and, the Holy Spirit, without whom, none of us could preach.



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