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Monday, May 02, 2011

Monday Meet 'n' Greet--taking a news break for some new friends

In the midst of all the news in the world, we have some joy today: some new members of our community! Please join me in welcoming these lovely bloggers to the RGBP family....

Gluten Free Jesus Freak, who cooks and gardens and explores all kinds of things about the intersection of faith and food...

Rev Red Shoes (a woman after my own heart, I can already tell!) who blogs about noticing God's unfolding story in the world, and has some awesome posts about children and Easter!

Rhoda Montgomery, who engaged (you'll notice the pun when you read her post!) in a rather interesting Lenten discipline...

Rev. Dulce of Parish Perspectives, a brand new DMin who's also awaiting ordination and a new appointment...and is a dog mom and a kid-mom to boot!

Jennifer Harris Dault, a student at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, who blogs at View From The Rafters as "an on-going documentary of my exploration of “calling,” with all the stumbles and bumps and continuous right-turn blinkers along the way. In the process, I hope to offer something redemptive — a hint of the loving God who continually picks up and wipes off the skinned knees of messy kids (and ministers!)."

Ivy at Unscripted Life describes herself as "a mother, rocker, dare devil, social media strategist, clutz, artist, writer, 80's child, faithful believer, overly inspired" person trying to live life to the fullest...

Rev DavidH has a new blog called Called To Passion--go check him out in his new digs and join the conversation about his Twitter epiphany.

Linda, a Baptist minister, is over at Linda's Bloughts, processing and discovering, learning learning learning, being grateful, writing, and listening on her journey. Won't you join?

What an awesome crew of new friends! Be sure to stop by their blog-homes and say hello!


  1. welcome everyone, glad to have you part of our community!

  2. hurray for new BlogPals! welcome to you all!

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. It is great to be back.

  4. Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to getting to know you all! Praying for your ministries! God bless and thanks for the very warm welcome!


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