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Monday, May 09, 2011

RevGalBlogPals Meet-up at Festival of Homiletics

During next week's Festival of Homiletics, RevGalBlogPals will hold a meet-up dinner, and everyone is welcome. You will find the details below and on our Facebook page. Please RSVP via Facebook so we can get a rough headcount. And feel free to leave questions either here or there.

Hope to see you in Minneapolis!

Time:   Tuesday, May 17 -- 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Location: Great American Grill --Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Downtown,  1101 4th Avenue South

This schedule should allow time to get to the next event that evening.

Our first ever meet-up was during the Festival of Homiletics in Atlanta in 2006. It's amazing to think it's been five years! This is a great chance to put names and faces together and to meet friends you never knew you had before.

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  1. At the last minute, almost, I am having to cancel my trip due to gall bladder issues--it needs to come out, but I'd rather do that at home!
    If anyone still needs a roommate, or would like to save on hotel costs, my roommate Bev would love to share with you. We are booked at the Holiday Inn Express. Please find me on FB or email revanne at hotmail dot com. Thanks!
    I hate to miss the meetup. I'm already planning for Atlanta!


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