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Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Event 5.0 -- in case you missed it!

Have you heard about our plans for the next Big Event? The deadline to register is July 1, and we have had a lot of interest already, so be sure to email us if you want a brochure! Our presenter, Jenee Woodard of The Text This Week promises, "It is going to be SOOOOOO educational. It will help you prepare to preach, teach, study & live Ordinary Time B and leave you with your own set of resources we will develop together. And I PROMISE that part of it will be completely painless - interesting, engaging and really fun. Otherwise I wouldn't do it!"


  1. yippeee skipppeee!
    (still hope I can go...we are deciding in the next couple of days....)

  2. Totally giving up on how to use that email link. (What is my server? What does that even MEAN?)

    Yes, this time I'm planning to just come, regardless of how pathetic my life circumstances.

  3. Loved the last one! I hope my sister( TEC vestry and youth leader) and I can do this together. Would you please send me the registration info.


  4. grumbles... I won't know if I have a CPE residency until August 1 and then won't know if I can take the time off until sometime in September.

    This is frustrating. SOoooo many BEs... so little time. I hope that I know more sooner rather than later.

  5. Thinking about it.

    email info:

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. And you'll leave with resources and energy for Ordinary Time B!!!


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