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Monday, June 20, 2011

Registration Deadline Reminder for BE 5.0

Would you like to spend five days with friends and colleagues, new and old, cruising in the Gulf of Mexico while also getting the benefit of a program led by The Text This Week's Jenee Woodard, designed to prep for Ordinary Time in Year B? Then join us on Carnival Elation for the RevGalBlogPals' fifth annual Big Event, Take the Book Out of the Box, a unique combination of education, recreation and "galship."

To get the full brochure and registration form, please email RevGalBlogPals. The $100 deposit is due on July 1, which is only 11 days away! We have reserved more berths this year than in the past, but we've also set an upward limit for the first time. So don't delay!

1 comment:

  1. A note from your registrar: Pure Travel, our travel agent, will not be able to work with you on taking cruise payments or making other arrangements until after they've gotten word from me that I've received your $100 and registration form.

    So, you know what to do! Soon!


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