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Monday, July 11, 2011

RevGals Big Event 5.0 Registration Update

Extra! Extra!

Late-breaking news: Registrations received to date for the Big Event are up to 33, with three more promised to arrive any moment. We can accept registrations up until August 10, assuming the travel agency payment due on August 15 is also paid on time.

Email RevGalBlogPals for the registration form, or let us know if your check is in the mail. To read more about Big Event 5.0, "Take the Book Out of the Box," click here.

(Today's regular feature, Monday Meet & Greet, has been pre-empted by a severe storm that knocked out power to Teri's home. Apparently she and her neighbors may be in the dark for up to three days! Please keep all affected by the storm, and those working to restore services, in your prayers. Meet and Greet will return next week, "if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise" as my grandmother would say.)


  1. Boo, hiss! It turns out I can't go this year. Our diocesan council, including the election of a new Bishop Suffragan and required attendance at a committee on which I serve, is at the same time. Have a pink drink with a little umbrella in it and think of me in a huge meeting room drinking weak coffee....

  2. Thank you, MB. I'm sorry I couldn't get in to do the meet-n-greet! My power has been restored after only 26 and a half hours--thankfully not the three days originally predicted--though there are still many people in town without power, some of whom are on wells so they also have no water. It's quite the clean-up going on over here, with trees, power lines, and crops all damaged/torn up/blown over/ripped out of the ground, plus it was trash day in the most severely hit part of town so there's garbage and recycling everywhere, and damage to homes. The oaks near our lake are severely damaged--I don't know what it will look like when it's all cleaned up, but right now it looks like there's been a hurricane. When I was watching the storm out my window, that's what it looked like too, with horizontal rain and all kinds of things hurtling through the air and being whipped around. crazy! I haven't heard that anyone was hurt, so I hope everyone's okay.
    I'll bring the meet-n-greet next week!


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