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Saturday, August 20, 2011

11th Hour Preacher Party

Good Morning, Preachers and Pals! This is my first Sunday back after a two week stay-cation and I plan to preach on Exodus! Love this story. A colleague of mine, an OT scholar, uses this story to talk about topics like, women in the Bible. She makes reference to the fact that they are midwives and named, and responsible for saving the Hebrew people by their act of defiance and faithfulness. She has a great reflection on the text, which I only remember vaguely. Anyway, you can find the readings here and more discussion from the RGBPTuesday Lectionary discussion. I admit, though, that it's been a busy first week back, and while I have read the texts and spent time thinking about them and praying with them, I really don't know where I am going with them.

What about you? What text are you using, and where are you going with your thoughts?

I have homemade oatmeal peach bars made with fresh Michigan peaches and a delicious apple molasses whole-wheat breakfast bread - both hearty, healthy, and great with coffee or tea. Please, join the party, we're here to help with sermon ideas, kids time ideas, prayers of support, a joke perhaps if a good laugh is needed? Pull up a chair and grab a mug!

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  1. Hi RevGals,

    Terri, the apple molasses bread sounds delicious.
    Almost finished for the evening [8.45 pm], tomorrow I am focussing on Matthew, with a mention of the Exodus story. Sermon is here : naming and named
    The children’s talk I took from Gathering
    Tomorrow afternoon is Messy Church, so I still have a few bits and pieces to do on that.
    I look forward to seeing your ideas tomorrow.

    Is anyone following the Season of Creation readings in September?

  2. Good morning all. I've been on vacation for the last 5 days taking my son to college then a few days at a lovely bed and breakfast run by a clergy woman. She knows of the great need to relax and rejuvenate how to make that possible. I have managed to not think about my sermon at all this week - staying focused on family.

    So this means I'm starting from scratch this morning. I'm preaching Matthew in the context of sending kids and teachers (and the rest of us) out into the world with the knowledge of who Jesus is and whose we are. It's Backpack Blessing Sunday, so the children's message is covered.

    The title is simple, "Who do you say that I am?" with a double meaning - Who do you believe that Jesus is? and What do you say to other people about Jesus?

    Well it appears I have more of a start than I thought. I do however need to back up and do my exegesis. I always start off thinking I know where I'm going but then have a few aha moments in study that either deepen or change the direction of the message.

    Homemade oatmeal peach bars sound lovely. Our cubbard is bare, but I will be taking a break in a couple of hours to go to the local farmers' market. I'll bring back fresh goodies for all.

  3. Sermon is more or less done--a narrative retelling of exodus from the point of view of miriam. It's kind of a risk for this congregation--I've been there 12 weeks now, but their "real" pastor is a very academic style preacher. We'll see.....

    In search of a children's story today, in the midst of laundry, packing, and prepping the house for a week away (conference)---we leave straight from church tomorrow!

    As for eats, I've got next to nothing, but there are some decent grapes around here....want some?

  4. Good morning, all! Thanks for setting the table for us, Terri. I just made some coffee so I will help myself to one of those peach bars.

    Thanks, pearl, for the children's talk idea. It's just what I was looking for -- short and sweet and to the point.

    I am mostly using Exodus and I think I remember that the sermon title is "Holy Disobedience." My direction has to do with how God calls us to sometimes not go with the flow of what is served up to us -- or something like that.

    I have a strong desire to go weed the flower beds. Avoidance behavior? Very likely!

  5. Hi, everybody. I have a vague direction, using the gospel, but this is one of those weeks I wish I could use Power Point or specifically video clips to illustrate the sermon. I'm working with where we get our ideas about who Jesus is, how much they vary and hoping to end on the question of who we think Jesus is. I would like to hear from the congregation, but not sure I dare ask directly. I've considered giving out pieces of paper where people can write a word, a phrase, a hymn title or line or a verse of scripture, and I may do that. I'm just not sure this congregation will respond to anything conversational, and I don't want to have a dead room on my hands. I need to know there are people who will play along!
    Meanwhile, I need to shuttle kids and that means writing comes later. I'll be back!

  6. Good morning, Pearl! Or, perhaps by this time, I hope you are sleeping well?

    Mid-life, that B&B sounds delightful. I too, have just returned from vacation and, while I have though about my sermon, I have exegesis to do....and feeling a little anxious about pulling it together....

    Susan, there's a good chance that a number of people will really appreciate your sermon approach, people who listen and learn differently than those who appreciate the " real pastors" approach. I think your idea sounds wonderful! I once attended, or I went a couple of years in a row, to a women's Seder led by a female rabbi and a female cantor, who told the Exodus story through was well done! I may try and find that Haggadah and ponder your approach, especially because I was already contemplating using The People of the Book as my illustration into the text...we'll see....

    Sharon, that sermon title!

  7. Songbird, welcome! I have incited my congregation into some short dialogue a couple of times this is risky! I kept my expectations low and prepared to a way ahead in the event that people didn't respond, but to my
    delight, they actually did! Still, one never knows!

  8. Good morning everyone! I'm preaching on the Romans text this week. I really liked the interpretation in The Message, which says to offer your everyday, ordinary life to God. Since we're in Ordinary Time, I thought that was a nice connection. I've known what I've wanted to say all week, but not how to say it. This morning it seems to be coming in bits and pieces in the form of a poem/ "prayer of dedication." I love when the Holy Spirit gets creative...

  9. all printed out, time for a cup of camomile tea, and to sleep. There are some patty cakes, or maybe you call them cupcakes, from the church street stall yesterday.

  10. Good morning friends,

    The pick a sermon series is still going strong. I am amazed at how many folks show up on Sundays even though the summer weather has been wonderful on Sunday mornings.

    This week I am preaching on the differences between the old testament and the new testament. I want to convey that the old testament is about a merciful God and the new testament does not trump the old testament because of Jesus. No small task. Terri, I'll have a pot of that coffee you are passing around.

  11. Hi everyone. I'm here. oddly, not preaching tonight, but tomorrow, anyway. I am struggling with a sermon on Romans 12. thought I had a really good idea, and it's just not coming together in a way I like. I'm thinking about our whole selves/lives as offering, and also connected to the butterfly effect.

    but, like I said, in practice this is not working out.

  12. Songbird, I like the idea of having visuals along with "who do you say that I am" and wish we had the capability as well....

    I got some zucchini bread.

  13. Beth, welcome! Good idea for your sermon!

    Pearl, wishing you a restful night.

    Diane, it is odd that you are not preaching tonight, but will tomorrow. I hope our party helps your sermon development...

    GG, welcome. Here is a pot of coffee!

  14. Good morning all! Woke up this morning to the sounds and smells of the dog vomiting by the side of the bed. I come from a smells and bells tradition but not these smells and bells!

    Now starting to mess with Romans 12. It's hard to pull together. Too many strands. Thanks, Beth, for the nod to Peterson and ordinary lives. Am also thinking about the questions implicit in Matthew's gospel--Who is/are the rock? What is the church?

  15. Lots of interesting things going on in our lives!

    I'm with Matthew--that we each have to decide for ourselves who Jesus is. Mid-life I like your thought that this also has to do with how we talk about Jesus--we know who Jesus is for us and then we talk about him to others.

    Am reading Meier's multi-volume work on Jesus: A Marginal Jew, which is getting my thoughts flowing--how everyone will have a personal viewpoint on Jesus, depending on their life circumstances. And that may lead me in a social justice direction, but I am feeling that I am using that too often recently. It's certainly there, and very important, and part of my theological DNA, but there are a lot of other directions to go too--the contemplative life, reaching out to others, etc.

    I have a wedding late this afternoon too, so need to get the sermon pretty much in order beforehand.

    Coffee sounds lovely!

  16. Songbird, "where we get our ideas about who Jesus is, how much they vary and hoping to end on the question of who we think Jesus is" is really helpful to me. Thanks! Off to farmers' market. Back in a bit.

  17. I'm not preaching tomorrow (hurrah, for the first time in a while!) but I do have a load to get done today before I start my break on Monday. So it'd be great to hang around for the encouragement to get it all done in good company. :) I do have the children's message to do though and haven't even started thinking that way yet.

  18. Songbird, I love your idea and will save it for next time as tomorrow's sermon is done. I'm using a script this week.
    RevAlli, my dogs did this while I was away two weeks ago. But the early morning calls from the dog sitter woke me up anyway. ;-)
    And now I think I'll shower, eat a little something and get back to knitting. I am on a marathon, knitting scarves and hats for the Church Seaman's Institute. Have a good day all!

  19. Good Morning - and restful sleep - to all! I have cinnamon rolls from Ikea to share this morning. It's my weekend to preach, but with all the back to school prep and closing out summer programs, I am woefully behind on study. Thanks for your thoughts so far - I will tuck them in and take them into my office with me. The oatmeal peach bars sound lovely - thanks!

  20. Rev Ali, yuk, glad he/she didn't lean over the bed...
    Good morning, I could use a coffee warm-up Terri. I may try the B&B route soon, or after labor day costs go down? I need a spiritual retreat! I'm open to your recommendations RevGals...
    I do plan some day visits to local monastery where I used to be part of an Ecumenical Board for their Pastoral Center. The outdoor labyrinth is awesome.

    I swapped gospel texts with last week so here's my sermon. It has a rough ending but it got the info out there. This week I'm introducing 4 centers with a brief meditation on conditioning. I will challenge them and lead up to an organ/ballpark-inspiried, dadumpdedump "CHARGE" and hope they get it.
    The 4 centers explore past (singing), present (visuals of COB disaster relief) and envision future with crafts. I'm the 4th with a 'real-time' conversation.
    Here's hoping...
    best to all. (There's a couple donuts left from my son's birthday wish...)

  21. I'm going with Exodus today, too. I had every intention of going with a sustainable sermon from 9 years ago! It was one of my first, but remains in my memory (and when I have seen my copy of it) one of my favorites. However, I discovered midweek that the jump drive on which it resides is the jump drive that has been missing for a couple of months. Oh well.Still, after a long full pastoral care week (2 at serious points in their cancer battles, 1 who fell and broke her pelvis, 1 who had an emergency pacemaker put in, 1 with a mysterious blood infection, and a funeral for a member of the church family who committed suicide) my creative energy is low. I had some ideas that I think will make a good sermon, I just don't know if I can prepare that sermon.

    I'm just working with the midwives portion of the text, not the basket, etc, and talking about the I'll of these women in bringing and nurturing life, particularly the lives of children when the Israelites were at such a risk of losing their life as a community, their identity among the Egyptians. Killing baby boys forces girls to intermarry/make families with others, slowing losing their distinctive ethnicity. Anyway, it being almost Sunday School start time, and definitely still teacher recruitment time, I think I want to focus on the need to bring life and faith and nurture to our children in midst of a culture that (actively or passively, I don't think it matters) is working to overtake their spiritual lives. We need more midwives of faith!

    I'll have a couple of hours sitting in the airport waiting for my 6 year old to fly home alone from her trip to my parents' house in FL. Hopefully this will turn into more of an idea there.

  22. oh back to explain why I'm not preaching. gotta get done, as oldest Stepson's girlfriend is in town and we are meeting her for the first time tonight! (plus for my husband's birthday). that's why I got out of preaching 5:00.

    That being said, I thought I'd have a sermon all written up/thought out by now and wouldn't have to be at church.

    but between two funerals this week and discovering that we neglected to choose hymns for next week (oops) and the fact that I'm going out of town for part of this next week, here I am at church....

    Beth, I like that same exact verse from that same exact translation.

    I think I need to rewrite what I have written and start in a different place (what is worship?) and get to the butterfly effect later. I'm thinking of using the story of Shiprah and Puah even though it's not one of our lessons. what do you think????

  23. Welcome RevAlli, RainbowPastor, Chelley, Margaret, Elasti-girl,nancy, and SheRev...glad you could join the party! I've walked the dogs and am now over at the church for some quiet time, hoping to get a newsletter article written and some thoughts put on paper for that sermon that is banging around in my head...

  24. Good morning, y'all! Like some of you, I am just back from vacation and trying to get my bearings. I'm preaching Exodus and, though I'm excited about the text, I wish I had a better sense of my true focus.

    Have any of you read Anna Carter Florence's sermon on this text? (Called At the River's Edge) I thought it was fantastic! Different focus than where I'm headed, but really really great.

    Okay, I'm going to eat a late breakfast and then get cracking! Looking forward to partying with y'all for the first time in awhile.

  25. Fresh peaches, cucumbers, and tomatoes on the sidebar for anyone who wants them. Green beans, squash, and okra will have to wait till one of us can cook them.

    Now, back to study and hopefully soon, writing.

    Stephanie and Diane, praying for physical, emotional, and spiritual energy for both of you after such demanding weeks.

  26. Earthchick, I love Anna Carter Florence and will definitely check out her sermon -- maybe not yet, as it may give me an inferiority complex.

    ok, onward and upward!

  27. Good morning, friends!

    I'm back in the Pulpit Supply Saddle again this week and next.

    I have a sermon written, but I'm not content with it yet. I focused on the "binding" and the "loosing" part of Matthew. My interpretation of the power to bind and loose is that our words have weight. I quoted Beuchner's novel, The Final Beast where there is a woman from the parish who needs to be be assured that she is forgiven by God, even though everybody already assures her that THEY forgive her. I wrapped baptism into the whole kit and caboodle, saying that we are called/ordained at baptism to be prophetic voices in the world.

    It's not a bad sermon, but I'm not sure it's what I/the Holy Spirit want at the moment. We'll see as the day goes along.

    Best to you all today. I'll return with some goodies later, I hope. I've got a bit of a scratch in the throat, so I'll be drinking tea today, if you please.

  28. Good morning all. We are having a Gratitude Sunday, hosting and celebrating an organization that helps the developmentally challenged have a productive day. This organization comes to our church twice a week and those clients who are able empty trash, dust, vacuum and do other simple tasks. We see this as a win/win ministry - they are grateful for a place where their clients can work and feel productive and we get light cleaning done.

    So I'm going with Romans 12 in order to celebrate all the wonderful differences among us. I haven't gotten very far, however. Of course, it's early yet. . .

    I have some fresh peaches, plums and watermelon to share. Just help yourself from the basket on the breakfast bar.

  29. Hello everyone, just dashing in to say hello before rushing off to write a quick wedding homily. Wedding's at 2:30 and then there will be time to focus on tomorrow's sermon before the reception in the evening. I hope. (And vacation is supposed to start after church tomorrow--although I have a feeling I'll be lingering to take care of the things that have fallen through the cracks during this week.)

    As for tomorrow's sermon...I'm focusing on the gospel, and I even have an idea for a beginning, so I just want to write it! But the wedding homily must come first.

    See you all later today...

  30. Popping back in while I'm giving myself an internet break. Today, I downloaded the Freedom app on my Mac - it locks you out of the internet for a set period of time (up to 8 hours!). You would think I could just make myself stay offline when I am trying to write, but I am not a very hard taskmaster! Anyway, I tried the program for the first time today - turned it on for 30 minutes, and it was awesome! No way to cheat without shutting down the whole computer and rebooting, which is a pain. (and I didn't let myself cheat with my iPhone)

    I got a lot of writing done and think I see where I'm headed.

    Okay, turning it back on in 3, 2, 1.

  31. Making progress, but just spent twenty minutes on an interesting but ultimately irrelevant rabbit trail. Argh!

    It's time for a lunch break.
    Dill chicken sandwich, anyone?

  32. Welcome Cody and SemFem!

    I made brunch! Eggs, bacon, and more coffee. Soon I will return to writing my Sept. Newsletter article and sermon....

  33. Diane, now I understand! Good reasos!

  34. Hey RevMaria, welcome! Gratitude Sunday! Love it!

  35. Wow! Everyone is so busy this morning already!

    Terri - I've been thinking vacation thoughts but realized just this morning that I'd probably not be able to go anywhere and was wondering how a staycation would work in a small town. Love to get some ideas from you - or maybe I should ask the matriarch!

    I'm not preaching tomorrow - I'm being formally installed and the synod representative is preaching. So I'm using today to get caught up on some paperwork and pre-fall program planning. And I've got peaches to put up and cucumbers to turn into pickles. Ah - the joys of harvest time!

    We do have fresh peaches and I made a double batch of sugar cream cake - sinfully rich! - one for the local bake sale and one for us. Help yourself!

  36. Wedding homily done, off to greet people and put on some makeup and just generally get ready! Be back later to really dig into Sunday's sermon.

    No food to share, sorry, but I' the dishes?

  37. Ramona, its a bit of a challenge to have a stay-cation in a small town. I laid low, read at home, took walks with the dogs wearing sunglasses and my hair pulled back, and just relaxed. I bumped into people now and then but always reminded them that I was on vacation, and what a peaceful time I was having....

    Oh, and I made pickles this week too, and froze a bunch of tomatoes and!!

  38. Terri -- I find the Staycation idea challenging. even though this is not a small town (sometimes it feels like it). however, it may be necessary sometime.

    especially since I'd like to do more canning and things on staycation that i can't do if I'm gone!

    Stephanie, I will definitely use this sermon idea of yours sometimes.

    Mine is done, such as it is.

  39. Help!! I've got an idea but not sure how to work it out. Am asking the question, "What would Paul write to us?" The tricky part is the conceptualization--I don't think writing the sermon will be hard. Has anyone done this with Romans? Any ideas?

    And while I'm asking for help--I'm having trouble posting my url. I used to put my name and then in the url box put What's the new secret to posting?

  40. Blogger & Google have conspired against me and have been eating my posts.

    If this makes it through, you'll know that Exodus is the text for the sermon to be written.

  41. I got to the airport nit quite 2 hours early like I was told. The ticket agent looked at me and said, "Wow! You're here really early. Has the plane even left FL yet?" That's what I get for following the rules. Oh well. Here I am at restaurant getting ready to enjoy a big ol' bacon cheeseburger and onion rings. I think I won.

  42. RevAllie, love the idea...not sure what to offer up....

    'cuz evven though I am writing away, I have no idea where this sermon is going! YIKES!!! maybe I should take some acetamenophin and see if my thoughts will organze if my head stops hurting...sigh.

    SheRev, yeesh. that sounds good!

    Vicar, sorry your are having problems...

  43. Hello, again!
    After much driving all over Maine, I came home, ate lunch with the two children who are home, then took the kind of nap from which I do not revive easily. I'm trying to return to consciousness and write! Fortunately the kids are seeing their dad for dinner, so the only ones I must feed are the dog and my own self.

  44. Back, wedding is done.

    Now to try and pull something together in two hours for tomorrow. My head is a little spinny and all I really want to do is rest. This could be interesting!

  45. Ok. I squeezed this out of me, a sermon draft I'm tentatively calling God Prevails, again


    We have strong storms heading our way and I have things to take care of....bit will be back with you all soon. It's almost time for supper...

  46. Songbird, glad your travels are over. I have dark chocolate and iced tea if that will help perk you up...

    Semfem, glad the wedding is over and your back with the party!

  47. She Rev,

    Normally I watch what I eat except for when I'm at airports. I believe the time space continuum warps and I am allowed burgers, fries and Bloody Mary's anytime of the day or night.

  48. Funny, even as a kid I had my own rule - No Coke before 11:00 am except when flying. All things are legal when flying.

  49. I seem to have taken forever getting songs and presentation sorted for tomorrow and the following 2 Sundays plus one amending and printing one set of minutes! Still plenty on the pre-holiday to-do list!

  50. Okay, I've got a page written and it's time to head over to the reception...I'll be back writing later, but may not have access to the Internet (for better or for worse. Ha!). So if I don't come back to the party, that is why.

    May the Spirit be with us all!

  51. I can't believe I haven't started my sermon.

    We woke up late....and then had to take Beloved to the outlet malls in an emergency shopping situation for suits for work this week...and got stuck in traffic for an hour.

    Oh well.

    Going with Shiprah and Puah...

  52. Okay, I've got a draft and am taking a break to make dinner. Then I'm going to look at it again and hope I feel okay with it. Then I've got to get Sunday School ready.

    Wish I had some goodies to offer, but all we've got is boring spaghetti.

  53. Done! Two sermons tomorrow--one a reworked sustainable sermon on the Hebrew Midwives and the other a letter from Paul to our community. Will post them on my blog ( later. This feels good. Hope the party I'm missing is still going on.

    Terri, hope that headache is gone.

    Revkjarla--enjoy those midwives!

    God_Gurrill--LOVE your airport rules!

  54. There is nothing here for dinner, and I've walked the dog, who had his, and now I'm hot and hungry and looking at 800 or so words wondering if they say much of anything at all. Whine, whine, whine.

  55. Well after a long nap and a complete re-write I think I have a Sermon.

    Now I'm thinking I might have to change the old testament reading because I went in a completely different direction.

  56. Songbird, I have leftovers of pasta with homemade sauce from garden tomatoes and basil....I'll share....too bad virtual food won't really satisfy the belly...

    My headache is gone, and so is the storm! Thank goodness. And my sermon is done, all 700 words as I continue with my five minute summer homily series...although because I rarely use the actual text I think my homilies are a bit longer than five minutes....oh's my own discipline I'm challenging.

  57. It sounds delicious. Wish I could really share it! I have almost a whole sermon, but I think it would be wise to walk away from it and ingest some protein.

  58. You can always share the recipe Terri! Please do share it. I am on a quest for the perfect homade tomato sauce.

  59. alrighty.
    so it's 8.

    I have everything ready except the sermon.

    does that count for anything?

    hungry, too. Terri, pass a plate of pasta, because I too am in the state that Songbird is in. Guess I could rummage in the freezer.

    All I am asking for is a draft.

    Guess I oughta start writing! LOL!

  60. Ok. It's so simple: in a skillet pour a reasonable amount of olive oil proportional to how much sauce you want to make. I used about a cereal bowls diameter of oil. In the oil I added six or so chopped Roma tomatoes and sautéed them for a few minutes. Then I added two large cloves of garlic chopped, sprigs of fresh oregano, a couple of leaves of purple sage and a bunch of fresh basil. I sautéed that for a few minutes and then added a couple of ounces of sheeps milk ricotta. Once the ricotta was melted and the sauce warm, I scooped it over hot spagetti noodles. This sauce has a rich tomatoe flavor and a creamy texture from the ricotta, plus the great seasoning from the garlic and fresh herbs. Oh, you can add salt and pepper too, although I don't think I

  61. Ok, I think I read everyone's sermon....some good stuff, my friends! Thanks for sharing.

  62. Terri, it is my dearest wish to have something for you, and others, to read. At least now I'm eating something, eggplant parm from Whole Foods. Not quite the same as sauce from your garden, but it will do. :-)

  63. Oh Songbird! NoPressure from me...eeeek! You'll have something, I'm just needed belly food in order to have brain power...

  64. Thanks, Terri.

    OMgoodness! I have 79 words. Seventy Nine Words.
    It's not even 9:00.

    Whoo hoo!

    However, I have lots of brain material floating around....

  65. I'm the party pooper...going to bed, hoping to rest so I'm ready for a long day tomorrow! Thanks for partying with me today! I'll leave the tea kettle on, ice cream in the freezer. Last one up, get the lights?

  66. Sunday morning service over, went well. it is always encouraging to see the faces of the 'irregulars'.
    Now to finsh getting ready for Messy Church. Chatting with some people on the way to the car, a lady walking her dog asked what Messy Church was, she asked if she could bring some littlies with her - SURE! We will see if she comes.
    Now off to our favourite cafe for lunch,

    happy writng to those still preparing.

  67. Okay, I'm there: Passed Down. Or as there as I'm getting. Blessings to those still writing. May all our words preach!

  68. Hey pearl! Glad to hear it went well! Now, you are going about your day and I'm heading off with the hope of sleeping!

  69. Ahhh Pearl.
    I dream of Messy Church in my congregation.

    I have 1300 words of a draft.
    Not postable,
    but workable early in the morning.
    I been sitting here for 5 hours, time to walk away,
    let it all marinate and simmer in my dreams...
    now for a snack!

    Can I get anyone anything?

  70. Well, I made it back to the party. Now it's time to start putting my sermon into working order. My plan is to preach this one without a manuscript like last week, but I'm feeling less ready for it which makes me think the manuscript would be better. Maybe once my thoughts are organized I"ll feel better. I definitely work better with narrative texts like this story of the midwives, so that may not be much of an option. I know where I want to start, and I know where I want to end, so that's a good thing for sure. Last week I did 99% of my prep with good ol' pencil and paper which helped me reduce my online distractions. Maybe it'll work again tonight. I still need to review the Sunday School curriculum for the teacher training for which I'm fairly certain no one will show up. Oh well. Such is life.

  71. After a strange day of "goodbyes" and packing the van, I'm finished--at least for now.

    I've posted the sermon. I don't remember how to link, but the url is:

    I'm now settling down to a few episodes of BBC's "Robin Hood." I've got some left over birthday cake from a friend's party this evening. Late night treat, anybody? In other news, I've got a kettle of mint tea on to boil.

  72. Well, we certainly are quiet. I hope that means everyone else is finished.

  73. Hi there! Not me! I've got. My thoughts pretty well planned in my head which is part of my problem. Since I'm not writing a full manuscript I'm having a harder time feeling motivated to get them a little more organized. I plan to mostly finish up in the next 20 minutes or so, but I'll still be up pretty early to make sure I know the Sunday School curriculum well enough to introduce it to the Sunday School teachers if any show up for that.

  74. I'm kind of in the same spot. I have too much of what I want to say in my head and I'm jotting notes instead of going with a manuscript. I need the flexibility of the notes because editing on the fly is much, much easier without it all written! The prayers are done. Hopefully, the notes will be soon, too. I just wish I'd reached this decision earlier. But the football game I want to watch is on so it's not like I'd be sleeping anyway.

  75. Songbird, thanks for the directions on how to get the RevGalBlogPals Button. Tried it. Hope it works. Good Night All. Sweet dreams of Sunday nights.

  76. My husband must be "watching" that game, too. I'm not interested in pro much at all, but this only reminds me that the worst preaching season ever is just around the corner - college football season!

  77. Best to you all, I'm headed to bed.

    God's love,


  78. With the notes I have, I think I could stretch to a 45 minute sermon but I only need about 12-15. Watch everything else "go long" and I'll only have 8. Regardless, the notes are organized and the game is over. (I hope the real games turn out better than the pre-season ones have so far.) So I'm off to bed.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  79. I'm back to put things together. I think all my pieces are here, but I guess now we find out.

  80. buenas dias!
    this is the day God hath made!

    I'm up and looking over my drafty draft.

    blessings to all of you....

    and in the mantra of the RevGals,

    "remember the Holy Spirit has your back!"

  81. Good Sunday Morning preachers! Well, my efforts toward a sound sleep failed...but I did sleep some and rested..hope you all did too! Blessings on your day!

  82. Thanks for the warmth an hospitality. Spent yesterday canning Georgia peaches along with chutney and other things.

    I'm preaching off lectionary this morning, but prayers and blessings for all for a worshipful, spirit-filled day!

  83. And don't forget, "If you've got a dog, walk it proud!"


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