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Monday, August 01, 2011

monday meet-n-greet: sunny days and new friends!

It's hard to believe it's August already...but it is! And the first of August brings us so many beautiful things--ripe tomatoes, beautiful sweet corn, zucchini the size of a baseball bat, blueberries, sunshine, and of course new blog friends!

Jeanne at Remember Your Baptism is "an Episcopal priest serving in the Diocese of Western North Carolina at St. John's Episcopal Church in the Haw Creek neighborhood of east Asheville. It's a wonderful, growing small parish and I hope you will come and worship with us. I also lead retreats, offer spiritual direction and write. I did some postgrad studies at the University of Wales in Lampeter in Celtic Christianity. I have one book, published by Cowley, Remember Your Baptism: Ten Meditations."

Visit KiltsDjembesAndRedBoots (who was with us at BE4 and started a blog afterward, much to our delight!) to meet a "Mother (in several iterations, including step and grand), Priest, dog owner, gardener, golfer and now blogger."

La Peregrina is a pilgrim in the midst of many transitions--she's now been a pastor of two United Methodist churches for one whole month! She's a little overwhelmed with all there is to do in the midst of this transition to full time ministry, so stop by and share some love!

Sandi at Laughing-Listening-Learning says "Laughing helps to keep me sane. Listening I learn more than I would ever believe possible. I am curious about so many things so I am constantly Learning! I don't have it as part of my title, but I Love passionately. I love being a farmer's wife, a farmer's daughter, mom, and "Giz". I love being a friend and a pastor. I love being able to work several days a week from my home, where my husband and I raised four daughters, as well as from a rural Presbyterian Church in Shelby Co. Besides these passions, I enjoy creating worshipful experiences and flower beds. I am an avid fan of Purdue University/Purdue Football/Purdue Basketball. Oh, do I love chocolate, good food, and ice cream. I don't get to do this nearly often enough, yet walking along the ocean or a mountain path has to be one of the best ways to spend a day."

Stop by and say hello!!

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  1. Thanks, all, for the visits today! I'm glad to be part of the ring!



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