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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday meet-n-greet: busy fall days

It's been a busy fall...but here we finally are with the latest round of new RevGalBlogPal members! Let's give a warm RGBP welcome to...

KarYn at TXPreacherPonderings is "a native of Texas, an Elder in The United Methodist Church, a seminary preaching professor, a feminist, a mother of a pre-teen, a New York Yankees baseball fan, a lover of nature, a gadget geek, and a fan of mystery novels. I am a student of the emerging church for the next generations and am passionate about relevant, relational preaching. I am living in a big city right now but am a country girl at heart. I am the daughter of a teacher and preacher and the granddaughter of a Texas cattle rancher.
Most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus and believe my faith is the core of how I relate to people and the world. I teach seminary students the art of narrative preaching, how to engage their congregations in real life issues, and how to relate their lives to the gospel story. I am passionate about the need for transformative preaching for an age when folks are searching for ways to believe, places to belong, and occasions for renewing their faith."

Cynthia at Garden Gate is a "Psychotherapist and Episcopal priest who specializes in anxiety, depression, and bringing more meaning into everyday living. Garden Gate Blog is an extension of that search for meaning and joy in living."

Jo at All In A Day is from Hampshire in the UK. She says, "I love how our day-to-day life can teach us lessons to help us understand our past, challenge our today, and inspire our future. We can learn through experiences, situations, conversations, songs, books, nature ... the list is endless! Live with eyes ready to see, ears ready to hear and a heart ready to be touched."

Julie at A Country Girl has been reflecting on how toffee and forgiveness are related, why we vacation in summer even if we don't have children or work in a school, and how puzzles relate to food groups.

And one of our sisters has moved--Josephine (from Left Turn At Joy) is now blogging at Barefoot Theology--stop by and say hi in her new blog home!

Hop over and visit, leave greetings, and help them get settled in!

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for adding me and Garden Gate Blog. I'm in Texas, just outside of San Antonio. I went to seminary in Austin at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. I'm non-parochial, meaning I'm not assigned to a parish as the bishop of OKlahoma (my home diocese) has named counseling as my ministry. I work a lot with sexual abuse survivors as well as those with depression and anxiety. It's wonderful work. I do hope you'll check out my blog and help keep the conversations going.


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