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Saturday, October 08, 2011

11th Hour Preacher Party: Come to the Banquet Edition

Good morning, gals and pals.  Whether you are preaching the gospel story of the wedding banquet or NOT, I invite you this morning to come to a virtual banquet of food, laughter, conversation and encouragement.  I'm not preaching this weekend, though I have an actual wedding this afternoon and banquet afterwards.  Yay, me!

We're in the middle of stewardship season here, and connecting the words of Paul in Philippians with joyful giving (at least, that's what I've heard from the preacher.)  I'm in the middle of calling a bunch of people and inviting them to speak, or write, the end of this sentence, "I give because...."  But, what about you?  Are you struggling with the good and bad news of the gospel, where there is a huge party, but also weeping, and gnashing of teeth?  are you working your way through Exodus?  are you with Paul as well? 

As per usual (until someone gets tired of it), we have blueberry pancakes for breakfast, we have orange juice and fair trade coffee, with a little side of turkey sausage, if you'd like.  There will be more feasting throughout the day.  Maybe I'll even bring something back from the wedding banquet!


  1. Diane, you get to party without preaching, lucky you.
    I couldn't decide this week which reading to focus on, and all that kept coming to mind was metanarrative. So I am including all the readings in different parts of the service, and see what difference it makes if we read these passages [history, parable, and letter] as separate stories, or as part of the one big story.
    I bought blueberries yesterday so I can make some blueberry pancakes; in the mean time I’ll gladly have some of yours Diane.

  2. Thanks for starting the party so early. I will definitely be an 11th hour preacher this week. We have a woman on hospice and another one was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this week so I've had my energy invested elsewhere. I decided this summer to have a fall sermon series on the Apostle's Creed. This week we are focusing on Jesus suffered under Pilate. Not exactly cheery stuff for a baptism and reception of new members. I think I will focus on my frustration that the Apostle's creed skips over most of Jesus's life other than the day he was born and the day he dies.

  3. welcome to both Pearl and Megan! glad to have you early (though I suspect it's not early for you).

    Pearl, will look forward to how you do the meta-narative with all three readings. sounds like you have a plan.

    Megan, will be praying for your people and your pastoral care issues, that you can speak the word of God into their hearts.

  4. Good MORNING! I have pumpkin tarts to share.

    Tomorrow morning: First sermon as the official pastor of Small Church! Not the greatest sermon I've ever written, but it's done - mostly thanks to Ramona's coming up with the word "disqualify" earlier in the week. We are called, but we un-choose ourselves.

    I'm off to make the 1.5 hour drive to get to the monthly pancake breakfast. I'll bring virtual leftovers later in the hope that someone has come up with a conclusion more brilliant than mine (wouldn't take much).

  5. finished.
    Got some ideas from six word memoirs .

    Meta-narrative is here

    one more week before study leave and annual leave, and I am not preaching next Sunday as the Sunday School are leading. so this is my last offering for 4 weeks.

    almost 10.30 pm, time to get the papers in order, have a cup and get to bed. Can I make anyone a cup of tea?

  6. I am working on the Philippians text - I can't quite figure out how to end, but I hope between the buzz of the Holy Spirit and the buzz of caffeine, something will come to me!

  7. hi! I'm up for good now, and the pancakes are on!

    Welcome to Chilly Fingers, Robin, and Pearl (again). I'm just going to go over and read your offering.

    ah, leave. what would that look like?

    Robin, praying for your first Sunday and also for the buzz of the Holy Spirit! (myself, I count on the Holy Spirit all the time).

  8. Good morning! It's a rare Saturday in that I don't have any obligations at church. That's good news for my dog, who gets a full day of attention. (Hoagie says, "uhRoof!") It's also good news for my sermon, which needs that full day of work. I'm using the gospel and Philippians and musing on what makes us passionate enough to commit ourselves to something. There is a group here in Portland Occupying Maine at the moment, and I'm both confused and fascinated by the movement. Sermon title: "Occupy the Banquet Hall."
    But first, oatmeal, with banana and sliced almonds, yummy. ("So say we all," replies Hoagie.)

  9. ooh, Songbird, I love your Sermon Title.

    I am confused and fascinated by this movement, too. There's a group in Minneapolis. I wanted to join them yesterday, but just had too much to do.

    interesting sidelight: I was invited to join by a young person who grew up in this church, but (ahem) no longer attends.

    something to think about.

    yummy oatmeal!

    pets for Hoagie.

  10. Dragging myself awake this morning. I'm loving the feast you put out, Diane! Since it is a feast, I'm going back for seconds!

    I'm focusing on the OT story of Aaron in the second week of this interim ministry with a sermon: "What Do We Do in the Meantime?" I may focus on leadership. What there is of it is still in my mind somewhere.

    I'm a little disoriented because my books are still in boxes since the newly revamped pastor study just got finished yesterday.

    Another cup of coffee please!

  11. Hi! I'm not sure I have written here before but I am surely encouraged and enlightened here on many a Saturday! I've gone vegan for health reasons and today I have oatmeal cooked in almond milk with pieces of dried apricot. Just to give it a little uuumph there's also a bit of almond extract and vanilla extract. Agave, with its low glycemic index adds the finishing touch. Enjoy...

    I have just returned from Panama, where my mom died in early June. She came from a long line of women who knew how to put on a good party and I spent most of Thursday afternoon going through the closet of tablecloths (yes, whole closet) and looking in her crystal and glassware closet, the fine china closet and the silver closet. It is was excessive, how much she had. With a strong "hermeneutic of suspicion" I can easily go to the fact that a great deal of her effort had to do with appearances. And yet. I remember the care, the graciousness and generosity of her gatherings. I love the fact that Sunday after Sunday as an Episcopalian priest I set a table and have a feast with the people I love. I am my mother's daughter.

    I am taking a few of the loveliest pieces I got from my mom and setting a table as I start the sermon tomorrow. I am also thinking of getting a really lovely piece of pastry and a place card that says, "You". After keeping silence for just a little while, I am going to lead us in a reflection on all the ways we justify not coming to the table. Ramona's notion of "disqualify" really helped me as well. This one I am looking forward to...Peace and joy be with you all.

  12. Hi, Rosa! Great to see you here. What a lovely approach to a very hard text.

  13. Welcome to Rosa and Sharon. And Rosa, what a lovely image you have given me today.

    Yes, I am pouring 2nd cups of coffee for anyone who needs one right now (even me).

  14. Good morning all,

    I am going to preach on psalm 23. I was surprised to see it in the lectionary again. I am thinking of comparing it to the golden calf of the Exodus 32:1-14 reading. On facehook there is a picture being passed around of the golden calf built by the Isrealites while Moses was up in the mountain and the wall street bull. I am thinking of where do we find our security, in the golden calf/bull or in God our shepherd.

    Those are my intitial ideas. Let's see what pops out of my computer later on.

  15. God_Guurrlll -- those sound like good ideas to me!

    have a cup of coffee?

    pretty soon I have to go to church for a meeting.

    still trying to get "I give because..." statements from people.

  16. Diane, one of our faithful givers said the other night that the church is the only place he gives money to regularly and annually because he knows it will all be put to good use, a use you can see. I was delighted, because some people don't see having a pastor or maintaining the worship space or employing office support as ministry. He gets the idea that people are now trying to express in a narrative budget. I was delighted. (And we will be quoting him!)

  17. Diane - I too have a wedding today, and there might be gnashing of teeth if the bridezilla doesnt calm down.

    Songbird I am intrigued heavily by your title and idea...

    Rosa what a sweet, sweet opener...

    1/3 of the way there... cinnamon rolls, hazelnut joe, and 2 big dogs eyeing me for a sign we're going walking, before it rains again.

  18. Grrr...blogspot ate my comment!

    Greetings again - I have steel cut oats with cranberries and local honey to add to the oatmeal buffet shaping up this morning. And carmel coffee.

    Rosa, what a lovely image. So touching - I got shivers just reading it. I'm glad my reflections were useful for you and Robin.

    I'm preaching Paul and joy in a week where my community spent Wednesday battling prairie fires and the wife of one of my council presidents just announced she has stage 3a lung cancer. Somehow my reflections on what it means to have joy in the Lord keep taking me to Psalm 23. So much joy in a psalm we typically think of as a funeral psalm Maybe it's precisely because of the joy that it's so prevelant at funerals.

    I have to get ready to go to our small town's "Tour of Tables." Not really sure what it is - a group of women each decorate a table, and sell seats at the table and I think there's lunch (it's at 11am and why else would you need a table) and a program or auction or something. I'll fill you in on the details when I get back.

  19. Songbird, I just read that book and haven't had a chance to recommend it to others yet. But that's exactly what I want others to "get."

    We have a couple of people who will "get up" and some other comments which will be posted, but I'm (im)patiently waiting for them to show up.

  20. Songbird, I just read that book and haven't had a chance to recommend it to others yet. But that's exactly what I want others to "get."

    We have a couple of people who will "get up" and some other comments which will be posted, but I'm (im)patiently waiting for them to show up.

  21. I need to re-read the part about the narrative budget.

    in more areas than stewardship, narrative is my "thing". (and I suspect, some of yours, too).

  22. and, by the way, welcome, HotCup and Ramona!

    Ramona, thanks for the steel cut oats.

    Ramona, commisserating with you on wedding "stuff". I don't think this will be a bridezilla. I don't think...

    the bride's family is well-connected with the church, although they have mostly moved on to outer ring suburbs. MOB was saying "I wonder what you'll say about us" in the sermon, which made me start. I usually don't talk too much about family connection to the church, since that only (usually) fits one half of the congregation. (sigh)

    How's everybody doing?

  23. Well I have a day filled with church stuff as this weekend is our 100th Anniversary as a congregation (today is the actual date of the first service in the first building). And so in an hour I need to go help set up for the tea and carnival this afternoon. Then of course the tea and carnival (and clean up). Then a dinner/banquet tonight.

    Sermon? What sermon? Although it can be a bit on the short side because of all the other "stuff" happening during the service

  24. Oh sermon oh sermon where art though my sermon. I'm having trouble beginning my sermon. I will take a walk to my neighborhood rummage sale. Perhaps there may be sermon waiting for me there.

  25. I have GOT to get a tape recorder for the shower. Once again, I wrote a perfectly good sermon in the shower and once again, by the time I'm dried and dressed I can't remember enough of it.

    Oh Holy Spirit, why do you tease me so! Why do you hover in my shower when I really need you in my office this afternoon? Will you come and hover then and blow creativity and inspiration into my sermon?

  26. Hello, friends! I am late checking in because I am out of my usual sermon prep rhythm. DH and I are preaching a sermon together tomorrow - only the 2nd time we've ever done that in almost 11 years of copastoring together (the only other time we've done it was the Sunday after September 11). So we are cowriting, which is an unusual thing! Tomorrow, our congregation is rededicating our sanctuary following a recent renovation, and it happens to coincide with the 130th anniversary of the original dedication of that space (our congregation is 183 years old but existed in 5 spaces before this one!).

    Anyway, it is turning into a big event, and I'm excited about the sermon. We are going to preach from different places in the sanctuary - he will start in the pulpit and then I will speak from the choir loft at the back, then he will speak from the middle of the chancel, then we will both move to the nave, alternating speaking from opposite aisles, then I will move to a front balcony, then we will both end up at the very front, under our new cross. It's going to be quite a departure for us, in a lot of ways (not the least of which, we'll be preaching without manuscripts for most of it!). I'm excited!

    Rosa, I love what you are doing with your sermon - fantastic imagery.

    SB, great sermon title!

    I have chocolate chip pumpkin muffins to share, along with delicious spiced tea. Help yourselves!

  27. welcome, earthchick and Gord. Sorry I was gone so long.

    Almost time for lunch where I am.


    also, I'm refilling coffee cups, if anyone is interested.

  28. Hi there! It feels like it's been s long while since I've partied. I did have a week off from preaching last week, but I also missed a party or two before that. I've noticed that to keep up my non-manuscript preaching I need to do all my prep away from the computer, by hand or I end up with a manuscript unintentionally.

    Anyway, I'm in the Knoxville airport heading home from a week in NC at an amazing Arts and Sabbath retreat in Montreat. Any of you who have any inklings toward artsy type things MUST go sometime. I had an amazing time with the fiber arts group, dare I even say transformative. Met and spent my week with a friend of Diane's, too!

    So I made my bulletin for tomorrow before I left town and may or may not stick with it. We're on a peacemaking theme which I think I'll tie together with some of my insights from the week. I'm not worrying too much about it because it feels like it's mulling around inside me. Right now I want to just squeeze the last bit of sabbath out of this trip by flying home on a plane on which I have responsibility for no one but myself. An iPad movie and some knitting are in my future. Will check in later!

  29. Dropping in for the first time today, and this week. Cwazy busy. Hosted another dinner party at the rectory last night, two weeks in a row, 15 people over for dinner. No small feat while working full time and considering we have three dogs underfoot, one of whom is a thief and will quickly steal from one's plate...despite the best of intentions to teach her better manners. She was relegated to a leash wrapped around my leg, giving her just enough room to lie down at my feet. sigh. all went well. except I have tired. Had an early morning meeting at church and a hospital visit. Just now getting to my sermon. Thankfully we are celebrated the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi tomorrow as the third Sunday in our Season of Creation series. We will have a blessing of the animals in the afternoon. (Last week, when many were celebrating with pet blessings our area had crop walk..).

    anyway, I think I will begin with a story from the book, Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer Holland and then talk about St. Francis, and how he was invested in the whole world, not only animals.

    It's also a gorgeous day today, so a dog walk is in order. Thanks, Diane for hosting us today!

  30. Welcome, Terri and SheRev! wow! what a lot of stuff going on!

    check in again when you get back from your dog-walk, Terri! I like to hear your ideas.

    and SheRev, you KNOW I'm jealous. can't wait to hear more about your retreat.

    anyone want a light lunch? grilled cheese sandwiches? Let me know.

  31. I had a nice walk in the sunshine with Hoagie, right beside the water. Then I ate a nice lunch. Then I had a nice time working on the same poem I started writing when I should have been writing a sermon a few weeks ago. Then I took an extremely nice nap.
    At least I made some notes before all those nice things.

  32. I'm thinking about Euodia ['you're odious!'] and Syntyche ['you're so touchy!'] and being of one mind in the Lord - and visual thinker that I am, they are both actually sorting out their differences via the medium of mud-wrestling. Truly, the way forward for all church disputes, no?
    I'm sure it'll preach....

  33. After 9pm in Scotland and I'm only getting down to it. We're off to France for a break on Wednesday but my motivation has already left. This week started well - with a two hour walk on the beach on Monday - but that was the only respite in the week. Feeling so unprepared as I approach the texts at this 11th hour - but that's what we're here for - right? Using Exodus and Matthew texts - some good pointers here of how to go with those. So, I'll get some words down and come back - I can offer some halloween candy though its a bit early - stocked up on shopping trip today!

  34. Nik - mud wrestling as a way of settling disputes between believers? You make me giggle, but now I have the image of the two main matriarchs from home mud wrestling to decide on the next sanctuary carpet color!

    I am ready for confirmaiton tomorrow, but still have zip on the sermon. I need to get busy. I have given up all pretense of having any time off today. I think it's going to be a late night.

  35. Off lectionary with John's version of the feeding of the 5000. Using Steve Jobs "think different" to help them think of stewardship of more than dollars and cents.

  36. Three down, two to go...with this off lectionary series, Season of Creation. My reflection this week, honoring the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi" Mirror of God

    Now. I can go around and read your offerings!

  37. Welcome Nik, Purple and Liz! good to have you! Liz -- going to France sounds wow to me.

    Purple -- I'll love to hear about "Think Different" about Stewardship.

    Nik -- Now I've got mud wrestling on my mind. hmmmm. interesting image to go to a wedding reception with.

    the couple is married! in a little while, I'll be headed off to the reception. I'll bring you back some cake.

    and check in a little later, also.

  38. slow day so far! wonder if it will get rolling this evening! I'll be back a little later with goodies.

  39. The sermon comparing the golden calf to the good shepherd is finished. It's kind of short by I think my congregation will appreciate a shorter sermon with all the other activities that we have happening during the service.

    It's on my
    . Please stop by and feel free to comment. Please excuse the funky font, blogspot is not being kind today.

  40. I have finished. I have gotten tired of looking at it, but I would love any comments or suggestions.

  41. Earlier I dictated sermon ideas to the Dragon app I just got for my iPhone; now I'm trying to understand what all that gibberish meant. So far I'm pretty sure Hannah was supposed to be Gehenna...

  42. lol Songbird.
    I am OFF (as in vacation day) tomorrow--not that I would be preaching tomorrow, anyway.

    Just checking in to see what you all are up to.

    Go preacher womyn!!!

  43. The finished product Think Different.

    We have a potluck tomorrow...always a challenge with choices trying to lose weight. I'm kid-friendly mac-n-cheese just in case. We have a young couple greeting tomorrow and they have a couple of kids...just in case they decide to stay.

  44. Putting on Joyis finished - the title goes with my series theme and not so much with the actual sermon. Any feedback is welcome.

    I am glad to be done so early. I still have brownies to bake for my confo kids' treat for break time and I have to pack for the overnight conference/retreat right after confirmation is over.

    I'll be back with warm brownies (alas, they'll be virtual!) and encouragement for the late night sermonators among us! Looking forward to reading your sermons.

  45. Just changed my ending - now I have a cat in my lap who wants to purr and snuggle...the cuteness is just to much too resist.

  46. Hi again! Just now back from a kid and youth event that went from 2-8! It was a surprising success that included a lot of fun activities including a trip to a pumpkin patch and a hayride and a haunted house. I hadn't planned to stay the whole time, but I did and it was fun getting to know so many wonderful new people (new to me).

    So now, here I am, trying to remember all the sermon things that have been running around in my head all week. I'm going to make some hot tea with lemon and honey and try to just relax into the process. Help yourselves!

    Anyone have any chocolate????? (please)

  47. supper time. Anybody want any pizza.

  48. Here are my concluding thoughts as rendered by Dragon:

    "We worry about the story because we hear the man being sent off just because he didn't have a road mall we don't know that the people listening would have known that star round was waiting for you when you got to the wedding banquet all we have to do is come through the door only have to do is allow Christ to occupy our hearts just as God sent part of God's own self occupied the world
    I'm in"
    (Um, that was supposed to be Amen. And I'm not really sure where the road mall came from, but maybe it would have been a good place to pick up a write robe.)

  49. I really like "I'm in" as a conclusion!

  50. Actually, now that you mention it, so do I!

  51. Songbird, most weeks I have been putting the first draft into the computer by Dragon. I just talk, and don't watch, and end up with the same problem, at times I have no idea what I was trying to say.

    Sharon, I have dark chocolate with roast almonds open at the moment, you are welcome to share.

    Responses from the congregation this morning to describing the congregation in six words:
    A caring congregation of loving believers.
    A place of worship and healing
    We joyfully share each other's cross.
    [Not bad for only a few minutes to think]
    I'm done for the day, time to have lunch. Happy preaching,

  52. I guess I'm satisfied enough. I'm a lot happier when I love my sermon, but this one (on the Gospel) will do. If nothing else, it sets the tone for what I'll be hammering home throughout my ministry: God loves and calls each one of us.

  53. Sharon - I have warm brownies to share. The confo kids won't mind a bit!

    So..what is this Dragon of which you speak? Is it Apple only, or can us PC Droids use it too?

  54. Wow. I've not been this late for a while - 2:30am. But I have something that I think will preach. Would be glad of comments if you have time to stop by Time for a snack before bed - chocolate anyone?

  55. ooh ooh - I haven't tried dragon yet but just got it for iphone, which is also new to me. So I'll share when I have something.

    Meanwhile, I'm FINALLY sitting down after a busy day, and remembering how much I dislike the gospel text. urg.

  56. I don't know about Android apps. I do know that I'm almost finished, but not quite, and although I enjoyed all the time I spent in the sun today, I would also like to spend some time in my bed tonight.

  57. just got back from the wedding reception and reading all of your comments. Songbird, I didn't really understand your ending (?), or some of it?

    I'll be trying to read some of your sermons now.

    I brought back some wedding cake, and also brought back some salmon and sirloin, if anyone cares for feasting.

  58. Pearl -- i LOVE the idea of describing the congregation in six words! and they did come up with some good ones.

  59. Pearl -- i LOVE the idea of describing the congregation in six words! and they did come up with some good ones.

  60. oh, and I have to say that I heard the two GROSSEST stories I have ever heard at a wedding reception when the brides' two older brothers were toasting her.

    a couple of people at our table were covering their face with their hands.

    and they weren't laughing.

  61. Some wonderful sermons, friends! Thanks for sharing. I'm calling it a night. Good party, Diane, thanks for hosting! Prayers and blessings, all!

  62. Enjoyed partying with everybody today, and I read some good sermons. Revgals rock!

  63. Hello friends. Just now starting after a long day including more sickness (on my part) and another wedding. You would think this would give me plenty of fodder for a sermon on the wedding parable in Matthew, but instead I've just been focusing on keeping my stomach calm and trying to get rid of this headache.

    However, the time has come to get started or else I will surely fall asleep before finishing. I'll make a pot of tea for any other late-nighters to share with me.

  64. It's later than I like, but here it is: Occupy the Banquet Hall. I'm going to read your sermons if I can keep my eyes open long enough!

  65. SB, I'm laughing at the Dragon app translation. "I'm in!" is an awesome substitute for Amen!

    We went to the sanctuary and ran through our sermon and its choreography. Glad we finished the writing in time to do that! Then we had a social commitment with church members - not something we usually do on a Saturday - and I am just now getting back in. I still need to try to learn my sermon enough to be free of the manuscript, plus do Sunday School prep. I'm so tired and kind of full of wine. Oy!

  66. I'll be turning in soon. but promise to read some sermons.

    praying for you all.

  67. earthchick, I almost used it, but I was afraid it would come off as smug. Your plans for tomorrow sound great! I hope it goes well.

  68. May it be so. I'm in! Works for me.

    Nighty night pals.

  69. Oh, my, I may have missed the party!
    After a long week, and an early morning, the husband opted to stay an extra night with his parents with the give me some time off of being a mom.
    (God LOVE him!)
    What did I choose to do with this? Four. Hour. Nap.
    I'll be here for a while, but hopefully not too late as to counteract the effects of this wonderful, holy, blessed rest I just got.

  70. well everyone, I'm going to go to bed and try to get some sleep.

    thanks for everything!

    I'll be praying for all of you tomorrow.

    For those who are not done, I have left the tea kettle on and the light on for you.

    The Holy Spirit has your back, you know.

  71. Back home from Anniversary supper. Time for some last minute sermon thoughts. Oh and a bench dedication prayer. Oh and something about a tree planting--although that may make part of the sermon, and then we just have to put the tree in the hole after worship

  72. Leanne, if you took a four hour nap, you must have needed it! Glad you are getting a break.
    I've been around to visit those who linked, and now I'm going to sleep. Blessings to all who are proclaiming the message, and to all who will listen.

  73. Ugh. Typed a big huge post, but my battery died right before I hit send. Biggest problem is that it had my teased out sermon idea in it. Oh well, going through it again right before I go to sleep won't hurt.

    Very long day.

  74. Done and done.
    Feedback always welcome.

    I'm off for a few hours of rest (again) before the morning comes.

  75. Sigh. I have 782 words written, but then I fell asleep and now I can't pick up my train of thought again. If I can get on another burst of writing, I can probably finish and still get a few hours rest in my bed.

    Glad to see others are getting done though (Leanne)!

  76. Good morning to everyone still awake and those who are waking up!

    I just made some fresh coffee and some oatmeal with a touch of real maple syrup. Help yourselves!

    At week two, I'm still getting used to what it means to be totally ready for an 8:00 a.m. worship service. Last night, around 10;00 or so, I finished something that looks a lot like a sermon. Counting on the Holy Spirit to make the best of it!

    Prayers for each of you and your congregations today.

  77. Really wishing that I hadn't lost that post I wrote a few hours ago. It really would have just been my sermon outline. Very low motivation to try to recreate, but I know it's all in my head this time.

  78. That really sucks, SheRev...I'd be pretty angry if that had happened to me. Here's hoping the Holy Spirit works through even the failure of technology.

    Coffee and oatmeal sound delicious Sharon!

    I just's a bit long but it will have to do. Final touches on the prayers, then an hour of sleep and off we go.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching and proclamation today.

  79. It's not usually a good sign when the most important thing on my mind is whether to take my nap on the couch or in bed. But maybe a big cup of coffee will light my fire. My heart goes out to those who slept even less than I did!

  80. good morning, everyone! I put the coffee on, and want to extend prayers and blessings to all of us leading worship and preaching.

    May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your Sight, O God.

  81. Pass the coffee over here.

    SB, the first thing I think about when I wake up on Sunday morning is where and when I should take my holy nap.

  82. Just before I nab the sofa for my holy nap:) I want to say thanks to those of you who read and left comments - what a difference it makes to preach something others have found something positive in.
    How on earth did I manage before revgals?
    Sending community hugs. x

  83. Well, as these things go, I think it was good that I lost my post. I think the structure I came up with this morning is even better. A good weaving together (pun intended) of my experience of becoming a fiber artist, or at least recognizing myself as one, peacemaking, and, duh, Scripture. Scripture was missing the most last time.

    I'm moving toward being ready earlier than usual, so I hope a couple of times through in my mind and the shower will help strengthen the weave.

    Peace to you all!


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