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Friday, October 21, 2011

11th Hour Preacher Party: In the thick of it

I feel like every time I start a church newsletter with "It's that time of year again" a puppy dies, but ....

It's that time of year again! We are right in the middle of everything. Over the summer when attendance is down and activities are low, and in the winter (for those of us north or south enough to really experience it) when it's too hard to muster up the energy to come out, we crave Sundays like this, don't we? Those Sundays that come early enough in the year that everyone is still engaged, but far enough along that we have found our groove. The Sundays that are full of Sunday School, Adult Ed, worship, and fellowship. So, if that's the case, why am I so tired? The grass is always greener....

What's giving you energy as you finish your preparations for Sunday? What are you thick in the middle of? Do you have a great idea for the sermon or are you here in search of one? Either way the community stands ready to walk with you. Join us in the comments; ask for what you need. Share what you have. All are welcome today and always.


  1. Hi. I'm first? I'm the whole show at my church this weekend (well, I mean I'm preaching AND presiding), still have a little work on my sermon and need a good children's sermon, too.

    Love God. Love neighbor. right now seems too early to think.

    thanks for hosting,Stephanie.

    I'll be back again when I'm more coherent

  2. Good morning, everyone. I'm hurrying to get out the door for a Christmas Fair planning meeting (putting in an appearance) and the Blessing of the Animals, which is scheduled right before our Pet Pantry is open. No idea who will turn up for that!
    Meanwhile, my own dog is having some kind of muscle weakness, possibly a side effect of some antibiotics, and having trouble doing stairs. That's no problem for taking him to church--we're handicapped accessible. But he wouldn't come back in after his trip to the backyard and is already waiting for me in the car. It's probably a good sign that he had no trouble figuring out how to get his paws up for that. :-) I'm hoping that stopping the antibiotics will clear this up soon.
    Meanwhile, I'm hurrying to join him in the car and get on the road. I'll be back later. I have a start on my sermon, but there's definitely more work to do.

  3. Working on the greatest.... in the midst of a soccer game, serving Communion at a youth event and a wedding PLUS reception (a rarity). Hoping to regain some mojo after a crazy couple of re-entry weeks.

    I'll be checking in again, I'm sure.

  4. love the sermon title "The Greatest!"

    we have this all fall series on shining -- so we're shining in our community this weekend, and lifting up our ministry with homeless families.

    My sermon seems to have something to do with the law, and with fences...

  5. Good morning, Gals! The "early adopters" sure are busy this morning.

    Grab some coffee, some breakfast, or something Diane and save your thinking for a more reasonable hour. :) Oh wait, it looks like you did. I thought I saw somewhere else you have homeless families staying in your building. Are you guys part of a rotating shelter? I've heard about those in the other Twin City, but we're too far out to participate.

    Songbird, sounds like today is a good day to have your own furry friend blessed (not that you don't pray for him regularly anyway!). I hope the weakness dissipates soon. Is it really time for Christmas Fair meetings? Where did the fall go?

    kzj - - I'd send some mojo your way, but I lost mine last week with a dud Sunday. I'm sure there will be plenty to share around here today, though. Maybe there's something in your day that will preach -- living the greatest commandment in the middle of all that we do. Hard to love others, at least, if we don't get out and are with them.

    I'm working with Psalm 90 this week in the first of three weeks of our ever so creative "Time, Talent, Treasure" stewardship theme. The committee declared a theme, but didn't plan to do anything with it, so I feel sort of compelled to run with it. I sort of wish, if they hadn't planned to do anything themselves, they had asked me for input on what the theme would be. Oh well. I don't plan to go super heavy with it, but the Psalm gave me a jumping off point.

    My general idea will be de-bunking the myth of scarcity of time. The psalmist begins in lament, focusing on the shortness of life and the misery experiences, but it turns to praise with "Satisfy me with your love in the morning." I'm thinking in sort of a time "first fruits" direction. I think I'll start with a little mini discussion, Q & A time, about what it feels like to go without a watch, like at a retreat or just when you forget or even folks who never wear them (especially looking for input from the kids there who rely on someone else to keep time for them). "Keeping TIme" is what I'm calling this one with the idea ultimately being that we can't keep it.

    Making more sense in my head, but I need to flesh it out sort of early this morning. We ended up with last minute tickets to our team's college football game (away for them, but home for us) and a free babysitter for Pastor's Appreciation Month. The morning wil be short before we head off for that afternoon/evening excitement!

  6. After a busy day off yesterday - two long parishioner visits, both wonderful - I have nothing on the schedule today other than keeping up with the leaves, making casseroles for tomorrow's stewardship dinner, learning the parts of the music I don't know yet for tomorrow afternoon's Chorale concert, doing laundry so I have things to wear at my two out of town meetings next week and writing the sermon. The latter is the only one that is worrying me at the moment (I can always millie the parts I don't know in the concert, after all) and I keep going back and forth between preaching Leviticus and preaching the gospel. I'll probably end up doing both but the Lev. will require a little more study.

    And I'm hoping two days of listening to Barbara Brown Taylor will inspire next week's sermon!

    I've got three hats and a scarf to knit during the five days of meeetings/lectures - is it possible to actually do something with my hands as I gaze rapturously at and listen intently to BBT? We shall see.

    And now for the shower, my favorite place of inspiration!

  7. Hey Everyone! I am thinking today of a friend of mine who died earlier this week from a heart attack. Her other died many years ago from the same thing. My friend, Anne, was working outside in her garden. Anyway, her service is today, but on the other side of the state, ten hours west and north. And I have baptismal prep for two families this afternoon with the baptisms tomorrow. And, our final Sunday celebrating the Season of Creation is tomorrow...thankfully the theme is "river" so I have some useful scripture readings. I have a couple of pages of notes but no sermon...

  8. Margaret, knitting seems to help me listen more carefully. I remember kinetically (sp?) or something.

    Terri, you have a lot on your plate, and I imagine your head and heart are elsewhere. Prayers for you as you think of your friend while doing other things.

  9. I got home super late last night after the birthday of I'm debating whether to take my ponderings back to bed for a nap, or to push through the yawning and try to get something on the screen. I'm working on Matthew and the love love love...the sermon I preached three years ago was mediocre, so won't be starting there. I'm thinking along the lines of the Francis de Sales quote about how we learn to read by reading, we learn to talk by talking, we learn to ride a bike by riding a bike, and we learn to love by loving. Well, ok, I took a few liberties (I don't think the bike part was in the original, lol). Anyway, how do we learn to love God with all our heart/soul/mind, how do we learn to love our neighbor (or our enemy)? By loving.

    I'm wondering if I can start off the sermon with a reference to those syrupy "love is...." cartoons. And also whether I should talk about either love languages or greek words for love, or neither...

    I'm planning to order a pizza as a reward if I get the sermon done before dinner. Until then....I have tea! :-) Many flavors, both loose leaf and bags, and honey and vanilla soymilk if you want to mix up a concoction of delicious....

  10. Happy Birthday (or day after, I guess), Teri. My choice would be to take the nap, so I suggest the pushing through. :)

  11. Terri - river? there's a great scene in the opening of the film "A River Runs Through It" where the father is talking to the 2 sons at the river, about the water, the rocks in the river, and how below them there was first the word. Might be worth a peek.

    SheRev - go huskers! i'll watch on TV as I dust and such

    Sermon... started. working on Psalm 1 and the gospel, having a headache, a kitchen that's a disaster (have i not done dishes at all this week?), and no focus. zilch. grrrr... let's get the coffee flowin'

  12. Morning--I guess my last comment didn't get posted. I have now read the readings. I am starting a Bible study on Lev. and Deut. starting in 2 weeks so I wouldn't want to steal my thunder by preaching on the Heb. script.

    But I am not preaching so I can just play around with them. I am hear to lend support. We went to the opera last night and I am a bit late getting up but I do have coffee--both hi-test and decaf for us older folks. I also have some of the last of the season peaches and fresh pecan strudle.

    I'm keeping you all in prayer while you do your 'bounden duty'.

  13. Terri, prayers for you!

    I am going with Leviticus and Matthew. Something about not judging--not taking vengeance or bearing a grudge, but loving--which is the greatest commandment. When we allow someone else's judgement of us to lead us to anger or a grudge against them, we are giving them too much power, and vice versa, when we judge, we are taking over God's role.

    Of course, now I have to figure out what to do with that "you shall reprove your neighbor or you will incur guilt yourself." I am very uncomfortable with the lengths to which "telling the truth in love" can be (and is) taken. So I am not sure what I will do with that!

    We have a pasta dinner/dance/Halloween party tonight, so must be pretty much done by 4 or so, to give me time to get into my costume and over to help with the last of the set-up.

    I have egg salad for lunch, if anyone is ready--also some lovely cheese and apples straight from the orchard!

  14. I'm with Rainbow Pastor and Leviticus not sure about even stretching to Matthew. Looking at the notion of Holy Living and the Holiness Code. Holding two scenes in my heart as I start the thinking--the image of Quadaffi's body being dragged through the streets and the dignity of a gay man telling his story to our diocesan convention as the Diocese of the Rio Grande moves to a more inclusive and compassionate place. Don't know where it will all end up--maybe love as living justly.

    Sorry about your friend, Terri.

    Linger in the birthday awesomeness, Teri.

  15. Good Morning! My goodness, we've been busy this week. Take some time for yourselves everyone.

    I've just printed off the bulletin, and am now settling in with a cup of cinnamon spice coffee to go over my sermon. Thank you, Terri for the Francis de Sales quote. I'd forgotten it and it will fit in quite nicely.

    I've got aquafit this afternoon, then when I get back, I need to winterize my backyard. Its been dropping below freezing lately and some places north of here have seen some snow. I guess summer is over, although we've had an incredible fall.

    I'll check back later and see how you are all doing.

  16. The Blessing went well. I even blessed chickens!
    But we are home and Hoagie will not come up the steps. He won't let me help him. I've got delicious food on each step hoping he'll work his way up. Whatever the reason is for how sore his muscles are, he's afraid of hurting himself.
    Let's hope the leftover scraps of pumpkin muffin do the trick...

  17. I'm not preaching this Sunday - we have a mission speaker instead. So I'm off the hook sermonwise. I do have a service at a local nursing home and need a homily for that. I'm thinking of talking about how all the rules boil down to just 2 (3?) - Love God, Love Neighbor (Love Self?).

    The house is almost ready for "Coffee with the Pastor" open house this afternoon. I've got Starbucks brewing, flavored syrups and cream, and several varities of Amish Friendship Bread. Hope it goes well.

    Even without the sermon prep time this week, I still didn't manage to get caught up on paperwork. And I have a parishioner who transitioned from ICU to comfort care earlier this week, so there were a couple of tough days of hospital visits earlier this week.

    Oh well, if no one shows up for coffee, I'll work on clearing my desk!

  18. On the first Sat in a while without anything scheduled there's been a death for a family associated with the church. Bless their hearts, they are an international student family and only the young adult daughter has good English skills.

    I'm going with the Matthew text. It seems to be one of those texts that "is so easy it's hard" texts.

    And, on another note, I plan to subscribe to Lectionary Homiletics before the day ends. I have before & found it helpful but let the subscription lapse for no good reason other than forgetfulness. Anyway, there's a bonus of 4 free months for subscribers who give a referral. So ... the first one to give me a referral code, I'll use! (full disclosure: I'm asking through other social media, too)

  19. Prayers for you Terri as you are torn in different directions.
    Happy belated birthday to you Teri.
    And prayers for Hoagie, hope he's made it home by now and that recovery is speedy.

    I got back from vacation Wednesday and was out with a migraine late Thursday and all day Friday - happened last time I returned from vacy too - wondering what that is about. Anyway, stayed in bed today because I still feel wiped out and had no other pressing commitments. I now have a sermon
    Would love to know if it hits the mark or issues from my hungover state. Fortunately, I have time to fix it!
    Also, I'm indebted to Juniper for the Oscar Romero quote she posted in Tuesdays Lectionary Leanings.
    Off to make dinner and then will check on the party again.

  20. Liz, I will be round to read yours shortly...migranes are so incapacitating!

    HC - I think the opening lines from A Rive Runs Through It may be just the perfect imagery I looking for. Besides, I love that movie!

  21. Hot Cup - GBR! And dusting? Ugh. Sounds as wonderful as my morning first floor clean up. Still in jammies and need to leave for the game in 30 minutes!

    Welcome Rainbow and RevAlli. Sounds like your both on a good track!

    Lady Father my clean up this morning included the last wardrobe switch for the kids. Winter clothes out for sure now although today should be one of our last warmish days.

    Oh Songbird! I hope Hoagie feels better soon.

    Nice to have a sort of break, ramona. I think self is in there for sure, but not above either God or others, alongside those. We are God's beloved creatures deserving of love, too.

    I let Lectionary Homiletics slide , too, Vicar when I started having trouble stretching my books/con Ed budget. I miss it.

    Sorry about the migraine, Liz. Peace to you tonight and tomorrow.

  22. Hello friends, just poking my head in before I leave to meet SO for lunch (a special treat!). Thinking about Matthew, and I have about five different sermons swirling in my brain...hopefully I can pick one before too long! Three years ago I preached a doozy on Deuteronomy, so that's not going to help me out at all.

    I'll grab some snacks while I'm out to share with the party...maybe some Panera goodies?

  23. Am I all alone with Moses? I love this passage, but as is usual with the passages I love, it's hard to write a sermon.

    I worked at it last night but didn't get anywhere. Hubby is home with the girls but has a wedding later. I'm in his office "working" (as you can plainly see!).

    I have an old sermon from *ahem* 1998, which is proving more hindrance than help. It stinks.

  24. I have posted 2x here this morning and neither of them are here. Wonder what's up.

    Getting ready for the World Series game 3 here in town. Go Rangers!

    Gotta go to the grocery before the game. Will try to post this

  25. Ahhh there it is. I have hotdogs for lunch--what any baseball person should have on a game day.

    I am not preaching this week but I am preparing to teach a course on Lev and Deut so I am studying the Law. Am reminded that all law has a purpose and in both Deut and Lev. it is always about God--it is because "I am the God who took you out of Egypt." It makes an important connection with the law of love--the commandment to love is not just to love but it is because we were first loved.

  26. I just remembered I have children's sermon duty - hmmmmm.... My take on the Matthew text this year is to really focus on the greatest commandment since my default is to push us on the one that is like it. I mean, we all know how we could be doing a better job loving our neighbor, but we kind of just quit on the first commandment to love God with all of our heart, mind and soul.

    I'm thinking of a midrash that has a rabbie finding his son crying. He asks him why and the boy says, "Because no one is looking for me."
    To which the rabbi responds, "Now you know how God feels."

  27. kathrynjz, good midrash story...

  28. Kathrynzj love that story!

    I did get a code from someone who will benefit from the referral. I'll be back in a little while

  29. Muthah+, you're in my hometown!

    Making good progress with Moses. The old set the alarm for ten minutes, then get an internet break trick. For some reason, I have a hard time doing it at home. But here in hubby's office it works fine. Perhaps too many other things competing for my attention at home? Ya think?

    I made pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing yesterday. Please, help yourselves, because I think I'm the only one in our house who will eat them.

  30. I was a bit stumped on the children's message for tomorrow and then remembered "we're going on a bear hunt" (it was mentioned when I was in school on Wednesday!). So I've written an alternative! I'd be glad to know what you think (though it's always a bit nerve-racking saying that!).
    It's here

  31. And now I'm going back to read the rest of the comments and anything linked... which I always find really inspiring! :D

  32. Thanks.
    And thank you for excusing the typo.

  33. I finally got Hoagie inside with the help of some neighbors. We tried about sixteen different strategies, including a ramp, but in the end all it took was leaving him out in the front yard with them while I came in to put peanut butter on a spoon. It took long enough, and I was far enough out of sight, that he just walked up the stairs.
    We'll see how it goes when we go outside again.
    Then I took a nap.
    So I'm no further ahead than I was at 8 this morning.

  34. Haven't made much of a start on the actual sermon yet! Am using the Bible Sunday readings - Nehemiah 8: 1-4, 8-12 and Matthew 24: 30-35. Is anyone else on those?

  35. sermon done but it's so bland it's like mashed potatoes without butter... ick. oh well. i'm off to watch football, soothe a sore throat and hope the holy spirit will fill in all the rough spots and add the flavor tomorrow.

  36. SB, what a day indeed! Poor Hoagie, and poor you!
    I am just back last night from a wonderful week in Dallas with the Order of St. Luke, a bunch of liturgically minded folks, a conference on Intercessory Prayer (great lectures and discussions) and worship four times a day, minimum. Oh yes, and then after worship in the evening, continuing fun and conversation at the local watering holes. These are my people, as a former engineer, liturgical geeks are right up my alley!
    But now back to reality. Why do I hate children's moments so much? I would rather write a 2200 word sermon than give a children's moment. Our scripture for the week, stewardship stuff, is John 3:16. Not really my favorite passage in the Bible. I have told the senior pastor and the entire staff how much I dislike children's moments. And yet, here I am, trying to figure out another one.
    I love the bear hunt idea, but I am not sure it will fit.
    I am willing to give all of my Trader Joe's Belgian Chocolate bar 72% dark to any of you who can help me here!
    Now, off to help the 10 y.o. with her Halloween party, 10 5th graders coming in 20 minutes. I'll be back!

  37. I am in despair. Hoagie needed to go out again to do his business, and although he's a little lame, that part went fine. He got in the car, we went to the park, and he got out of the car and back in, etc. But now that we're home, he won't put his front legs past the first step. I have him in the backyard again, where he is safely fenced in, but it's starting to rain. He weighs 112 pounds, and when he decides not to move, I can't move him. This is basically a nightmare, because I can't focus on anything else. Meanwhile, my 16yo is going to the high school Homecoming Dance tonight, so there is other distraction ahead when she returns from her dad's house soon. Aargh!!!

  38. (((HUGS))) Songbird! I hope that Hoagie will be able to do what's best, and that also goes for the 16 year old!

    I am just checking in after a blessed day of catching up on essential life business, including errands and some cleaning (not a lot!) just so I can get ready for another week.

    The new church is very high energy with lots going on in every way. I am having a different kind of Saturday because tomorrow the Assistant Pastor is preaching. What a treat!

    I do have some hummus and chips to share. If there is any left, I'll take some that pecan crisp, Mutha+!

  39. Coffee with the pastor went well - so my desk is still a big mess and I don't have my homily for the nursing home tomorrow. I just got word that the parishioner on comfort care's lungs are filling up, so it looks like the end is getting near. And the mission speaker just arrived in my driveway an hour earlier than expected. So maybe it will be a late night for me!

    On the other hand we are going out for dinner - walleye, yum! I'll check back later to read your offerings and get inspiration for my own!

  40. I have to give props to The Father of My Children, who came over from his house and coaxed the dog into mine. I then went to the drugstore to get Bufferin for the dog, panty hose for the 16yo and a candy bar for the preacher. Hoagie *can* climb the steps, despite being sore, but he won't do it for me. That's the predicament. I guess that means he won't get another trip outside until 16yo comes home from the dance!

  41. Just back from two very full days of diocesan convention--new format this year and it felt very productive. BUT no free internet access and lack of 3G coverage in the area = hotel fail! I had emailed myself a sermon draft to work on last night but I couldn't access my email. I'm working on a sustainable sermon but I want to revise the beginning and end...and I'm tired. Ugh. Need to get to it I guess.

    SB, hope Hoagie's lameness clears up, and hope LP has a wonderful time at the dance!

  42. sermon is posted, Listen, You Just Might Hear

    I have a couple of things to do, then I'll be round to read yours.

    (I wonder if Saturdays will always be this busy?)...

  43. Okay, two girls in highly engineered dresses have been dropped at the high school. The dog got up and moved willingly while I was gone. I'm fixing myself an egg in the hole. My sermon so far is mostly a long shaggy dog story, fueled by that Milky Way bar, but I think it gets to the point. I hope. Supper first, though. I need the protein.

  44. Terri, it really depends on the church culture, doesn't it? Some of mine have been very undemanding on Saturdays, but this one has a lot going on that day. It's the nature of the town, where people work in other places and do more stuff locally on the weekend. I'm beginning to think I should work from home one weekday each week. Maybe then I wouldn't be in sermon heck every Saturday.

  45. Ok, I managed about 2 paragraphs so far....because the day turned into a long nap and a few long conversations with family members on the other side of the country. Now I just need for the two paragraphs to spring into, you know, 1000 more words.

    Maybe they'll multiply while I play Words With Friends?

    I did order a pizza, in spite of not being done with my work, because I couldn't face the thought of making any more dirty dishes. So...mushroom and olive pizza for all. :-)

  46. From cheering on the Huskers to snuggling with M and her new teddy bear in the ER. Just took X-rays of her hip after a slide injury. Waiting for doc and results.

    Don't think I'll be back to host, but will check in with results later.

  47. Prayers for you Songbird and Terri - it is so hard to prepare a sermon when your mind is somewhere else. For that reason I also ask for all y'alls prayers. My 34 year old cousin died on Tuesday, stirring up some estranged family members and the pain that goes with all of that, and I ended a relationship this week with a man I have been dating off and on for two years, so those weigh heavy on my heart. With him, it was the right thing to do, and sadly I've been through this break-up before, but it still hurts. Luckily he had only come to church for a couple of visits and I've never introduced him to the congregation as my "boyfriend" - so I don't have to deal with all that - but still making it difficult for these sermon notes to come together as an actual sermon! I too am focusing on Matthew and Leviticus. Thinking about the way that Jesus turned the questions around on the Pharisees. I figure the first part of the gospel is one of those, so easy its hard to preach lessons, so I'm focusing on the part that our parishioners probably don't hear all that often.

    MumPastor we had our stewardship emphasis last week and I had CM. I grabbed all kinds of random things from my car and from my office, and even grabbed one of the babies from the nursery (I asked his parents!). I gave every child at the CM a "gift." I "gave" the baby to his older brother, and everyone got a gift. Some kids got a $10 bill, some got two quarters, some kids got pencils, some kids got a potted plant from my office, one kid got my iPad, one kid got rubberbands - just very random (and they all came back to me at the end). We talked about all gifts coming from God and the ways that we can use ALL of our gifts, no matter what they are, to share God's love. I suppose I could have also focused on "giving it back to God" too - but I already felt too afraid of comparing myself to God as the giver! :P

  48. Oh, Peace Babe. I'm sorry. That's hard even when it's the best thing.
    I love your Stewardship/Children's Time idea and may just use it in the coming weeks!

  49. By the way, I meant the break up, not the death of your cousin, so sorry.

  50. PeaceBabe, so sorry on both fronts. :-( holding you in the light.

    I've successfully played in all my words-with-friends games, and remembered that it was time for Wait Wait Don't Tell I won't be writing a sermon anymore for 10 minutes (when it ends). Then, hopefully, the word doc will magically have 700 more words than when I left it.

  51. I'm back.

    Apparently the latest trend is for the reception site to give the bridal party their own room to chill out between having their photos taken and their intros into the reception. This does not work for the pastor who is merely clocking in and clocking out.

    Note to self: no more receptions, even church members.

  52. KZJ--ugh.
    I went to a funeral visitation like that last week--where the funeral home had a special room (with food and kleenex and whatever) where the family could hang out when they got tired of the people coming to see them. or something. it was very strange.

  53. hi. I'm back. Hope I can be back after not being here all day.

    PeaceBabe, so sorry on both counts. Prayers ascending.

    I need to do the visual aid for my children's message, and fix my regular message, which seemed to go ok, but doesn't seem right still at the end.

    I start with this story about our neighbor who didn't like us much and kept saying to our family, "I'm going to fence you in." Talk about the "fence" of the law, and how it is good for us to help us tove our neighbor -- love being a command,an action, not an emotion.

    but, something isn't turning right at the end, so i'll be tweaking a little.

  54. Songbird, indeed...and, this is the first time in a long while that I have been a solo clergy and the parish is big enough that we really need more. Also, just a lot going on with the program year start up and Diocesan Convention next weekend, and I am doing a major presentation on the WordsMatter project. Goodness.

    Anyway, sorry about Hoagie. We have been known to give our dog Ascriptin on rare really helped. Now she has to be on pain meds and anti-inflammatories daily...but, she is 13. What I mean to say, I hope the meds help him as they have helped my dog.

  55. Terri, my condolences on your friend's death.

    And PB, on your cousin's.

    And SB, good luck! I love your description of the dresses - "highly engineered."

    I actually wrote my sermon on Thursday --I was desperate for a couple of days with little pressure after a week of driving hither and yon to see parishoners in every kind of medical situation. The sermon is about vision: Moses' from the mountaintop and Jesus' of love -- seemed appropriate for my third week as pastor.

  56. yay, a draft!!!

    Now I will sit in the hot tub for a little while, then come back to edit. comments welcome--I'm not actually sure it flows together at all. But I guess we'll see! If you're going to fit in references to 10 Things I Hate About You, a comic strip, the BlackEyed Peas, Narnia, and a Renaissance-era saint, it's probably going to be a little choppy.
    No, I didn't *mean* for all that stuff to get in there, it just sort of happened. LOL.

  57. Peace Babe, oh my. I'm sorry.

    Teri, I bet your sermon will be just fine! If I can keep my eyes open I'll be over to read it.

    And, then for certain, I'm heading to bed. So, night all. Sleep well. I'll keep you all in my prayers tomorrow.

  58. Heading to a children's hospital with the baby to get an MRI. Anything to get out of preaching.

  59. Stephanie, no! Gosh, I only saw the football part of your earlier comment. Praying for you and the little one.

  60. Stephanie! what! keep us posted, please!

  61. Stephanie! what! keep us posted, please!

  62. I did indeed get the sermon written this afternoon and will look at it in a minute.

    So sorry to hear all of the sad news here, though.

    Hoping my children sleep better than they did last night, so I can too.

  63. Okay, it's a bit of a shaggy story, but here's my sermon: Heart Dog. If all else fails, I'll walk her proud.

  64. Just checking to see if y'all had heard about Sherev's little rev.
    As you were

  65. Checking in late after a long day traveling to and from Presbytery.

    Any word on SheRev's little one?

    Prayers ascending!

  66. SheRev--prayers for you and the baby.

    Sermon done. Dogs walked. House almost tidy in time for Husband to return from bike trip. Decided to use a tortilla instead of home-baked bread for communion at the day shelter.

    I like the sermon. Wish I could figure out the way to link it to this comment. Oh well. Maybe I'll learn linking after I learn bread baking.

  67. Settled at Children's Hospital, trying to get Margaret back to sleep. Some question still of whether we'll do an MRI in the morning or go straight to a huge cast or what. Thanks for the prayers. Will post in morning when I know something.

  68. Hang in there, girl.

    In more mundane matters, I am at barely preachable, but I'm going to get a few hours of sleep. Hopefully a few hours from now (yikes, only 4!) I can land this thing.

    Why is it always the more familiar passages that create the most turmoil?

    Love God, love your neighbor... really? We still have to talk about this?


  69. SheRev prayers for y'all & those providing care for you, too

    I hit print and then realized I had forgotten to "super size" the font to preaching size and had to re-print.

    I'm done now. Headed for bed and trusting the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  70. Done! Finally! Will print in large size in the morning. I was going to play with possibly preaching from my iPad (new toy!) tomorrow, but requires practice and I would rather sleep. Prayers for SheRev and your little one. Prayers of thanksgiving for everyone being here - always a blessing to see the creative juices, and struggles of fellow RevGals. Especially for those of us who do not preach on a regular basis (lowly associates of course) it is a wonderful circle of support!

    Blessing, prayers and sweet dreams!

  71. Done and done.
    Will be published in the morning...

    Night y'all!

  72. Good morning! Blessings on you all. Saturday night habits die hard. I dreamed about prepping my sermon and preaching it and then not preaching it because I was at the hospital, but watching a friend from a former presbytery lead worship at my church where ( ONLY IN THE DREAM) someone was having a heart attack and being worked on while he was preaching. So sleep happened from about 12:30 til 7:20 but it was restless at best.

    The orthopedic did see a fracture on her femur, so no MRI and going straight to the SPICA (full leg, up around her waist, then down half of her second leg) cast later today. Should be on for about 4 weeks.

  73. Wow, Stephanie, that is quite a cast! I hope she is not too uncomfortable. Thinking of you and the little one and holding you in prayer.


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