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Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy RevGalBlogPals

They're all over the place, protesting, speaking, singing, playing drums, sleeping in tents, employing the human microphone.

So I'm declaring this Occupy RevGalBlogPals Day. This is your space. (No pepper spray to fear.) If you could speak to the world about something you wish would change, what would you say? How about to your own community, or faith community?

Share your thoughts in the comments, or if you write something at your own blog, leave a link.


  1. Leave your politics at the church door! My non-Christian friends don't hate the church because they think we want their money or because they think we're hypocrites. They hate the church because of the political dogmas they believe we ascribe to.

    Several hundred years ago the church expected Jesus to change the heart of the political system and give power to God's people. Instead Jesus changed the politcs of the church and humbled the hearts of his people. Today should show us no different.

  2. I think I would like to speak to the world about food. First, I would like to protest the way that unhealthy 'food' is marketed to people in supermarkets. Shelf after shelf, aisle after aisle, when you look at it, much of the 'food' on offer in the west is junk. It's not good for us. It makes us fat and lethargic and addicted. There is way too much salt, sugar, fat and articial ingredients. And we can't help but buy it because it is pushed with the backing of greedy corporations. Secondly, I would like to protest how much food is wasted in western countries, when so many elsewhere have not got enough. I think we all need to think much more about the relationship we have with food - how we idolise it, abuse it, and hoard it.

  3. I would like to say I am tired of trying to "sell" church the way it is in this 21st century.
    I want to tell many churches that we exist, not for the membership and keeping it happy,
    but that we need to exist because we want to meet the greatest need/hurt/ poverty in the corner of the world in which we live.

    jus' sayin.


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