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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Prayer for World Communion Sunday

Here we are linking hearts and hands with our brothers and sisters all around the world as we celebrate world communion.
The meal we have shared in reminds us that there are those who live in a time famine where there is little to nothing to eat. We pray for these people; that by the sharing of our resources and by the work of your hand that one day there would be plenty to eat for all.
The cup we drank from reminds us that in some place there is not good clean water to drink freely from. We pray that by the work of those who are bringing tools to make that happen and by the work of your hand that one day all can drink from clear waters.
By linking hands and hearts we know there is unrest and wars across this land that effect so many lives. We pray that by the work for peace and by the work of your son, the prince of peace that one day your peace will rule in the lives of all.
By linking our hearts we are made aware that many suffer from pain, illness, diseases, un known suffering and death. We pray that by the work of the medical providers, caregivers, healers, and by your hand of healing that one day they would be healed.
We pray that this meal that has brought us closer to you, the meal that is a means of grace, fills our hearts and souls that we live our lives fully for you in what we say and what we do.
We thank you for this shared meal and for all the many ways you feed us throughout our lives with your love and mercy.

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