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Friday, December 09, 2011

11th Hour Preacher Party: Pink Candle Edition

I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy...

Too much? Too busy?

We're right in the middle of that part of the season, aren't we? The part when the candles tell us we're supposed to pause for a time of rejoicing, but our calendars say, "WHAT?!?!?! PAUSE? REJOICE? Are you kidding?"

And now it's Saturday and the sermon is just around the corner. How are you preparing to bring God's work in your setting today? Or are you preparing for proclamation further down the line than that? Just looking at the Tuesday Lectionary Leanings shows we're kind of all over the Advent map in exciting and diverse ways. Don't let that keep you from stopping in and sharing where you are (or where you aren't) and what you may be looking for. Some of us are notorious for being better at helping others than we are at working on our own sermons!

The virtual cookie plate is full (even though the real one at my house is already empty). Grab your favorite and a mug of fair trade coffee/hot cocoa/tea. We're all here to hold the light for each other! Join us in the comments.


  1. I had a draft on Wednesday. It needs a little tweaking. OK, maybe a lot. But for now I'm going to bed. Took Friday night off and watched an NCIS marathon. There's leftover pizza (veggie, hawaiian and meat lovers) so please help yourself. If you get to it early enough, it's the breakfast of champions.

  2. a bit late starting tonight. Visited a baby in hospital this morning - took about an hours travelling each way.Sydney traffic can be very frustrating.
    this afternoon I helped husband do the church grounds, so now time to finalise things for the morning.
    this Sunday I am looking at Mary.
    also using the YouTube clip of the food court flash mob Hallelujah Chorus - so that makes the sermon much shorter :)

    time to write, hopefully I will be able to post a very short reflection soon.

  3. finished, and it is short. I am using a reflective piece from here on Mary, followed by the reading [Luke 1: 46-55], a song
    and then this reflection praise and the Hallelujah chorus sung by a food court flash mob.

    Hopefully it ties together.

  4. Good morning! I'm preaching at an ordination later this morning and happy to say that sermon is *done.* It's an honor to be asked, and I'm appreciative that kathrynzj looked over the manuscript for me. Tomorrow's is well underway, thankfully, because there is a lot of travel today, and my daughter is in a concert later.
    I'll check back in along the way!

  5. I'm done already, which is shocking!
    I'm off lectionary right now, and just kind of preaching through the Christmas story: this week is Mary and Joseph looked for a room, but there was no room in the inn--then I talk about when we feel like there is no room for us, and we're searching for a place to belong, how we can find that place in the heart of Jesus. It sounds better in the sermon, than it does here!
    The best part about it is that I have a few quotes from "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", which is such a great book!

  6. hi, just wanted to check in, and will check in a little later as well.

    I'm not preaching tomorrow: we have our children's program during one of the services and a bake sale afterwards.

    And, I'm practicing with a small group of women to sing parts of "A Ceremony of Carols" on Christmas Eve.

    so, my question today is: just how much can I get done (non-work but Christmas wise) on a fairly free Saturday?

    will be checking in later to see how others are rejoicing.

  7. I am not preaching tomorrow, the Bishop is! But, I am in the midst of a confirmation retreat preparing 8 for the adult affirmation of faith and one to be received into the of our tasks is to make communion bread as part of our study of the Baptismal Covenant to share in the breaking of the bread....

  8. Good morning everyone! Well, good evening Pearl!

    SB - Blessings to you at the ordination. It is an honor to be asked. I have preached at an installation, but never an ordination. I think it would be challenging, yet exciting.

    Deb, I totally understand the need for an NCIS marathon. Its not a show I set the DVR for, but i get sucked into reruns its like no other! Thanks for the pizza!

    Pearl, I'll be around to read shortly. I love that flash mob!

    Nice finish, Sara Anne. I love that book, too, and I love the direction you're going, the connection to times we feel left out with no where to go. That angle would definitely preach in my church this season.

    Diane, I think you can get a lot done! It had hoped to do the same this weekend, but my husband's leaky tire and his parents visiting for the day set my personal plans on the back burner.

    Blessings on you, Terri, a you prepare with new disciples!

    It sounds like we have a lot of different things going on in our sermons and worship. My church is like Diane's and we have a children's program tomorrow. I'm doing a children's program just before it using the gospel lesson about John the Baptist as my focus. I'll talk about the importance of pointing to the light, just like the kids will be doing when they "preach" through their program. I want to set it up not just as kids looking cute in worship, but truly the proclamation of the Word. It'll be sort of an extended children's sermon.

    I would also be smart to work on the wedding sermon for my brother in law's wedding next weekend. I head out of town next Wednesday to go do that. My next service will be The Longest Night on the 21st and then 3 on Christmas Eve.

    Heading out to breakfast with Santa (and my kids and their grandparents) shortly. Anyone want me to whisper their Christmas wish list to the old guy? How about bringing back the BEST. BACON. IN. THE. WORLD?

    See ya soon!

  9. I'll be heading out the door soon, too. At some point, I'll be back for this week's sermon prep. I have a sustainable sermon that was only used for the early service 6 years ago if I stay with JtB for the 2nd week. But Thess has been kinda rolling around in my head, too. We'll see what happens when I sit down at the keyboard later.

  10. I'm doing John. Had some ideas earlier in the week, now just need to flesh them out.

    I am SO far behind - house a disaster, nothing prepared for Christmas. We have to replace our water heater, car battery - things are really scary right now. Trying to find God in the midst - maybe John's pointing to the light will help me see it!

    Cinnamon rolls, coffee, bagels to offer.

  11. Off lectionary with Zechariah (up to verse 25) and will add his Benedictus as part of the closing for the sermon and benediction.

    Going in the direction of how we "go through the motions...the Advent candle, the hymns...things we do every Christmas...and it takes an angel to grab our attention when we are about to step into a once-in-a-lifetime experience that Zechariah found himself in.

    I did get my tree up so there is a bit of Christmas Spirit.

  12. Good morning preachers! I am in my office right now, preparing for a funeral for a much beloved 91 year old -- I did not know her well b/c she was already in assisted living when I met her, but she taught school in the community for 49 years and loved by all, so we may have a big crowd.

    So I will be starting my writing a bit later...thinking that I may go with Isaiah and God's "mission statement" but that could change when I get down to it.

    I'm feeling pressured less by work than what I need to get done at home. When the Kid moved out two weeks ago a lot of shuffling of stuff took place, and I acquired some antique furniture from our estate sale, and it all needs to be put back together -- plus CHRISTMAS. And I don't even know what my Christmas plans aren't coming here but not sure I can go there; torn about whether to even bother with a tree but afraid I'll regret it if I don't. Argh. I really don't like this time of year all that much, as many of you have heard me say before.

    TMI...sorry. Onward and upward to the funeral! Back later.

  13. Church ladies tea this morning, hosting a craft fundraiser for a new ministry for at risk youth, some where in there a sermon... our house is still chaotic from a small diy remodeling project... oh and I just got a call that some of our handy guys are digging in to a major paint and repair project in our primary social meeting space... they are assuring me it will only be out of commission a week...

  14. Busy and chaotic here too. I'm on my 3rd outline for a sermon and thought I'd stop in before I try to turn it into a useful draft. sigh. This week has just spilled over from day to day and I'm dreading next week and the next. I like Christmas but feel like I am not managing my time well and can't even think about gifts that haven't been bought.
    No tree yet, but maybe next week? (dunno where we will make room for it in this mess) more sighing.
    John - point the way, will ya?

  15. Good morning! I greet you with all of the leftovers from an Advent Open House last night: now cold cider, punch ("a glucose test," says my mother), fudge, cookies, green & red M&Ms...

    This week we're going to go through Jesus' family tree (according to Matthew) and tell stories of seven key figures. While we do so, we're creating a Jesse Tree -- I'm very excited about it! Link to more details here: The Jesse Tree: An Interactive Worship Service based on Matthew 1:1-17

    I thought that this would be easier than a sermon but planning this service has turned into WAY more work. Oh well - at least *I* learned some new things in the planning for it!!

  16. I'm supposed to be preaching about joy tomorrow....after a thoroughly unbloggable and not at all joy filled couple of weeks. So I'm headed for something about the difference between Joy and Cheer...using Isaiah and the Magnificat. How that's going to actually go, I have no idea. But if I don't come up with something in the next 2 hours, then I'll be back with the night owls. This evening I'm headed over to Willow Creek (i know, weird right?!!) to hear Donald Miller as the guest preacher. I'm pretty excited about that.
    Right this very minute the enormous church cookie sale is going on. I avoid it like the plague because my willpower can't stand against the thousands of cookies, but perhaps I should have grabbed some for you all!
    I do have Frango hot chocolate, though, for anyone needing a warm tasty pick-me-up!

  17. Just woken up to the realisation I am preaching tomorrow (on John the Baptist Sunday again!!) but that actually the three JtB sermons I have they're not for this set in the lectionary! Thessalonians looks promising!

  18. Teri--an unbloggable spell! I am so sorry.

    RevTsB, sounds like things are really piling on.

    I'm really behind this week. No time for just sitting with the text and context. Looks like a long day.
    However, we are doing the Feast of Guadalupe with propers we've selected ourselves. Fitting for a bi-lingual, bi-cultural worshipping community in the southwest.

    Is anyone else going with Guadalupe?

  19. It's done. It's up. It's not perfect. But now I can do others things and come back to it later. The link is here... I managed to weave in Narnia and Merton. :)

  20. RevAlli - I'm not going with Guadalupe (very Anglo churches where I am!), but I'd be very interested in what you have planned! What are your Scripture texts?

    I love the Tomie DePaola book on Nuestra Sra de Guadalupe -- it's available in both Spanish and English, which makes it even better :-)

  21. Blogger seems to have eaten my post!

    I'm preaching JtB using the carol "Do you hear what I hear" as a focus. It's a sustainable sermon and I just need to edit it a bit for context and length.

    It's good thing I have something in the bag, because it's a hectic weekend for me. Our daughter is here for a visit - the first since we moved here to SD. And I hurt my knee few weeks ago, and it's gotten worse. The pain is excruciating, so I am couch bound today. Which means I'll miss my spouse's work Christmas party to night. Oh - and I can't get the prescription the doctor gave me filled until Monday, becasue the insurance company requires pre-authorization on the med. Ugh!

    I'm debating the wisdom of having confirmation tomorrow afternoon. I hate to cancel since this is the only meeting in December. I doubt the parents will mind if I cancel.

  22. Ramona, take care of yourself, even if it means canceling. I think cancellations in this season are more gift than burden.

    Will your pharmacy "loan" you a couple pills against your Rx? I was lucky to have a pharmacist friend and a Rx plan that somewhat cooperated, that is about to change from what I hear about the new RR contract that was signed by our union. (Husband's, still think clergy need a union...)

    I'm struggling altho I have been wanted to create this sermon for a long time. Still, i could just sit and watch tv today and be happy.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Since our Christmas Cantata is next week, I'm preaching Mary and Psalm 126 this week.
    had some interesting observations.

    I am thankful for a seminary classmate who once observed that the only way for a pregnant teenager to find "good news" in her situation was to go speak to a formerly barren cousin to get a little perspective.
    Blessings to you all.

  25. Back from the funeral, had lunch and have been alternately reading over FotW and Working Preacher, and procrastinating--sure signs that I still feel unfocused despite thinking about these texts all week.

  26. ok first draft of sermon done. Gone with looking at the Light of the World (using Holman Hunt's picture) and our call not to be the light but to testify to it. Will put it up on when it's finalised

  27. It's a little short, but I don't think anyone will mind. Actually, I did have an older gentleman tell me that I should have longer sermons - but he's the minority!

    The sermon title is Do You Hear What I Hear? I love that carol, even if the king in the carol acts decidedly different than Herod!

    Now to finish the bulletin and get everything together as much as I can before I go into my office and print. Then I have to call my confirmation students to let them kmow tomorrow's class is cancelled. Self care has to come first!

  28. Ramona, good on you for cancelling; self care is important.

    Yesterday I visited a family in the children's hospital. this family is associated with the church, but not regular attenders. it was great to see their baby, who at 10 weeks had an op this week. He fell asleep on my shoulder, which is just lovely. the memory of it makes me smile.

    I have skimmed some of your sermons, so many great ideas.

    this afternoon is our 'Hard to be Merry' service.
    I am off to church shortly, but will check back again later.

  29. Wow. I didn't think I'd be gone that long.

    Glad so many others have joined us. Welcome Vicar, RevTSB, Purple, Rev Dr Mom, Celeste, Rev Nancy, La Peregrina, Teri, Sarah, RevAlli, Deb, ramona, marciglass.

    Seems like we have a few more finishers. Good for you all!

    Is there anything I can get anyone else?

    I totally know folks mean when they feel less than ready for Christmas. Presents are mostly purchased for our families, but the house is a disaster area. This is the first year we have someone coming to our house for the holiday, and those someones are my parents. Much pressure to have a clean house with everything in working order.

    Thinking about you and your community, Rev Dr Mom, with the funeral you had this morning.

    Oh geez, Celeste. One week? Praying they're right.

    LOVE the idea of going through the family tree, La Peregrina. I preached the genealogy on Christmas Eve last night. Little risky, but I like the way it turned out. I love your plans!

    Prayers for you Teri!

    I hope you post RevAlli. Guadalupe is so far out of my knowledge and context, I'd love to read and learn!

    Glad you "fell" on the side of self care, ramona.

    Off to try to find something to wear to this wedding next week. I don't like a THING in my closet for it!

  30. I've had an easy weekend - I have a student who is preaching tomorrow. And, for some reason, we don't light the pink candle until the 4th Sunday - to remember Mary. Does anyone else do that?
    So, I just have to put together a brief message for a Carol Service with the Salvation Army that's happening tomorrow afternoon.
    Feeling pretty organised both at home and at church this year - why does that worry me? LOL
    About to go and check out some of your links.
    And then to get on with some knitting - now that IS worrying.

  31. Having been completely stalled on Isaiah, as much as I thought I wanted to preach on that, I have moved on to Thessalonians -- great advice for how to live. I have about 800 words so far, and now I am contemplating taking a break to go to S*bux for a skinny peppermint mocha.

    Part of my procrastination was checking to see what Madeleine L'Engle books might be available for my kindle app and downloading The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas. Love that story!

  32. Got the family room clean, and its' where we spend the most time so feel a sense of accomplishment. Rest of house to wait.

    DH is about to head out and buy the water heater and get it in -yea! Boys are watching "rio" - seems like a good time to get thoughts on paper! Need the HS at my back!

  33. OK tweaking done. Now I'm hemming a pair of pants for Reedy Girl who grew 2 inches since she wore them last. We joked about them being flared capris. But no. So I have a hem to do, dinner to warm up (leftover potroast) and then we are on our way to Messiah (National Symphony) with friends.

    All shall be well... prayers for you preachers!

  34. I was just reminded that today is the International Day for Human Rights. Now to remember to tie that in with Mary's Song tomorrow

  35. Another sustainable sermon week for me, as I continue to adapt to the post-surgery reality of no physical or mental energy. My son brought me for the week-end, not just a day, to the town where my congregation is, so I have been able to do a couple of visits today, but each one takes a lot out of me. Sermon wise, I am mostly just starting to think and read about the Magnificat for next week, for which I will actually have to produce a sermon, and about Christmas Eve/Day sermons. At home we have a bare tree and not a single gift even imagined. and 1.5 hours in another direction we have my husband and daughter with my mil who had open-heart surgery yesterday. I'm sure there are easier ways to do Advent!

  36. Ok, I've got something and its up here, check it out. Now to finish dinner and worship. Luckily the chilli I'm making will double for food for tomorrow's carry-in meal.

    I want to read your posts so keep adding links to your sermons as they are done. please.

  37. Robin,
    that combination sounds like ample grounds for a congregational carol sing one Sunday in lieu of a sermon

  38. Good gracious Robin! Prayers continue....

  39. Robin, so sorry to read of your continuing struggles. May some of the advent light come your way.

  40. the hallelujah chorus was a hit, and I was asked of we can have it again.
    Lunch, then back to church in just over 2 hours for the Hard to Be Merry service.

    Advent seems such a mixed time; we [church] have had birth, death and a baby in ICU this week; schools are finished or in their final week before the long summer holidays. shopping, some done, tree isn't up yet, sometimes it is Christmas Eve before we get that done; only two of us for Christmas Day meals so that will be relatively easy.

  41. Hello friends, I am checking in from a Barnes and Noble 1.5 hours from home. It's been a busy day, so I got a head start yesterday morning and am about halfway done. I'm rewriting a sustainable sermon too (something I rarely do), so hopefully this should come together soon!

    We have the Christmas pageant next Sunday, so I'm moving Mary and the Annunciation up to tomorrow. I just couldn't stomach two weeks of John the baptizer and no Mary.

    Hoping things continue to come together out there...

  42. I think I'm done. I don't use a manuscript, but I have notes with quotes etc. I'm so excited because I figured out how to put PDF docs on my kindle so I can go paperless! Yea!

  43. Hi folks! I'm back from my shopping trip with the only dress in Macy's that wasn't on sale. (How did I do that!?!) the shoe however were on sale which made it like the clutch was free!

    Kids are heading to be shortly and then I'll firm up my children's message and read around the ring.

    Does anyone need anything while you are working?

  44. Wow, where did this evening go?
    The ordination went well (
    sermon posted here), then I raced back to my part of the state for my daughter's concert. We got home, had dinner, suffered a Teenage Mutant Ninja Meltdown, and then I looked at my sermon draft. But by that time, which is to say a little while ago, I couldn't tell if it was any good or not. I played around with the ending, probably mostly resulting in making it too darn long. I'm going to look at it again in the morning, and hope I feel renewed and refreshed enough to judge it properly.
    It's not good when I'm looking forward to Sunday's Holy Nap at 9 on Saturday night, is it?

  45. It feels wierd to be done so early, but good too. I napped this afternoon - it's hard to sleep when your knee scream with pain no matter how it's postioned. So the extra sleep was needed.

    The daughter and I made seafood stir-fry and watched a chick flick- a real treat for a Saturday night!

    Now to read the rest of your postings.

  46. Hi friends, just popping in after a long day of elving. I still need to prepare a prayer for tomorrow, but am otherwise all set. I just wanted to say hi, and to pass around some yummy marshmallows I made this afternoon!

    Robin, I am so sorry to read of how things are going for you these days. Prayers for strength and energy for you.

  47. Yea! More to read! What a calm night this is so far. Don't get me wrong i'll take it. Christmas Vacation just came on!

    Ramona, prayers for some comfort have been offered. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  48. Not preaching this week, but I am doing some work at the computer (as opposed to the stove or sewing machine, lately). Just stopping in to offer moral support and encouragement and prayers. And peanut brittle--I made 4 batches the other night, so there's plenty!

  49. Just checking in. Our services don't happen until 5:00pm on Sunday, so my 11th hour starts later than most of yours.

    We are off the lectionary (though influenced by it) for the season on Advent. We have a tradition of honoring Mary on the third Sunday of Advent, and we always use the Denise Levertov Annunciation poem in our liturgy.

    Also, we're collaboratively creating an icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe this season, so I wish I had more resources about her. (pics here:

    We're using the Joy theme, so I'm thinking I'll talk about the kind of steady, deep (different from cheery) joy that a person has when they are doing what they are meant to do--when they feel they are being useful in the world, and using their gifts well.

    That comes out in the Levertov poem with the phrase, "aren't there annunciations of one sort or another in most lives?"

    We have that moment when we're confronted with the opportunity to be authentic, to believe in ourselves, to tell the truth, to take a risk for love or justice, to do something for the ones who are looking to us, relying on us to use our gifts and skills and be strong, beautiful, compassionate, steady, protective, creative.

    Some moments of potential we walk into. Other times we let the gates of possibility close. (this is all language from Levertov's poem.)

    So that's the direction I think I'll go in. We'll read Luke's annunciation, and Mary's magnificat and sing a Magnificat responsively.

    And paste collage pieces into the Virgin of Guadalupe's robe.

    blessings to all of you!

  50. Nanette, your service sounds so beautiful. How I love that poem!

  51. Done at last! I do so love Guadalupe. And she is so fitting for our bi-lingual, bi-cultural Anglo/Latino community. The scripture, La Peregrina, is Luke 1: 46-55, Revelation 12: 1-6a, Psalm 98: 1-4, and Zechariah 2: 10-11. We made up our own propers. OK for a 5 pm service.

    Don't know how to do the "you'll find it here" stuff that makes it all turn out in a sweet Marian blue, but here is where you'll find the homily:

    Robin, go sustainable for the season. You have more than enough on your plate.

    Good night all. It's time now to get the cookie dough started.

  52. Nanette, your take on joy is exactly the definition I adopted for myself a few years ago. I'm sure it was informed by something, but at the time it felt unique to me. Joy is that feeling that comes with the knowledge that I am (we are) doing exactly what God created me to do at that moment, in that situation or context. Living into my call to the fullest is joy.

  53. "Joy is that feeling that comes with the knowledge that I am (we are) doing exactly what God created me to do at that moment, in that situation or context. Living into my call to the fullest is joy."

    You are so right, She Rev. But getting there ain't easy.

  54. I did not mean to be up this late, but I am at last satisfied with my sermon, or enough so, anyway. Here it is: The Ghost of Christmas Future.
    My teenager has now seen all the clothes (some of which were meant to be presents) I bought for her on Friday, decided I should return them, then decided they didn't make her look fat and ugly after all. I guess this means I can sleep now, but it also means I have one present for her. I am tired of that part of Christmas, so very tired.

  55. Heck no. It's definitely not easy, which, I guess is part of how I got to that definition. Everything else I could come up with just didn't seem as powerful as the other promises of God. Other definitions were too fleeting, too trivial, too self-serving.

    Ugh. Sorry for you, SB. I'm also sorry for every time I did the same to my mother.

  56. SB, with 4 daughters aged 8 and under that comment makes me dread what I get to face ib a few (and for a few) years....

  57. Well, I've read around. I know there are some in our late night crew still up and working. My prayers tonight are with you as I know I have felt lifted by the prayers of others when it is me. I'll be back in the morning to check in and see what else has been born by morning!

  58. I have 3/4 of a sermon I hate, so I guess I need to begin again. sigh. Also, it turns out that my HoS is not able to be in worship tomorrow so I'm going to need to make up a children's time as well. Praise the Lord for Abi and the Sunday prayer which is so beautiful and will save me from stressing about prayers as well as children and sermon...

  59. Well, I'm sitting at the keyboard wondering if I should make notes instead of tweaking the manuscript of the sustainable sermon. There's a story I'm adding that I'll "just tell" anyway. hmmmm

    Meanwhile, I put in the DVD of the Bells of St Mary since I couldn't find anything on tv.

    Here I go ...

  60. ok, so I have 1224 words that only mostly suck. that's going to have to be good enough. sigh.

    goodnight, dear friends. see you in the morning! for any still working: may the sermon fairy visit you sooner rather than later!

  61. I decided to just add notes into the sustainable sermon manuscript for the story. So it looks shorter than it really will be when preached, I think. We'll see what the Holy Spirit does. The most important part is everything is printed and the movie is not over! I'll stop the DVD and head for bed now. Blessings on your Sunday

  62. Finished the sermon just before B&N closed at 10...then drove it's just time to give it a read-through and print it. Oh, and fix the children's message.

    I keep telling myself this is better than waking up and writing in the middle of the night.

    Sounds like everyone else is done or close to least I hope you all are!

  63. Done, with a few detours, and going to sleep. Hope the Holy Spirit is sewing up all loose ends and nerves even as we speak.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.

  64. Nanette, thanks so much for linking to the Levertov poem! I had read excerpts of it in Anne Lamott’s _Traveling Mercies_ and the lines “ The engendering Spirit / did not enter her without consent.” And “She did not cry, "I cannot, I am not worthy," / nor "I have not the strength." / She did not submit with gritted teeth, / raging, coerced./ Bravest of all humans, /consent illumined her” have always stuck with me. I also LOVE the Guadalupe icon you linked to!

    RevAlli – Benediciones! I would love to learn more about your community. And regarding making up your own propers, we Metodistas do that all the time  Of course, we don’t celebrate saint days, which is the downside 

    To All -- May the Holy Spirit be with you this morning!

  65. Good morning! Good morning! Glad you guys came back, semfem and Vicar. Looks like the night wasn't TOO late. You know, compared to some that we have pulled.

    Blessings on everyone as we proclaim God's word and point to the light!

  66. Good afternoon! Many of you are in church or done with church, but I'm getting ready for our 5:00 service.

    I usually preach from notes, and probably will today, too, but I did write out the content of my sermon on my blog in case you want to check it out.

    I went with "Joy~Consenting to Worthiness."

    grace and peace to you!

  67. La Peregrina, thanks! I highlighted those same verses in my reflection, as you can tell from my title.

  68. Nanette, I got a lot from your phrase "consenting to worthiness." Thank you.

  69. Love your sermon, Nanette. Very much like what I often have to say about Mary -- tough and courageous, not meek and mild.

    And I guess I'll be saying it next week - we had so much going on at church this am that I decided on the spur of the moment to split my M&J sermon into two and preach the Mary half next week.

    Made the service more manageable in length and helps me out considerably with more sustainability at a time when I need all the help I can get.

  70. Oooh, good call Robin. May you have the strength you need to get through this week and this season...peace be with you.


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