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Monday, December 05, 2011

Early Christmas Presents: a Meet'n'Greet!

Today I have an early Christmas gift to the RevGal community: new members!

The Rev. Mamie Broadhurst and her husband the Rev. Richard Williams (and their daughter) are PCUSA mission co-workers in Colombia. They blog at Called to Colombia, and we are excited to have them in our community! They serve as Pastoral Accompaniers for Human Rights and Displaced Persons and work in the Office of DiaconĂ­a of the IPC (the Colombian Presbyterian Church). They bring us a unique perspective on faith and life in the midst of a difficult and wonderful place, with posts as diverse as reflections on violence, on shopping, and on tandoori chicken crepes as traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Julie Huke Klock is a Christian Educator in Austin, a mother of two grown children, and a writer who began blogging for work and now is willing to share her reflections with all of us at Water-Wings. She's working hard at living more creatively, and hearing God's "yes!" Her latest posts on "the season" are wonderful reflections on just what season we're in when, and what it means when we talk about "the reason for the season."

Hilary Campbell is an Anglican priest in England. She blogs as RevHillers on Posterous. She says she "aspires to be storyteller, crafter of words, silence, space and singing. Loves to pootle and meander. Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Good times, bad times.. give me some of that. Blogging on faith and life." She's been on sabbatical this fall, and has blogged through that experience, complete with awesome photos.

Let's share some RevGalBlogPal love--Adventy or otherwise--with these wonderful new friends! Be sure to stop by and say hi!

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