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Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Extra--Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! At my house the Internet is down, and so is the phone, so we will be left to more primitive resources for our entertainment. How will you spend the Day After? Chime in below with a comment. And don't forget to take a nap!


  1. some of us are still asleep, so I don't know for sure how we're going to spend Boxing day.

    but, it probably won't be too strenuous....

  2. This is my day off. But I need to get a Pastor's letter in for the newsletter done today. Just got the Christmas dinner dishes in the dishwasher. Grocery shopping. Maybe I'll watch one of the DVD's my daughter gave me later. Should I watch Burlesque or Water for Elephants?

  3. I haven't seen Burlesque, but Water for Elephants is good. I might watch a movie too. Because I have a post Christmas sinus infection. Am thankful I made it through worship last night before it really set in.

    We switched our morning worship yesterday to 4 pm. I caught some flak for it, but we had 30 people there, most of whom stayed for a potluck meal afterwards. It was actually quite nice. Good fellowship. And it made the morning very relaxed at home, which was nice.

    I am taking most of this week off, other than a possible funeral, but I need to write some sermon reviews for Lectionary Homiletics.

    Purple, hope you are better soon. Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

  4. I'm happily still in my PJs after a busy week... Older daughter had her wisdom teeth out on the 20th, then it was a mad rush to my planning and leading the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services. Enjoyed, overall, a relatively stress-reduced Christmas season, which either is a measure of my planning ahead, or realigned expectations. Today I am enjoying a "pajama day", reading the paper and doing lots of "nothing." I'm off work from the hospital until Jan 3rd. Hope you all have a restful, wonderful day. <3

  5. Feel better, Purple!

    At 11:00, only two of us are up. I'm considering a shower.

  6. It's my day off. I may watch a move or perhaps buy a book for the kindle my spouse got me for Christmas. Definately nap! Maybe a little - very little - housework.

    No shopping today - I'm not brave enough to face that craziness, but we will be going to the 'city' later this week for a day of shopping and to catch a flick. Otherwise, it's a work week for me.

  7. Also in in bed having given in to flu-type symptoms. Preached Magnificat yesterday morning. Small congregation (30) let us have an intimate service ending with Communion standing in circle round Table.

    Fortunately on vacation for rest of week.

    Blessings to all.

  8. Oh, my sympathies to those who are ill!
    My children (really, grown-ups, mostly) have gone off to spend the afternoon/dinner with their dad, but at the moment the high school concert of my youngest is on the local TV station, so I am enjoying it all over again.
    The rest of the day has been three internet failures, lots of laundry, and preparations to get out of town tomorrow. I am on vacation!

  9. oh, yes, I am on vacation too. Sorry for those who are ill--that is not fun.

    We got up and took doggies on long long walk, visited a friend whose canine companion is getting treated for heartworm, went out for burgers and fries and cherry cokes for lunch (yes, even this vegetarian has to have a burger once in awhile)...took a bad-ass long nap...
    and movies tonight. Vacation all week--but spouse has big plans for house stuff and errands.

    Take care,


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