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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Music Videos: O Come Divine Messiah

My community is struggling with a new translation of our liturgy, along with new music to match. Just on a practical level, getting everyone on the same page at the same time while trying to be prayerfully present to the mysteries we are celebrating, and anticipating, has been tough. This hymn closed the service last night, and suddenly all the joy and anticipation that had been buried under our pew cards and books and new hymnals came spiraling out of the piano, violins and voices...

What burst forth in song in your community today?


  1. This is beautiful! I have never heard it before and now want it to be added to the United Methodist Hymnal!

    One of the churches I serve is learning "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" for the first time this Advent (they had never sung any Advent hymns before and I figured that was the best place to start!). Now, on the third week of singing it, I think people really got the hang of it!

    The only flop of the day was when we tried singing the sixth verse of "When Shepherds Watched Their Flocks" ("All glory be to God on high and to the earth be peace...") as the doxology --- people flipped out at the change from the Old 100th and didn't sing at all. Oh well... we win some and we lose some!

  2. This is beautiful music. Like La Peregrina, I would like to see it added to the United Methodist Hymnal. I've been listening to it here, over and over.


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