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Saturday, January 28, 2012

11th Hour Preacher Party: Y'all Come!

It's what I always loved hearing when I lived in the south. "Y'all come!" It somehow meant that at the same time the party could have a lot of people, but I'd feel like a special part of it.

I imagine our party today will be an intimate one. Everyone will have a place at the table. Y'all come! Pull up a comfy chair and warm yourself up with a cup of joe.

A number of our regulars will boarding the Big Event 5.0 ship this afternoon while the faithful remnant are left behind preparing sermons. OK. Kidding. Mostly. Our prayers are most definitely with them all as they push off to enjoy the fellowship of the community we build here "virtually" day after day, week after week, or maybe even less regularly.

In fact, if you are a newcomer or "lurker" who hasn't posted much before if at all, I invite you to join us this week out loud. It's likely to be a slower paced party which means we get to spend more time with each other's thoughts, struggles, AND celebrations.

I ask your forgiveness for what will be my absence early (by US standards) in the day. An early morning meeting a couple of hour away snuck up on my calendar early this week. I'll be gone until mid-to-late afternoon, but I know there are plenty of friendly folks around to keep things going in my absense. I'm looking forward to joining back in later in the day. May the Spirit bless your preparation and ministry this day!


  1. Love it. There must have been a communication problem between the device on which I created the post and Blogger which hosts the post. That's supposed to be "Y'all."

  2. Don't worry SheRev...we know what you meant :)

    I am here, trying to finish up a funeral sermon for tomorrow. All before tackling the sermon for Sunday tomorrow afternoon. So I'll be back--although we are off lectionary for a special focus on global mission.

    Will return to help the smaller party along later!

  3. Hi, started back on Tuesday after a two week break, and we have a visiting preacher tomorrow. He is a former minister from this parish, so I will welcome, do the announcements, introduce him, and that is it!
    Managed to get some tidying up done this week, and can now see at least part of my desk. School starts back from Summer holidays next week, so I am printing invitations for the blessing service next Sunday.

    It feels odd to not be trying to get a sermon together on a Saturday night, but I'll cope :)

    enjoy the party,

  4. Good morning, everyone! I have buckwheat pancakes and maple syrup to share!

    I'm filling in for one of our cruise-going RevGals, so, for me, the Big Event always means a CHANCE to preach!

    I'm tackling the gospel reading. There were some excellent, helpful discussions on "The Text This Week" (Thanks to our BE5 presenter!) and I'm actually enjoying the exploration of "demon possession" in all its shades of meaning. I'm going to use the image of the Lincoln (Cathedral) Imp, as a way to say that we all have "demons lurking in our architecture," i.e. addictions, fears, and other things that "possess" us that keep us from living into our God-given possibilities.

    Haven't figured out quite how I'm going to get to the "authority" part of the sermon yet--and I have to leave for an 8-hour work shift in an hour!

  5. Hi Friends!

    SheRev, great party post! I fixed the little title glitchy for you.

    I'm one of those who are big boating today, but just had to check in with you all before I leave for New Orleans from Baton Rouge where I've been visiting my Southern relatives. "Y'all come" is sacred language here. So glad you lifted that up today, SheRev, as a way to welcome your party guests.

    I'm enjoying the warmer weather here (sweater vs. coat and boots in PA) and have slurped down enough spicy gumbo to keep this Louisiana-rooted girl going until the next visit to Cajun Country.

    May I offer you some dark French roast coffee and beignets (French Market donuts)?

    Preaching inspiration and blessings to all of you.

  6. hi, I'm here and I need inspiration. preaching on Mark and kind of regretting it. doesn't seem as focussed as it was earlier.

    wading right into the "possession" thing on the advice of David Lose (we all know him, right?) even though my first thoughts had to do with authority.

    Anyway, I thought I had a handle, and I don't like it so much now. hoping to correct that this a.m.

    My dog is whining, I guess she wants to go out.

    I'll have some blueberry pancakes in a little while, too, if anybody wants some.

  7. Good morning, all. I, too, am exploring Mark and the unclean spirit. I toyed with preaching the authority image or the healing image. After our lectionary study (members of the church) it became apparent the direction needed to be in the healing direction.

    But first, off to an eye appointment. I have had such a hard time focusing on reading at different levels. I am hoping it is just a prescription change needed.

  8. Hi everyone! More frazzled and much earlier than usual . Have a class all day (taking not teaching) so hopefully can work a little on my sermon during the boring bits. Because I have a Big Idea (working on the story of Mohammed - it's his birthday next week and we're teaching class on Islam at my church right now) into it. His life is a fascinating story, and it seemed like a great idea on Tues (thanks lectionary leanings!) but not sure now what it has to DO with anything, you know?

    Plus a mini-conflict yesterday so spent much of my day off on the phone or worrying about that, but got a call right at the end of the day that seems to have cleared it up. Wondering how much of that to put in here. Do you discuss conflict from the pulpit if you are in it? Seems unfair somehow, since I have the mike and the floor time - to just tell my side...

    Have a great day, ya'll - I'll catch you when I can.

  9. Oh Diane - just re-read your comment and heading over to working preacher - maybe DL will help me out too!

  10. Hello all--will be in and out today. I desperately need to be working on the sermon for tomorrow, but just as desperately need to be at a memorial service today for a mentor, colleague and friend who died much too young. So I will be back later, hopefully able to finish up...or possibly begin!
    So far, I know I will be using the Mark and 1 Corinthians passages, pulling in Acts 10-11 as well. So I'm going to be talking about what is clean and what is not, and what do the ancient concepts have to do with us today? What makes us (or anyone/anything) unclean? What does "unclean" mean? I don't exactly have the answers yet, but I am hoping to work them out and that the answers (or possible answers) will lead me towards a sermon!
    I have granola, yogurt and everyhing bagels to share...

  11. I am focusing on the question "What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?" Reflecting on how Jesus would respond if we ask that question.

    But if I weren't already going in one direction I think I might use the image of the bottle tree (catching spirits) as an intro. Here's a link to a little history about bottle trees. This would work in the South but maybe not other places. Could be an engaging way to talk about spirits.

  12. Juniper, I hate those mini-conflicts that keep me re-thinking everything.

    Rainbow, I'll take your granola and yogurt.

    okay, here I go.

    I think I'm considering being possessed, and needing healing, and then the flip side that Jesus was "possessed" by the Holy Spirit. And we are too, by virtue of our baptism. Only we don't always see it. And we need one another and we need the word to help us, knowing that Jesus has already possessed us.

  13. I'm not sure how this works when I am half a day ahead but here goes. Not preaching this week. It's been great to be off preaching for 3 weeks in a row - on leave and this week I have a visiting preacher for our patronal festival. He is a long-standing priest friend from Zimbabwe, now based in Natal, SA, and has made a special effort to come to preach in Cape Town for me. We have spend the last two days catching up and so tomorrow's service will, on my part, be very relaxed. I could have offered you bacon, mushroom and eggs this morning -- first time in about 5 years I've done that! But I'll be thinking of you all as you put the finishing touches to your sermons.

  14. Diane - my sermon was shaped by inspiration from DL's article as well. I like where you're headed... it was a bugger wrapping it together though.

    Dogs are wrestling with a rope bone... here's to holding onto my cuppa joe!

  15. Good morning!

    Starting my 4-week series on the lectionary and different ways of understanding the Bible with a focus on Deuteronomy and the Bible as a guidebook or roadmap, which I'm pretty sure is the main way most of my congregation look at it. Bringing Mark in to talk about how Jesus's authority came in part from his having absorbed Scripture, as we too are called to do.

    Developing a cold and have a sore throat, so a comfort bowl of cream of wheat is what I have to offer.

  16. Diane, I love the idea of the flip sides of possession. I wish I could hear that one.

  17. I'm preaching on Mark. Struggling with what direction to go in. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer right before Christmas and the next few weeks of healing narratives make me just a little bit grumpy. Too many people I know are not healed these days and I don't really want to preach on exorcising demons. So what I think I am going to do is switch my prospective this week to talk about what are the things that possess us that keep us from being in a closer relationship with Jesus and scrapping my original plan of preaching Mark until Lent. Thanks for listening.

  18. Megan, I'm sorry about your mom - I'm right there with her.

  19. Good morning preachers. I see over on FB that beignets have been eaten and coffee consumed at Cafe Du Mond on the way to the boat. And last night I dreamed that there was a RGBP sleepover at my house before the BE. What fun that would be! Setting my sights on going next year.

    Right now I'm at church where the vestry has been readying for tomorrow's annual meeting. We're having the meeting in between the liturgy of the word and the liturgy of the table, and following the whole thing with brunch. It's a new format for here (I've don it elsewhere and like it) so we'll see how it goes. Now I'm about to head home to write my homily, which will draw from my letter already printed in the annual report and Mark, especially the idea of Jesus' authority and naming the demons that possess us, again inspired by David Lose. At least that's the plan now.

    It is unseasonably warm here...I don't mind being warm, but honestly it's just wrong for the weather to be like this in January in New England!

  20. I'm preaching on 1 Cor and "the authority of our ministries." I told someone midweek that it makes a lot more sense in 1,000 words than in a synopsis; now I have to make sure that's true. The gist of it, though, is that the church of Christ exists to connect people to Christ; we are given the authority to do that, and we don't have the "right" to do things that impede it.

    Like I said, it made sense at the time. I welcome insights!

  21. Hi. Back briefly. I do have a beginning, a middle and an end for my sermon (whew). I have to preach at 5:00, so that's a relief. And though I'm pleased with the direction you are right, Hotcup, getting it together was a little rough in places.

    we're going to go exercise now, and then I'm going over to church to get some practice and some other things in.

    Meghan, my prayers are will you. I've been thinking about a woman in my congregation whose sister is battling breast cancer. There have been a lot of ups and downs.

  22. Hi all! I had hoped to check in sooner, but I was scrambling to get ready for a meeting at church. Just got back from it. It was important but a bit heavy - talking about the future of our finances and how to do better on both sides of the equation (income and expenditures). Fortunately, the leader of the meeting was non-anxious, and that set a good tone. I think we had a productive conversation.

    But now it is afternoon and I am just sitting down to write! I am harvesting from a sustainable sermon on Mark. I love Mark and I love this passage. So. Here we go!

    Glad to be partying with y'all today.

  23. Finally a moment to stop by! I tried to post something a little while ago but it got lost on blogger...sigh...anyway.

    Tomorrow is our annual meeting and so my sermon is also my annual report. I have a written one that was published in the booklet, giving a summary of what I "did" these last nine months. The sermon/report will be more of a reflection on where we are at this point in the "transition"...I'm using the Psalm and it's call to trust in God.

    But I also really like Jeanne's idea of focusing on the question in Mark, "What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy One of God?" - I think that fits well with where I am going with my reflection.

    Anyway, I know that those heading off on the cruise will have a good time. But, I am not a cruiser and am happy to be here partying with all of you!

  24. I am late to the party AND distracted, as I found out yesterday that I will preach at a neutral pulpit next Sunday. Would MUCH rather begin working on that than doing this.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Mark, but that's what I chose this week thanks to David Lose..... Trying to figure out what to do with it.

    Travel Mercies for those on BE.5 Prayers for Meghan and those struggling with how to preach healing - that's part of my love/hate thing with Mark.

  25. New glasses are ordered. Purple frames (I know you all are shocked...right??). Next up sermon, which I have some ideas, but they may be bordering along the lines of "too much I-ness". Hopefully I'll have something productive which I can share and get some feedback...soon.

    On another front I am so disappointed with the congregation I serve. They talk a good talk but it really does depend on "who" you are in terms of being cared for.

    G. has been in the hospital a week. No cards from congregation and one other person has visited. Even after I suggested to the group who prides themselves on "being the church" that G. would love to have visitors. G. has always been a bit different and has had a stroke but is very easy to understand and visit with. If anyone of those more-well-connected people were in G's shoes the florist would of been busy all week and the cards and visitors would be numerous.

  26. I'm picking up Jonah from last week. I rarely mess around with the lectionary since as a supply preacher, I try not to step on the regular preacher's toes. But, I'm at the same congregation last week and this week, so I'm just messing with myself.

    Entering our THIRD week of sickness in our household. Both daughters are on multiple medications, and I sound only a bit better than I did a week ago.

  27. Thought I'd try to name the spirit as something else than demon. Maybe complacency instead or indifference. Jesus is calling out the spirits that hold us back from acting as if we believe that the kingdom of God is near and the savior has come.
    Also, trying to go with just notes instead of full-blown written out text. I'm depending on the Holy Spirit to have my back.

  28. Megan, I am very sorry about your mom. Many years ago, I preached on Jesus healing Peter's mother in law...the day after mine died. So unfair! So confusing! Not the most coherent sermon ever, but I do remember a lot of people really appreciating my acknowledging all the problems that come with the healing stories. For now, you may want to wrestle with some of that out in your own heart and mind and not be public about it, but maybe some day... Prayers for you both.

    I am not preaching tomorrow, which is a break I am enjoying. Our family got up way before the crack of dawn this a.m. to cook and serve breakfast to homeless families in the local shelter; as I whined to myself about being up so early,mI had to do a quick attitude adjustment to remember how blessed I am to have a warm bed of my own to sleep in, and food to grab from my own kitchen, and clean clothes to put on. Very good for my soul.

    We came home with an extra breakfast casserole; we didnt want to take the chance of not preparing enough. If you'd like a piece, it heats up great in the microwave!

  29. I have a draft Jesus' First Day on the Job.

    I shared two personal illustrations and I am not sure if they add or detract...comments and suggestions...if you have time much appreciated.

  30. hi guys. I'm back again, getting things together are church. I practiced my sermon a couple of times and something there is I don't like about it (sigh). So, I'm going back in to practice again and will preach it with as much confidence as I can muster.

    as for tomorrow, we'll see....

    I like to think I'll have the energy to "fix it", but I'm not sure exactly what's wrong.

    it's not the direction, I like the flip sides of possession.

    oh well, I've been in a funk lately, which doesn't help.

  31. I'm just back from a run, after finishing a draft a bit ago. I wanted to let it sit a bit and see what I thought, but I'm still not ready to look at it yet so I'll work on Church School some.

    I feel like I'm coming down with something, which, BLEH.

  32. Hello again everyone! Funeral is over and went well, but didn't get much sleep last night as I I'm off to take a quick (?) nap before beginning to write tomorrow's sermon.

    Also have our annual meeting to prepare for...although I think I just need a brief comment to add to my written report. Finished list of voting members from Church Windows earlier this afternoon.

    Back later!

  33. Well, I am back after a just-right memorial service--laughter and prayers and communion.

    Looks like lots of good stuff coming through here...still not sure where I am going with the clean/unclean bit.

    Megan, prayers for your mom and your whole family. I have been through that storm three times (once for me, twice with a sister).

    Now for some supper and the sermon!

  34. Took a much needed nap; am feeling yucky. Got dinner in the crockpot. Have 2 phone calls to make. Can anyone say procrastinate?

  35. Thanks so much for partying on folks! I'm sorry I've been a horribly absent hostess. My meeting went even longer than I thought, and my presence was even LESS necessary than predicted. Now I'm exhausted from a total of 5 hours in the car and have no more for my sermon than I did all week. At this point I care less about it than I have all week, too. Blech.

    Thanks MaineCelt for pointing to that cathedral illustration. I'm tackling similar ideas with demons, I think. Pointing to Jesus who calls those things out of us that stand in opposition to God. It works in us personally and corporately. I think it also gives us our call as followers of Jesus - - to point out and call out those things that stand in opposition to the kingdom of God. That's the general idea, but I don't know exactly how I'll get there.

    Semfem, glad to see you returned, and just as glad that you'll be back with me later.

    Pearl, we've missed you. Glad your re-entry is easier with a guest preacher.

    Thanks for fixing the post, Sharon!

    I have not been drawn at all to authority, so with others I guess I'll go over to DL. I remember being directed that way earlier in the week, but I never made it over.

    Juniper, I tend to skip addressing conflict in the pulpit if I'm on one side of it for exactly the reason you mention. It's not fair that I get the microphone.

    Diane, you're probably right in the middle of it all. Pausing to hold y in prayer.....


    Well, I want to pop over and read at Purple's place, then go see my kids upstairs for a while. I'll be back a little later in the evening.

  36. I'm back. All set for the annual meeting tomorrow. Not sure I will post my sermon as it is mostly parish related annual report content connected to the Psalm and the Gospel as well as William Beidges, "Managing Transitions" and Peter Steinke "A Door Set Open".... But seriously, it works, despite all those variables.

    Now for supper and some rest.

  37. After some procrastination -- well, lots of procrastination -- and some fits and starts, I have a homily challenging us to name the demons that hold us back from what we need to do. This will be delivered in the context of our annual meeting -- my third one there and one where I feel a bit like a broken record in terms of what we have to report (budget deficit, shrinking numbers, not great stewardship, not enough volunteers, etc.). It might make some people mad, but (and I may regret feeling this way) I would almost rather people get mad than be just apathetic. We'll see.

  38. SheRev...thanks for the suggestions.

  39. RevDrMom, I hear you! My first congregation was just like that, too complacent! A little emotion now and then is good! Any ideas how to move the challenges into action? Into their beings where they can take some ownership (I know, asking a lot here, but just wondering....)

    Overall, I hope your annual meeting goes well. Tomorrow is my first at this place...

  40. Terri, it's an on-going conversation; my last two sermons have been on listening for and discerning God's call to us, and the vestry is going to be working on a visioning (and hopefully empowering) process this year. There is a LONG history of lack of vision and empowerment here. Naming our demons so that we can let them go is one step in the process.

  41. The primary demons, imo, being apathy and negativity...but I'll let them do the naming with perhaps a gentle nudge from me :)

  42. We're going to be doing similar work, or at least initiating it...I hope the work, overall is transformational for you all!

  43. Children are nestled, coughing, in their beds. Potluck contributions are in the works for hubby's church. Now back to the Jonah draft written under less than ideal conditions...I hope it makes more sense than I'm remembering.

  44. OK. Kids are in bed and all I'm oping for now is a bit more focus than I had last week. That means I can watch just one episode of Weeds on Netflix before I start not 4 hours of TV all together. Everything in moderation, right?

  45. How can I say sovereignty of God in different words?

    Why, yes, I'm Presbyterian. Why do you ask?

  46. hi, I'm back briefly. I'm going to look over my sermon, but it went okay, or at least not awful. so I'm just going to preach it, anyway.

  47. Hee hee, I am so glad others are settling in to write about now, too. My nap is finished and I scrounged up a bag of mint MnMs left over from Christmas to help the writing process. Maybe if I only let myself open the bag once I have an introduction!

    I always forget how difficult I find it to go off lectionary, but I had the foresight to go digging for illustrations earlier in the week. Just need to find them and hopefully one or more will speak to me.

    I have also always wondered how long you need to be at a place before you can start doing the challenging in as public a place as the annual meeting. I tried it at 4-5 years in my last call and that didn't appear to be enough.

  48. esperanza, lol....

    semfem, it really depends on the congregation and what kinds of former challenges they have faced, and how open they are to change and challenges..., it could be 10+ years before it can happen.

  49. Esperanza - for some reason reign always bugs me less than sovereignty. (but I'm not presbyterian).

    Ok, household update - my kiddo is in the shower and singing LOUD to himself like usual, so, I have darth vader's theme from star wars for my writing music. I told him and his dad I would write for an hour, then be done, so gotta go. I have barely more than an outline, but I'm hoping this one will work as a from-notes kind of Sunday.

    So, really going to cogitate a little more rather than write more. With these, it's the ending that's always a stinker, but I'm getting there.

    Tomorrow - church, laser tag with youth group and biggish meeting I am chairing so I'm already tired thinking about it and I"m going to need LOTS OF SLEEP tonight.

    But will try to check in in a while. We non-cruisers gotta stick together.

  50. Sticking together here, too. I know exactly where I want to end up. I'm having a hard time just starting an dfiguring out how I want to get there. All week I've had sort of a first person narrative running through my head as a starter, but now that I have read the working preacher stuff it seems too much like the one in the commentary, well, except for all that Greek is NOT in mine.

    Ultimately I just want to say that the God who is on the loose in this world (my Epiphany theme) will NOT tolerate anything that possesses or contorts God's will for the kingdom. Neither should we. Jesus speaks out against things that oppose God's will. So should we. Amen.

    You think that's enough or do I need a little more?

  51. Purple - forgot to say thanks. Your "jesus first day on the job" thing gave me a way into my sermon - a funny story about my first day as a waitress - i was so nervous I hid in the bathroom so the other waiter had to take my tables! dazzle 'em with hilarity, that's what I say...

    Sherev - never had anyone yet complain about a too-short sermon.

  52. Me neither, really, Juniper. In fact I have a friend who sometimes tries to write his sermons in exactly the same number of words used in the Scripture from which he's preaching. He says if that's all it took the Spirit to say what needed to be said, why do I need to say my piece in any more? Love it. Too scared to try it, but love it.

  53. I have a red velvet cake (My g-ma's own recipe) with cream cheese icing.
    It is for tomorrow's 5th Sunday Lunch, but in the virtual world, you may each have a slice with a glass of milk, a coke, or a ginger ale.
    Oh, and two of the cats helped me with the icing.
    So, cake anyone?

  54. Pita bread and hummous here, for those who need a nice little bit of protein to reach the Finish Line...

    And I'm finally done! Started with a visit to Lincoln cathedral in which I ignored all the angels while hunting the infamous imp, wove the gospel story into the middle, and ended by saying that we all have "imps in our architecture" but they are surrounded by angels. (I don't usually talk much about angels...or imps and demons, for that matter, but the sermon imagery will be supported by the children's message, a wonderful book by Dav Pilkey called, "God Bless the Gargoyles.")

    Blessings to those still at work! I'm impitty-limpittying off to bed!

  55. I love God Bless the Gargoyles! I have used it quite a few times in classrooms, and the kids always love it too.

    Back from a party and ready for bed. Blessings on all those who are holding down the late night session tonight.

  56. I honestly don't know what I would do without David Lose. If you are reading this, you saved my bacon yet again, D.

    Scrapped what I had for an outline, and put together many ideas from his great column on exorcism. Attributed, natch. But so fitting for our congregation, don't know why I was fighting it so hard.

    Oooh, MC, I want to look for that book.

    Relieved, tired, ready for bed. And it's only 9:15 here! Going to pray with the little one (such a hard time falling asleep, that 9 year old), then head to sleep myself.

    Blessings ya'll. Thanks for hosting, Sherev!

  57. Ack! I absolutely SUCK at coming up with illustrations, not examples, but stories, parallels, movie/book plots that relate, etc. I mean, I get that they're not necessary or at least I pray they aren't because I SUCK at thinking of what things I've seen, know, love, hate, read, heard, whatever will fit. Now I want one to start me off and absolutely nothing is coming to mind and it has me paralyzed in writing this one. I should just let it go and start write in with the Scripture. I do it best anyway. It just feels like I'm the only preacher who can't figure out how to put an illustration into a sermon, and I wonder if I miss some people because they don't have anything to "relate" to in my sermons. Whoa. It's time to calm down. Making big sweeping general statements about my entire preaching style because I'm frustrated by my lack of a start to the sermon. Back off, SheRev. Back off.

  58. Wow. So apparently I had THAT little demon all down my back and didn't even realize it. Went straight from that post to a blank page and started with the sentence that has been floating in my head since Tuesday. I've got a start. I don't have a story to tell, my own or someone else's that ties it all together, but what am I thinking trying to preach a way I wasn't created to preach? Possessed, I tell you. Possessed.

  59. Whoa SheRev...I hope you got somewhere last night, or at least got on a track that will be helpful when you get up in a bit to finish.

    I fell asleep, as usual, and woke up about 4:30 with VERY LITTLE done. But now I have something to start with and we're just going to plunge in and see where I end up.

  60. Thanks. I got somewhere. I got a nice start, went back to my simple little outline, and then went to bed. Just up again now to put meat on the bare bones. Very tired even though I turned the light off and closed my eyes at a mostly decent time. I'll try to stay on task and get this one out of my head and on the screen quickly. I'd be thrilled to crawl back in bed shortly, but I'm not holding my breath.

  61. I think I'm almost done...just need a good finish...

  62. Finally settled down and have been typing for 30 minutes. Halfway done. Whoop, whoop.

  63. 1308 words and I'm calling it DONE. Whoop, whoop indeed She Rev :) Hope you can finish up in good time, and get a good nap in later. I know I will.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.

  64. 1081 words and not quite done. I actually hate when I get to this point. When the demons of getting started and finding my way through have all been wrestled and I know it's going in the right direction and all my thoughts are formulated they just aren't on the page yet? Yeah, I hate this part because I just don't feel like sitting here and typing it out, but I'm not comfortable enough to not type it out because it's only 3 hours from worship time.

    Must. get. of. the. comment. page. NOW.

  65. Well, I'm about finished up, bringing one home, but first must go feed the little children - - not metaphorically. Literally. I'll get them settled then wait for my husband to take over so I can shower, conclude, and get ready to get out the door.

    Grace and peace to our faithful party-goers and Word-proclaimers. Blessings on your ministry today!


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