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Monday, January 09, 2012

a new year, some new members...

As the holiday excitement dies down and we get into a new 2012 routine, perhaps it's time we add some new blogs to our routine! Here are a few ideas for you--our newest RevGalBlogPal members!

RevDonna is contemplating Scripture and looking for your insights...pop over and join the conversation!

CindiK is "a seminarian who wants to one day build new communities of faith for believers who have given up on traditional church; a motorcyclist who likes to take really long trips; a guitarist who has more passion for playing than talent; a dabbler in improvisational theater; an occasional poet and novelist; a human being trying to find her way."

Shannan is a Presbyterian pastor in New Jersey, a part of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, a wife and mother, a writer, and works extensively on issues of nonviolence. Much of her work centers around Colombia, which is both her husband's first home and her focus with the PPF.

Meredith "is an Episcopal Priest serving as the Associate Rector at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Cypress, Texas. She is passionate about mission, formation and worship. When she is not doing her part in God’s work here in the world, she is probably hanging out with friends and family, traveling, reading, doing something craft related, re-learning the piano, keeping up with scientific journals, finding a way to get to the beach or planning the next scuba trip."

And one old friend has moved to a new home: Jan of PreacherMom is now at SimplyJan. Update your blogroll!

Stop by and offer a warm RGBP welcome to our new friends in this new year!

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