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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Festival: Shameless Self-Promotion

Some of you know that RevGalBlogPals has another blog, "A Place for Prayer." A faithful team of posters puts prayers up most days of the week, some original and some drawn from wide resources for inspiration.

I happen to think everyone should see the one from yesterday.

I also happen to know the prayer blog gets about 10% the visitors of this blog, so let me encourage you by linking and re-posting here. Add it to your feed reader! Leave a prayer request or thought.

It's from revkjarla, who also blogs at amazing bongos, and it's entitled A Tuesday Prayer Meme.

(actually, I am not sure what a meme is, but it sounds good....)

Take a couple of moments, and just breathe centering breaths....
And then,

1.  Give thanks for something you are looking forward to....
2.  Offer a prayer for a colleague whom you know needs prayer
3.  Pray for yourself...
4.  Pray for someone who really 'bugs' you  (like a frenemy)
5.  Pray for a place in the world for which you have concern...
6.  Offer a blessing
7.  Breathe a few more centering/cleansing breathes.....
8.  Be silent
9.  Listen
10. Be silent
11. Amen


  1. Thank you for posting this! I needed some guided prayer help today and appreciate this :)

  2. really good. I may lift this meme for my blog. Thanks for the reminder to check the "other" RevGals site more often!


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